Blueprint MCAT Review 2024: Is it Really Worth the Hype?

Blueprint’s practice tests is one of the top choice among pre-med students now. Yet, there exists a degree of skepticism among many students regarding whether the complete course measures up to its competitors or maintains the same high standard. This review aims to provide an in-depth assessment of the true value of the Blueprint MCAT prep course. This comprehensive evaluation covers every aspect including practice tests, study materials, instructional strategies, and supplemental features. 

This review will also ensure prospective students can make an informed decision, considering cost-effectiveness and the overall learning experience.

Let’s first start with brief summary.

High Quality Practice Tests
Blueprint MCAT
9/10Our Score
  • Customized study calendar for a well-planned learning journey.
  • Well-designed course layout with highly effective integrated learning modules.
  • Great video lessons with visual animations. Live Online, Online Self-Study, Books, and Question banks.
  • 4000+ Practice questions with detailed explanations.
    Free trial available. Tutoring is available at an extra price.
  • Option to access Full-length practice tests without buying the full course.
  • Over 1,600 flashcards for convenient studying anywhere, anytime
  • High-quality hardcopy prep books catering to traditional learners
  • Study Plan should give more time to practice questions.
  • Answer explanations can be more detailed.
  • Limited live class hours.

What to Expect from the Blueprint MCAT Review?

Blueprint MCAT Prep has rapidly gained recognition within the MCAT preparation community, primarily due to its exceptional sample practice tests. However, this program encompasses much more than that.

The program gained significant attention following the merger of Blueprint MCAT and Next Step Test Prep a few years ago. Its growing popularity can be attributed to the outstanding video lectures, cutting-edge analytics, and superb digital platform it offers. What sets Blueprint apart is how its website provides a free consultation with an experienced MCAT instructor before enrollment, allowing you to discuss your unique needs and select the ideal MCAT prep strategy. By adding this personal touch, Blueprint distinguishes itself and ensures you receive tailored support throughout the MCAT process.

Moreover, Blueprint offers many free study tools, enabling potential students to explore the program before committing to a premium membership. This opportunity allows you to delve deeper into the course content, teaching approach, and overall value provided by Blueprint.

Personalized Study Plan

Depending on your availability and MCAT test date ,it creates day by day personalized study plan.

Blueprint MCAT Personalized Study-Plan Sample

The main issue I have with their schedule is the heavy focus on content review over practice problems. Although reviewing content is crucial, I’ve found that engaging in practice problems is a more effective way to enhance one’s score. But, if you are not thorough with the concepts, their study plan is to the point.

An In-Depth Analysis of Blueprint MCAT Curriculum and Coursework

The current MCAT prep course is the result of merger between Next Step and Blueprint. The integrated MCAT prep program seamlessly combines the strengths of both entities. Blueprint’s expertise in creating engaging video lectures and a top-notch digital platform is complemented by Next Step’s renowned content reviews, known for their depth and quality. The newly developed course introduces a unique twist while adhering to Next Step’s tried-and-tested curriculum and course structure.

Instead of organizing the course in a conventional subject-by-subject manner, Blueprint has divided it into distinct 160 learning modules. Blueprint offers a total of 160 learning modules, supplemented by an additional 30 lessons on strategy, logic, and other critical soft skills.

Each learning module focuses on a specific MCAT subtopic, such as fluid dynamics or lipid metabolism. Within each module, students have access to various captivating video lessons, tests, drills, methods, and passages.

How to use Blueprint’s modules effectively?

  • Focus your study time on areas of greatest improvement opportunity rather than spending equal time on each module.
  • Aim for an average of less than 1 hour per module. You can give as little as 15 mins in some modules to 2 hours in others.
  • Try to pass as many modules as possible using the assessment quiz. Successful completion will mark that module as done in your syllabus.
  • Don’t worry about missing out – you’ll revisit the content in full-length exams, chapter-end exams, and Q-bank practice questions. If you can’t pass a module, review missed assessment questions to identify and address knowledge gaps.
  • Prioritize Q-bank and chapter-end exams over module quizzes for better MCAT-like experience.
  • For unfamiliar topics, consider a deeper review of the module, watching each video and attempting all concept check quizzes.
  • Minimize note-taking, focusing on new or unfamiliar information.
  • Aim to learn 70-80% of the content via modules and the remaining 20-30% through applied practice.
  • Work through approximately 1,000 practice questions using a combination of Q-bank, End of Chapter exams, and 5 Blueprint Full-Length Exams for long-term retention.

