This fully funded scholarship is available to international students enrolling in their first year of undergraduate study at Berea College. With 100% of tuition and fees covered, the Berea College Scholarship provides an incredible opportunity for international students to pursue their educational goals without financial stress. 

  • Country of origin: USA
  • Funded by: Berea College
  • Type: Fully funded
  • Education level: The bachelor’s degree program
  • Duration: 4 years+
  • Deadline: 31st Dec 2024
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What is the Berea College Scholarship?

The Berea College Scholarship is a fully funded undergraduate scholarship designed specifically for international students. This scholarship is made possible by the generous donations of individuals and organizations who believe in providing access to higher education for talented and deserving students worldwide. The scholarship aims to remove financial barriers that may prevent international students from attending college and fulfilling their dreams of obtaining a college degree.

 The Berea College Scholarship is available to international students who demonstrate academic excellence, financial need, & a commitment to making positive contributions to their communities. Students who are accepted into the program will receive a full scholarship for the first year of their college career & may be eligible for further funding for subsequent years of study. Through this scholarship, international students can pursue their dreams of higher education with the assurance that their financial burden has been reduced significantly.

How much does the Berea College Scholarship cover?

• The Berea College Scholarship covers 100% of tuition and fees for international students for the first year of enrollment.

• It also covers the cost of room and board, books, & other expenses associated with attending college.

• The scholarship provides access to a wide range of educational and career opportunities, such as internships and research projects. 

• It also helps to foster personal growth & development while giving students the opportunity to explore the world through global education programs. 

• Finally, it gives students a chance to explore different cultures while gaining an understanding of international relations.

What is the eligibility for this scholarship?

• Must be an international student

• You have to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program  

• Must demonstrate financial need 

• You will need a minimum GPA of 3.0   

• Must meet English language proficiency requirements set by the college 

• Must demonstrate personal qualities & skills that align with Berea College’s mission 

• Must submit the scholarship application form & other required documents on time

What documents are required?

• A copy of your passport

• Official transcripts of all secondary school, college, and/or university studies

• An official record of scores for any nationally recognized tests taken (e.g., TOEFL)

• Evidence of English language proficiency 

• Recommendation letters from two referees

• Evidence of financial support (e.g., bank statement)

• A completed scholarship application form

• A personal statement outlining your academic aspirations and goals

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How do I apply for the Berea College Scholarship?

• Visit the official website of Berea College and click on the ‘Financial Aid & Scholarships link. 

• Register your account and log in.

• Click on the ‘Berea College Scholarship’ link.

• Go to the online application form and fill it out with the relevant information. 

• Attach required documents such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.

• Make sure you submit your application on time.  

• Wait for an invitation for an interview (for selected applicants). 

• Attend the interview & answer the questions asked by the panel. 

• Await results.

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The Berea College Scholarship is an incredible way to get your college education off to a great start. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity – apply now and take the first step toward achieving your educational goals!