Blueprint Discount Code, Coupon & Promo Codes [2024 Savings]

Both Blueprint MCAT and LSAT ranks among the top picks their respective category. Check our top MCAT picks and LSAT picks. You may read the full Blueprint review here and check out the best deals below.

You can find current MCAT discounts below and LSAT here.

Blueprint MCAT Prep Course Discounts

$500 Off

Extra 500$ Off on Blueprint MCAT Live Online Course [Limited Time]

Get $500 Off from listed price of MCAT Live online course. You get 12 months access in the price of 6 months. Monthly payment options available with affirm.

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Extra $600 Discount

Get Extra $600 Discount on Self-Paced Online Course by Blueprint MCAT

Crack MCAT with this great deal from MCAT. This is a limited time offer. Hurry up.

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$600 Off

Save $600 on 515+ Course

Get a 515+ on the MCAT Guaranteed. This course guarantees you a 515 or higher on the MCAT exam or your money back. Limited time offer.

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Save 32%

Save 32% On Self Paced Course on Yearly Plan [Best Value]

You pay $225 per month with Affirm as finance partner. This saves you best compared to 6 months plan.

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$600 Off

Extra $600 Off Online Course Blueprint MCAT

Get Extra $600 off Online Course Blueprint MCAT for a limited time. Save 22% in 12 month plan with a monthly payment plan of $225.

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Save 10% on MCAT Tutoring Plans

Save 10% On personalized MCAT Tutoring packages. Easy monthly plans available with Affirm.

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15% Off

Get 15% Off on MCAT Practice Exam Bundle Deals.

MCAT Practice Exam Bundle Deals.

Exam bundles now include the AI-powered MCAT Qbank

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High Quality Practice Tests
Blueprint MCAT
9/10Our Score
  • Customized study calendar for a well-planned learning journey.
  • Well-designed course layout with highly effective integrated learning modules.
  • Great video lessons with visual animations. Live Online, Online Self-Study, Books, and Question banks.
  • 4000+ Practice questions with detailed explanations.
    Free trial available. Tutoring is available at an extra price.
  • Option to access Full-length practice tests without buying the full course.
  • Over 1,600 flashcards for convenient studying anywhere, anytime
  • High-quality hardcopy prep books catering to traditional learners
  • Study Plan should give more time to practice questions.
  • Answer explanations can be more detailed.
  • Limited live class hours.

Blueprint LSAT Prep Course Discounts

$100 Off

Doesn't expire

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Extra $100

Save Extra $100 on Live Or Self Paced Courses [Limited Time]

Use this coupon code at checkout. Applicable for both self paced and live courses.

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$400 Off

Get $450 Off on LSAT Classroom 170+ Package

Limited time offer. Introducing the 170+ Guarantee with this package.

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$200 Off

Get $200 Off from Self Paced Course

Get $200 Off from Self paced course.

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$450 Off

Get $450 Off from Blueprint LSAT Live Course

  • 37+ Hours of Live Instructor-Led Classes.
  • 100+ hours of Live Review Sessions
  • All Blueprint  Self-Paced Course materials included

Limited time Offer.

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Our Top Pick
Blueprint LSAT
9/10Our Score
  • 98th+ Percentile Scorer as Instructors: Blueprint employs a team of highly qualified instructors. Each teacher has sufficient experience in the field and has attained at least the 98th percentile in their LSAT exam. 
  • Realistic Practice questions: Blueprint gives you access to practice questions almost the same as the ones that come up in the actual LSAT. The questions will prepare you when answering the test. Plus, you will expand your knowledge about what else you need to know and focus on. The review will ask you to answer more than 7,500 practice questions.
  • Custom Study Planner & Difficulty Level: Blueprint values the time of their learners. They will ensure that all materials will contribute to your test success. Before proceeding, they will gauge your knowledge by asking you different questions. Your answers will determine how they will personalize the study calendar, which can change depending on your progress as you last in the course. The exercise materials' difficulty level can be adjusted to your current knowledge.
  • Engaging lessons on the modern interface: Since the lessons are made by qualified teachers with experience taking the LSAT, they know what students need to understand the courses better and faster. This is why all the video lessons are entertaining and engaging. 
  • Unlimited Live Help: You get access to live office hours 6 days a week. You can ask any questions to tutors in this session. Tutoring with knowledgeable LSAT experts is also available.
  • Not budget-friendly: Prepare to pay a price that is not budget-friendly. While it’s worth paying the price, not all students may be able to afford the plans. Note that you can always opt for a monthly payment option via Affirm rather than one one-time payment.
  • Lessons can be overwhelming: It can be overwhelming for some because there is quite a lot to learn. 
  • Limited live class schedule: While Blueprint can adjust the schedule based on your availability, you may find the available schedule still unfit for your workload.