Blueprint MCAT Review Video Lessons

MCAT video lessons, which form the core of the learning modules, are what truly sets this prep course apart. Blueprint’s video lessons are captivating, exceptionally well-produced, and visually striking. In each video, a skilled Blueprint MCAT instructor delivers the lesson against a white background with graphics.

The screen surrounding the instructor comes alive with visuals, images, and entertaining animated cartoons, enhancing the delivery of knowledge. The videos also incorporate relevant text, comments, and crucial information. In terms of production value and overall quality, these videos surpass all competitors.

Blueprint MCAT Live Video lesson Sample
Blueprint MCAT Live Video lesson Sample
Blueprint-MCAT Live Lesson Chemistry
Blueprint-MCAT Live Lesson Chemistry

Video lessons effectively illustrate complex biological and chemical processes that are often difficult to grasp. Visualizing these intricate systems and concepts makes learning and retention more accessible. 

If you are a visual learner, you will find their videos far more effective than textbooks. Blueprint’s animated videos do to provide and facilitate a deeper understanding of concept for the students.

Each video session concludes with a quiz that allows students to thoroughly review the material just covered. These quizzes feature various question types, including drag-and-drop matching, ordering, multiple-choice, and fill-in-the-blank. Immediate feedback is provided after each question, including a brief explanation and whether the response is correct or incorrect.

But note that if you’re completely unfamiliar with a certain topic, the video lessons might not be enough. They are designed to refresh your memory on the topic rather than teaching you from scratch.

Quiz Post Lesson- Blueprint MCAT

However, while the problem explanations are helpful, they occasionally lack clarity and brevity. It would be beneficial for Blueprint to provide more comprehensive justifications for both the correct and incorrect choices. 

This would offer a more thorough understanding by clarifying how the wrong answer options relate to the subject matter and function in different scenarios. Nonetheless, the problem explanations effectively aid the learning process.

Bluerpint MCAT Books (Hard Copy)

Note that you also get a series of hard textbooks. The series consists of six books: five content books covering Psychology/Sociology, Physics, Biology, BioChem, and Chem/OChem, and one dedicated book on MCAT Reasoning: CARS and Science, offering a deep dive into the vital skills required for CARS and science sections. For students who find reading from textbooks easier, this is a good option to study from.

I liked the compact one-page ‘Essential Takeaways’ summarizing key points are located at the conclusion of each chapter the most.

Note that the content in the books are not too detailed rather focused on high-yield points.

Blueprint’s Curriculum and QBank

In addition to the quizzes accompanying the video sessions, students have access to Blueprint’s QBank, which features over 4,000 practice problems. This valuable resource, combined with the ability to create custom practice sets using powerful filtering functionality, allows students to tackle similar questions to those presented in the quizzes. 

Overall, Blueprint’s curriculum is excellent, featuring a comprehensive and well-structured syllabus. The integrated learning modules approach, which many students have found personally beneficial, improves information retention and recall. 

While there is room for improvement in the textual explanations of problem-solving methods, the high caliber of the video lectures, the abundance of practice problems, and the helpful QBank more than compensate for any minor shortcomings.

Blueprint MCAT Flashcard Sample

MCAT Lessons Learned Journal

The Lessons Learned Journal (LLJ) is a self-reflective tool that helps students track and analyze their mistakes, identify recurring issues, and strategize improvements for more effective exam preparation. It serves as a crucial tool for reviewing your full-length exams and tracing patterns in your mistakes.

After taking an exam or a Qbank quiz, allow some time to process before reviewing your performance, preferably the next day for a full-length exam. Use the integrated LLJ button to review each question you answered incorrectly or weren’t sure about. Conduct a detailed analysis of your responses, identifying both strategic and content-related issues. Use your Lessons Learned Journal to note down and reflect on your key findings, highlighting strategies you need to implement and content areas you need to revisit. Regularly reviewing and sorting your journal entries can help you spot recurring issues and focus your practice efforts on these areas.

