Blueprint LSAT Review 2024: Is it Worth Your Time & Money?

Have you ever come across a study platform that promises to increase your LSAT by more than 15 points? BluePrint LSAT prepares its students in a way that is very different than other platforms and below we will show you how it does it!

A Quick Overview of BluePrint LSAT

Our Top Pick
Blueprint LSAT
  • Blueprint has been providing LSAT prep courses for almost 20 years, making it uniquely experienced. What sets it apart is its integration of adaptive learning technology alongside traditional textbooks and video lessons to cater to different learning styles. Features included within the course are comprehensive logic games, memory tools, and a public scoreboard to track your progress against peers.

  • Though Blueprint's prices are on the higher end of options, the highly user-friendly platform and effective break down of study materials into small, easy-to-digest segments make the investment worthwhile. More engagingly, humor-filled animations are included to help keep students focused on the lessons.

  • The adaptive learning technology allows students to customize their studies to target weaker areas, optimizing limited study time. It similarly minimizes unnecessary content by assessing knowledge in real time. Additional support comes in the form of a dedicated study buddy available via email.

  • Blueprint offers a free trial period for those interested but unsure about costs, allowing them to experience engaging video lessons and personalized learning features firsthand. Overall, through almost two decades of refining its approach, Blueprint has proven to reliably deliver high-quality prep services that live up to its strong reputation in the competitive LSAT training industry.

Our Top Pick
Blueprint LSAT
9/10Our Score
  • 98th+ Percentile Scorer as Instructors: Blueprint employs a team of highly qualified instructors. Each teacher has sufficient experience in the field and has attained at least the 98th percentile in their LSAT exam. 
  • Realistic Practice questions: Blueprint gives you access to practice questions almost the same as the ones that come up in the actual LSAT. The questions will prepare you when answering the test. Plus, you will expand your knowledge about what else you need to know and focus on. The review will ask you to answer more than 7,500 practice questions.
  • Custom Study Planner & Difficulty Level: Blueprint values the time of their learners. They will ensure that all materials will contribute to your test success. Before proceeding, they will gauge your knowledge by asking you different questions. Your answers will determine how they will personalize the study calendar, which can change depending on your progress as you last in the course. The exercise materials' difficulty level can be adjusted to your current knowledge.
  • Engaging lessons on the modern interface: Since the lessons are made by qualified teachers with experience taking the LSAT, they know what students need to understand the courses better and faster. This is why all the video lessons are entertaining and engaging. 
  • Unlimited Live Help: You get access to live office hours 6 days a week. You can ask any questions to tutors in this session. Tutoring with knowledgeable LSAT experts is also available.
  • Not budget-friendly: Prepare to pay a price that is not budget-friendly. While it’s worth paying the price, not all students may be able to afford the plans. Note that you can always opt for a monthly payment option via Affirm rather than one one-time payment.
  • Lessons can be overwhelming: It can be overwhelming for some because there is quite a lot to learn. 
  • Limited live class schedule: While Blueprint can adjust the schedule based on your availability, you may find the available schedule still unfit for your workload.

Our Detailed Review of BluePrint LSAT

 In this section, we will provide you with an in-depth review of the BluePrint LSAT. Our testers have tried and examined the platform’s many features and they will explain to you what they think about them.

Pricing Options

Items Self-Paced Program Live Program 170+ Program Tutoring Program
Program Price Prices start at $299 Prices start at $1,599 Prices start at $2,249 Prices start at $2,699
Access Length Up to 12 months Up to 5 months Up to 8 months Unlimited
Financing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Score Increase Guarantee Available for 6 and 12-month plans Available for all plans 10-point increase guarantee Available for all plans

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As you can see from the table above, Blueprint has a lot of pricing options for its LSAT preparation classes. Generally speaking, features like a personalized study planner, advanced analytics, and access to tailored practice sets are available for all programs. However, each package will have different additional perks.


For example, you can only get access to 15 live instructional lessons and 37+ hours of live instructor-led classes if you subscribe to the Live program. On the other hand, the 170+ program provides you with exclusive access to an LSAT coach. For this reason, it is important that you carefully observe the features of each program.

Learning Materials

If you expect to receive a printed LSAT prep handbook from BluePrint, then you are mistaken. It has included all of the materials in live classes and video lessons. However, this prep course will send you a strategy guidebook instead, which is designed to be a quick reference and a supplement to the materials you learn on the platform.

The makers of this book believe that it should prevent you from switching back and forth between different LSAT books. They have also allowed you to put important notes in it. The thing is you might feel that this book is redundant in several parts since some strategies are also covered in the live program.

Video Lessons

The first time you see one of its video lessons, you’ll see how much BluePrint has invested in its video content. The teachers speak very clearly and the graphics are high quality. The best way to describe their video materials is probably an ingenious approach to blend creative animations and diagramming techniques with easy-to-understand tutoring.

Video lessons with Graphics

Don’t expect to see long and boring video tutors here. The videos are fast-paced and the animations included help promote memorization. We also love how BluePrint experts include humor in the video lessons. Plus, it is a good thing that the teachers prefer to use as much as simple and everyday terms when explaining the topics.