Veteran Discount

Blueprint offers special 15% discounts on select MCAT products to students who are active duty US military, are US military veterans, or are employed as first responders.  You need to call 1-888-427-7737 to provide verification and receive your military, veteran, or first responder discount.

Eligible Course List

  • MCAT Live Online Course duration 6 months or more

  • MCAT Online Course duration 6 months or more

  • MCAT Immersive Course

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Blueprint MCAT is one of the top ranked test prep material for pre-medical students worldwide. The study program holds more than 95% positive reviews and a good success record for the MCAT prep.

But the best part is Blueprint MCAT keeps offering discounted rates from time to time! Check this page for latest offer.


Does Blueprint MCAT & LSAT Have an Official Coupon Page?
Blueprint MCAT does have a dedicated coupons and discounts page in which they regularly post current MCAT sales and promotions.

What Are Blueprint’s Best MCAT Discounts?
Some of Blueprint’s best MCAT discounts come with long term purchases. For example, you could save over $1000 by enrolling in their 12-month course rather than the 6-month online course. Additionally, you could save around $100 by purchasing the Blueprint MCAT Question Bank and practice exam bundle together.

Does Blueprint offer military discounts?

Blueprint MCAT/LSAT offers 15% discounts  to students who are military personnel or first responders. These discounts are applicable in certain areas, including live online courses, in-person classes, and tutoring packages.

Does Blueprint MCAT/LSAT offer any coupon codes?
Yes, Blueprint MCAT does provide coupon codes that can help you save money. For instance, the promo code MSHQ can be used to avail a discount of $50 on one of the MCAT courses. Additional Blueprint MCAT coupon codes can also be found on the MCAT discounts page.

How can I obtain Blueprint MCAT/LSAT materials at no cost?
Blueprint MCAT provides some of the preparatory materials at no charge on their official website. These free resources include an MCAT practice exam, an online MCAT study planner, and a demo of Blueprint’s online MCAT course.

Is Blueprint a reliable choice for MCAT preparation?

Yes, Blueprint is a reputable option for MCAT training. It is highly recommended due to its comprehensive program, engaging video courses, excellent study materials, and additional features like unlimited Office Hours. Moreover, Blueprint offers a customized study planner tool and in-depth analytics to identify areas that require improvement.

What is the discount code for LSAT?

You can find Blueprint LSAT discount code above. SAVE15LSAT is the discount code for Kaplan LSAT.

Is Blueprint LSAT tutoring worth it?

Yes. Most of the tutors at Blueprint LSAT are handpicked and quite good. You can also check top rated tutors at Wyzant and Varsity Tutors. At the end of the day, tutor should match your learning style and personality.

How do I waive my LSAT fee?

To waive your LSAT fee, you need to apply for the LSAC’s Fee Waiver Program. Steps include:

  1. Check Eligibility: You must be a U.S., Canadian, or Australian citizen, or a permanent resident with demonstrated financial need.
  2. Create an Account: If you don’t already have one.
  3. Complete the Fee Waiver Application: Provide detailed financial information.
  4. Submit Required Documentation: This includes tax returns, W-2 forms, or other financial documents.
  5. Wait for a Decision: The review process typically takes about 2 weeks.

Remember, fee waivers are not retroactive and won’t cover fees paid prior to approval. Also, individual law schools have their own policies regarding application fee waivers. Always consult the official LSAC website for accurate and up-to-date information.

What is a 50 percentile score on LSAT?

The 50th percentile, often considered the median score, typically falls around a score of 151 to 152.

Does Blueprint have sales?

Yes, they run offer time to time. Best way to keep track of sales is to sign up for their free trial and wait for notification of sale via email. Otherwise, you can bookmark this page and check time to time.

Can I improve my score with the Blueprint prep course?

Yes. Blueprint is highly likely to boost your score due to its excellent video lectures, abundant practice resources, and practical study aids. Their score improvement guarantee is a testament to their confidence in the effectiveness of their curriculum.

How much do I have to pay to get into the Blueprint MCAT review?

The price of the Blueprint MCAT course may vary depending on factors such as the course structure, the duration of content access, and the inclusion of private tutoring. Prices can range from around $2,000 to over $5,000.

How many Blueprint practice exams should I take?

If you’re short on time, aim to complete at least 3 Blueprint practice tests and 2 AAMC tests in a simulated testing environment. Taking as many full-length practice tests as possible is recommended to enhance your preparation.

Is Blueprint more challenging than the AAMC exams?

Yes, Blueprint exams are typically more difficult compared to AAMC exams and the actual MCAT. Exams 6 through 10 from Blueprint are known to be notably harder than Exams 1 through 5.

Expect your Blueprint test scores to be deflated by approximately 7 points. Although it may seem daunting, this builds confidence and better prepares you for the actual MCAT.



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