How to Take Notes effectively on Bluepint’s Modules?

While traditional note-taking may seem effective, it can hinder progress in MCAT studies due to the test’s focus on critical thinking and application of scientific concepts. Highlighting and extensive note-taking often lead to superficial understanding, as they can result in disengagement with the material or transcription without critical analysis.

Two recommended alternatives are “Taking Questions” and “Making Study Sheets”.

  • “Taking Questions” involves writing questions to test your understanding of a module’s content. This method promotes critical thinking and allows for assessing long-term retention.
  • “Making Study Sheets” lets you summarize and critically engage with module information, especially for challenging content. These sheets can be reviewed periodically and updated with new insights from practice questions and exams.

These methods promote active engagement with the material, improving both comprehension and retention.

Advanced Test Performance Analytics 

Blueprint’s advanced use of statistics also offers comprehensive insights into students’ performance. Whether you’re reviewing for an exam or using the QBank for practice, the analytics quickly identify patterns in your errors and provide explanations.

It even highlights instances where you changed your responses during the test, switching from correct to incorrect or vice versa. This in-depth performance analysis allows you to study more effectively and maximize your time and effort. As you prepare for the actual MCAT exam, you may progress more rapidly.

Office Hours 

Every MCAT course includes access to live Office Hours six days a week, a vital component of the Blueprint curriculum. Office Hour sessions are tailored to address specific issues raised by the class during the lectures based on inquiries made in the class interface chat box.

Blueprint-MCAT®-Live Office hours

During these approximately two-hour sessions, the instructor offers a comprehensive review of the material focused on the topic of discussion. They also answer your MCAT questions along the way. Most sessions start with group practice using passages or specific questions, followed by an open Q&A period where you can ask any questions.

Taking advantage of as many Office Hours sessions as possible is strongly recommended to enhance your MCAT preparation. By paying attention, taking notes, and learning from the questions posed by other students, you can deepen your knowledge and improve your readiness.

Blueprint MCAT Practice Tests 

Blueprint MCAT offers top-notch practice exams that closely resemble the actual MCAT, providing students with invaluable practice opportunities. Thanks to the extensive collection of practice exams and the inclusion of a substantial amount of AAMC materials, students have ample chances to refine their test-taking skills in exam-like settings.

Practice exams are essential to MCAT preparation, and Blueprint MCAT excels in this aspect. Apart from the AAMC materials, these exams are the closest approximation to the real MCAT tests you can get.

Personalized practice question bank Blueprint MCAT

The exam program precisely mimics the MCAT interface, including features such as strikethrough and highlighting. 

The quality of the practice exam questions is exceptional. Blueprint’s questions perfectly mirror genuine MCAT questions’ length, difficulty level, and nature. Students have access to 15 full-length practice exams, which is an impressive offering, second only to Gold Standard MCAT Prep’s 20 practice exams.

These practice exams rank among the best available, excluding the AAMC resources. With a combination of 5 AAMC practice exams and ten excellent practice exams from Blueprint, students have abundant opportunities to recreate exam-like scenarios and refine their abilities.

Please note that most students report Blueprint practice tests score are deflated (2 to 5 points) compared to AAMC. So, you do not need to get disheartened if you get score lower than your expectation. Though results will vary student to student, we have observed C/P and CARS sections tend to be more deflated, while B/B and P/S are more accurate.

Blueprint Practice Test Sample
Blueprint Practice Test Sample

Blueprint Vs AAMC MCAT: Accuracy of Practice test score?

Most students report that Blueprint and other third-party practice exams are harder, but we believe it really hinges on the score range you’re in. In our experience, for those scoring around 505 and below, Blueprint seems to be quite representative or even harder. However, for individuals scoring around 510 and above on Blueprint exams, the exams appear to be exceptionally tough.