Overall, the video lessons from BluePrint are some of the best you can get, especially for visual learners. There are one to two clips for each concept and they are all available in HD quality. At the end of each video, you will find a quiz. While the quiz usually only consists of one question, it is enough to help you run through the lessons. 

Practice Questions

Whichever BluePrint LSAT prep course you choose, you’ll get access to several practice tests. One good thing about these simulation exams is that the prep course provider has designed it to mimic the current LSAT test, including on the interface side. 

The practice exam can be accessed in tablet mode. You can choose the mode for the test and adjust the timing according to your needs. If you want to try taking the available practice exam from Blueprint, you can use the free proctored test.

After you are done taking a practice exam, you can see how you did in the analytics section. We must say that Blueprint’s analytics page is pretty comprehensive since it allows you to sort the exam results by question types, exam sections, reasoning skills, etc.

The practice exams and questions provided by this prep course are actually more than enough to help you master the materials. But, if you think that you need additional practice, you can use the official LSAT Prep Plus material.

However, the said practice material is not included in your Blueprint package. Instead, you should pay an additional $99. We highly recommend to use official LSAT prep materials for practice.

User Experience

When it comes to the interface part, BluePrint’s dashboard actually looks pretty modern and neat. This is, without a doubt, a great selling point since many LSAT prep courses out there have outdated user interfaces.

The white background gives the white page a clean appearance and the menu bar on the upper part allows for easy navigation. The menu options available are Study Plans, Live, Exam, Q-banks, Analytics, and Resources. 

In the Study Plans section, you will find that each day is sectioned into several different tasks. The platform will mark them as complete once you have worked through them. There is also a module that will tell you how to use the website.

And, unlike other prep course providers, BluePrint provides you with a “Law School Compass” feature. The main goal of this feature is to tell you the most appropriate law school for you based on your analytics results.

You can also see how other students perform on the practice exams. This will not only allow you to monitor how well you stack up against your peers and see how many LSAT scores you approximately need to get into your favorite law school.

The only downside is that BluePrint does not have any mobile app for its LSAT prep programs. Still, it is not a dealbreaker since the website has been optimized for mobile devices and the platform’s calendar will immediately sync with the one on your phone.

Student Support

One of the best things about this study platform is that it only hires tutors who get an LSAT score of more than 170. These tutors have also been through written application and Zoom screening processes to ensure their capabilities.

The platform allows you to give them questions outside the live tutoring sessions. There are also Office Hour Sessions available six days a week. Considering how expensive such a feature can be, this is one you should take advantage of.

High-Score Guarantee and Refund Policy

Like other trustworthy LSAT prep course providers, BluePrep also offers a score guarantee to prove that it delivers quality learning materials. But, instead of providing a high-score guarantee, it provides a score increase guarantee for its students.

You can claim the guarantee by contacting [email protected] within two weeks of the course purchase. However, you should pay attention to the guarantee requirements since they can be a bit demanding. 

You can also get a full refund if you feel that the course is not for you, but you should apply for this within 5 days of enrolling in the course. On top of that, you should also return the Live Online Anytime in pristine condition if you have received it.

Blueprint LSAT: Who Is It For?

As has been mentioned several times earlier, BluePrep provides the best LSAT prep platform for visual learners. The combination of the pleasing presentation of the materials and alluring tutors from the experts make it hard for students to ignore the video lessons.

Additionally, this can also be the right platform for competitive students. They can use the analytics section to get extra motivation. In fact, the gamified learning model can also make the course feel more interactive and engaging.

Even if you are someone who has experienced the dread and dullness of LSAT tutor videos, you might change your mind with this one. The high-quality videos do a good job of livening up the topics and also make it easy to digest the materials.

But, if watching video lessons is not your forte, the BluePrint LSAT prep program may not be the most suitable alternative for you. It also may not be appropriate for those looking for text-heavy learning materials.

Last but not least, due to their high cost, those with a limited budget may find the LSAT prep programs at BluePrint to be unsuitable. While you can get a prep course for $299, it only gives you a one-month access to the learning materials.

BluePrint LSAT Alternatives

After reading all the explanations above, it is safe to say that BluePrint is one of the best LSAT prep providers you can find. However, it is not without flaws. So, to help you make a better-informed decision, we will provide you with a quick overview of BluePrint alternatives and see how well they compare against it.

#1.PowerScore LSAT

Powerscore offers a wide range of practical yet reasonable LSAT prep solutions. The prices for on-demand prep courses start at $260 and students will get 30+ hours of study sessions as well as LSAC-licensed practice exams.

The complete package costs a student $1,046. This one includes anything from on-demand courses and study materials to supplemental drills and exclusive weekly clinics. In-person tutoring was also available, but the platform omitted it in several years ago.

The quality of Powerscore’s video lessons definitely falls short when you compare them to the ones at BluePrint. Some of them are grainy and the audio is not that clear. Still, it is packed with a lot of knowledge.

Moreover, the practice questions and exams available at Powerscore are top-notch. If you get the more expensive package, you will have access to more than 7000 simulation questions and 31 practice exams.

