Seeing the exorbitant application fee of colleges must be keeping you from applying for admission. But you don’t need to lose your heart if you belong to a poor financial background and cannot pay the application fee.

Universities and colleges offer application fee waiver help to bright students who cannot pay due to financial problems. You can always write a letter to request an application fee waiver from your dream institute by providing them with evidence of your academic record and annual income certificate. Follow this guide to learn how to write a letter for an application waiver.

What is an Application Fee Waiver Letter?

An application fee waiver letter is a request to the authority of an institution to waive the application fee for admission. Some institutes have a formal process for requesting a fee waiver. In such a case, there is usually no need to write a letter. But if the institute has no such policies, you must write a fee waiver application letter.

It would be best if you also penned down the valid reason for writing an application fee waiver letter along with your name and contact information. For example, you may need to tell about the number of family members and the annual income to explain that you are eligible for a fee waiver. But, again, write in detail about your circumstances so there are more chances for the application letter to be accepted.

Make solid points on how fee waiver will positively impact your studies and give you a chance to continue, which would have become difficult otherwise.

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How to Write a Fee Waiver Letter?

There is a general format for writing a letter for an application fee waiver that you can submit to any institution. However, you may need to confirm that the institution has no specific format or requirements.

It would be best if you began by writing the name or designation of the concerned person who will likely help you with the fee waiver. The address of that person typically follows this.

After that, you need to clearly state the reason for writing the application letter; this is your subject. Then begins the main body of the letter, which contains a detailed explanation of why you are writing the letter and what makes you eligible for the fee waiver. Again, make sure to support your points with evidence.

After a formal closing statement, you need to add a complimentary close that is to be followed by your name.

Don’t forget to attach the necessary documents with the application letter that will act as evidence for everything you have stated in the letter.

Generally, a fee concessions application letter follows this outline:

  • Designation of the concerned person
  • The subject of the application letter
  • Body
  • Closing

Dos and Don’ts of Fee Waiver Request Letter

 Writing an application fee waiver letter is all about the small details. It should include why you need a fee waiver and proof of everything you say in the letter. To write an effective letter, you need to avoid a few things. Here are some dos and don’ts of application fee waiver request letters.


  • Always use formal language in an application letter
  • Write to the point and concise information
  • Check with the institute to see if they have any specific requirements for writing an application letter
  • Do your research on the institute
  • Include all the necessary information about the financial difficulty you are facing
  • Introduce yourself in clear words. It is good to talk about your goals and why you want to get admission to that institute.
  • Write your family’s financial condition and attach the necessary documents to support your statements.
  • Recheck all the information, including your contact details


  • Use informal language
  • Exaggerate your financial condition
  • Fill the letter with unnecessary information
  • Use the same letter for different institutions

You can find full list of universities in Canada without application fees here.

Fee Concession Application Letter Sample

Sample 1

The Director of Admission,

Manchester Metropolitan University


Subject: Letter for an application fee waiver

Respected Sir,

My name is Elisa William, belonging to a low-income family. I have completed high school, and now I wish to enter your college as it has always been my dream to study in this esteemed institution. However, my family’s financial circumstances don’t let me pay the application fee.

My father is the only bread earner of the family, and he has to look after the needs of 8 family members. He has recently lost his job, due to which all the savings went down the drain.

I am writing this letter to request you grant me an application fee waiver so that I can study at the college of my dreams. I have an excellent academic record with leadership and interpersonal skills gained through my active extracurricular participation.

All the proof of my academic excellence and salary receipt from my father is attached along with the letter as evidence.

I hope you will consider my application and provide me with financial relief so I can continue my studies.

Yours truly,

Elisa William

Sample 2

The Director of Admission,

University College


Subject: Request for an application fee waiver

Respected ma’am,

I am James Cooper, and I have recently completed high school. I have also worked as a delivery boy at McDonald’s to support my studies. Due to this job, I managed to pay my previous term’s fee on time. However, I recently quit my job as it was affecting my academics. My father is the only supporter of our family, and he cannot bear my educational expenses. If things continued this way, I am afraid I would have to leave my studies.

I want to enlighten you on my academic success as well. I have an excellent grip on all sciences and have developed self-discipline with presentation and public skills.

Hence, I request you consider my request to grant me an application fee waiver so that I can enroll myself in your institute and pursue my passion.

Thanking you,


James Cooper


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