#2.LSAT Lab

LSAT Lab might be a new name in the industry but it promises to shake up the older players in the game. It has a more affordable monthly pricing option and it has helped many of its students get an LSAT score of more than 170.

One of the best things about LSAT Lab’s prep courses is that it provides personalized attention to each student. The first time you sign up for the course, the customer support team will immediately provide you with the necessary learning materials and also wish you good luck.

You can even interact with the platform’s founders, Patrick and Matt. One of them will teach the online class and you can also choose them to be your personal LSAT coach. It is clear that they have left fingerprints on all of the course’s sections.

All things considered, this LSAT prep program will make you feel like it is extraordinarily invested in your success. It wants to make sure that you do well on the exam and will provide you with the necessary resources to do it.

#3.7Sage LSAT

You might think this one is a lesser-known name in the world of LSAT prep programs. However, 7Sage actually has its own set of strengths that allows it to compete with the bigger names in the industry.

Just like BluePrint, this prep program provider does not provide any printed books for its students. So, if you need to feel the paper and make a lot of handwritten notes when studying, then this is definitely a no-go for you.

You should also know that all the learning materials at 7Sage are self-paced. There is nothing like a live class on this platform. Thus, if motivating yourself is one of your biggest concerns, it is probably best if you find other alternatives.

The biggest plus about 7Sage’s LSAT prep program is its affordability. The monthly plan only charges you about $69, while the annual plan will cost approximately $599. This will save you $49 per month, which is great for those who have a tight budget.

#4.TestMasters LSAT

If you prefer to get LSAT tips and tricks from experienced instructors, then this is the prep platform for you. Lessons are available on both weekdays and weekends, and those looking for more flexibility can join the online course option.

Besides getting unique test-taking suggestions, TestMasters’ students will also have access to an extensive collection of study materials. There are more than 9,000 official questions and more than half of them come with detailed explanations.

TestMasters also provides students with full-length diagnostic exams. The system will immediately deliver students’ final score and the Virtual Proctor tool will help students understand how far they have mastered the materials.

If you need additional support from one of the tutors, you can ask for remote tutoring. However, it will cost you $175 per hour. Thankfully, the platform will charge you less if you get the more expensive course package.

#5.Kaplan LSAT

No one should question Kaplan’s ability to provide quality prep programs as it is one of the longest-standing names in the game. For its LSAT prep program, it offers live classes, personalized study plans, and a huge content library.

Many of the programs come with one-on-one tutoring that delivers immediate support to you whenever needed. Even if a student chooses to buy the self-paced package, they can still use the personalized study plan to track and monitor progress.

Regardless of whether you buy the tutoring package or not, you can still come across a Kaplan tutor. The most affordable package allows you to have email interactions, while the more expensive ones provide you with several private sessions each week.

The content library is also very expansive. There are more than 70 quizzes that include over 75,000 practice questions. Students can also get more information on specific topics through Kaplan’s LSAT Channels.

And, similar to BluePrint, this prep course provider also has a score guarantee. Because of this, a student is allowed to retake the whole course if they are not satisfied with their LSAT performance. However, it is not applicable to those taking the self-paced course.

Final Takeaway

Now, what are your thoughts after reading our BluePrint LSAT review? Do you think that this is the best option for you? Overall, we think this study platform can be a great option for visual learners looking for a structured lesson for their LSAT prep. While the price options are not that affordable, the video materials are among the best and the tutoring is great too.


Review Summary

4.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
Very good50%

User Reviews

Get the basics down

April 11, 2024

I used Blueprint’s monthly online program during the early stages of my LSAT prep, going from the low 150s to 160s. Their course provides very basic, digestible lessons – it won’t bore you with highly detailed foundations. Blueprint tries to be funny in its teaching style, assigns homework drills, and provides basic test analytics. I’d recommend Blueprint to start and get the basics down.

Then I’d suggest transitioning to 7Sage for a more advanced, thorough curriculum. 7Sage gets into the details in their foundational course, which can be a lot to digest at first.

My score went from 150s to 170s overall. I really recommend learning the basics first with Blueprint, then drilling problem areas and watching 7Sage videos to supplement on specific question types. This route of starting with the fundamentals then honing skills worked well for me. So Blueprint was great for the initial simple foundation, and 7Sage helped strengthen advanced skills through focused study. Combining these prep programs can provide a comprehensive path to a top LSAT score.



April 6, 2024

I used Blueprint to prepare for the August LSAT and had a great experience overall. The one thing I wish they offered was more official practice tests, but beyond that minor issue, it’s a very solid prep service. Their course platform is exceptionally user-friendly and intuitive to navigate, especially compared to LSATMax in my opinion.

That said, every student has different learning needs, so what works for one person may not be the best fit for someone else. I’d recommend watching some impartial video reviews of the major prep companies to get a sense of their teaching approaches and tools. See which one seems to align best with your study style and needs.

While Blueprint was ideal for me and I saw excellent score improvements using their materials, make sure to do your research to determine the right LSAT prep for you. But I am very satisfied with my results from Blueprint and would certainly recommend at least considering them. Just be sure to compare across all the highly rated options. Best of luck in your LSAT prep journey!


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