I personally hypothesize that Blueprint and the AAMC are fairly similar when it comes to straightforward questions that don’t require much data interpretation. So, comparing the 30 or so easiest questions from each, they seem pretty alike. However, scoring around 58/59 for a 132 on a section feels almost impossible on Blueprint exams. I’ve noticed that Blueprint includes an abundance of extremely hard questions that many find difficult to answer within the time limit. Often, these questions involve dense passages and require complex calculations or multiple steps of reasoning.

Due to the different balance of hard and easy questions and the different scoring scales between Blueprint and the AAMC, I don’t believe Blueprint is the best predictor of actual MCAT scores. I’d recommend relying more on AAMC materials for a more accurate prediction of your performance.

More about the Blueprint MCAT Review Digital Platform

Next, let’s discuss the digital platform and user experience, which are often overlooked but play a crucial role in the success of a prep course. Fortunately, Blueprint excels in this aspect, offering one of the best digital platforms available, on par with renowned platforms like Princeton Review and Kaplan.

The user interface is clean, modern, and user-friendly. The study plan, exams, QBank, analytics, and other essential study resources are easily accessible through the top navigation bar. Finding necessary materials and navigating the Blueprint portal is a seamless experience.

The learning modules, video courses, and quizzes occupy the majority of the platform’s usage. Thanks to the convenience of these resources, which can be easily accessed through the personalized study plan or the resources tab, students are never more than a few clicks away from their main study materials.

Moreover, the platform offers excellent functionality. It has a contemporary feel and is fast and responsive. Comparatively, it is similar to using Google’s app suite—simple, user-friendly, and modern. Overall, the Blueprint user platform and interface deserve high praise.

Personalized Support Through Blueprint Private MCAT Tutoring

Some students may encounter difficulties in certain courses or require professional guidance to maximize their study time when preparing for the challenging MCAT exam. Blueprint MCAT’s private tutoring options can be a game-changer in such circumstances.

Achieving a strong MCAT score is crucial for aspiring medical school applicants due to the high stakes of the exam. While private tutoring plans may come at a higher cost, it is important to weigh this expense against the potential delay of an entire year in starting medical school if one is not admitted.

All Blueprint’s tutors have achieved MCAT scores in the 99th percentile and undergo extensive training to ensure they can effectively explain MCAT material while following the Blueprint program.

During my course, I had the opportunity to work with a Blueprint instructor, and it proved to be a highly worthwhile experience. The tutor demonstrated exceptional expertise and was always available to address any questions or concerns I had regarding topic review or strategic methods. 

The tutor was friendly, approachable, and helpful, despite the minor inconvenience.

Live MCAT Classes: Enhancing Learning with Engaging Instruction

Following the merger of Blueprint and Next Step, live classes have been incorporated into Blueprint’s Live Online course option. Previously, Next Step’s curriculum was entirely online and self-paced.

With 16 separate sessions, each spanning 2.5 hours, the Live Online course now provides over 40 hours of live online instruction. The integration of these live classes with the online course schedule and materials enhances the learning experience. 

Personally, I found Blueprint’s live classes to be highly beneficial and appreciated their approach. They utilize a two-instructor model, adding an interesting class dynamic. Having the same lecturer for every class in certain MCAT courses can become monotonous. 

However, Blueprint’s dual instructor strategy brings more engagement to the classes. The instructors frequently collaborate and utilize their individual strengths to provide comprehensive instruction on a range of topics. Moreover, the live classes offer valuable insights and shortcuts that may not be covered in the books and video lectures alone.

In my opinion, the more than 40 hours of live class time are well worth the additional $600 compared to the online-only course. Blueprint also provides the option to upgrade to the over 515 courses, which includes an extra 40 hours of in-person training for those seeking even more live coaching.

Access Period and Mobile Experience with Blueprint MCAT

Blueprint offers three different options for accessing study materials: six months, nine months, or twelve months for its online and live online courses. The choice of duration depends on the individual’s study needs and timeline. 

It is recommended to opt for longer access periods, such as nine months, to accommodate potential delays or the need for exam retakes. Other test preparation companies like Magoosh also provide longer access times for similar reasons. In addition, Blueprint’s 515+ course includes free 12 months of access to study materials.

While Blueprint does not offer a dedicated mobile app for iOS or Android, its website is mobile-friendly and provides a seamless mobile experience. The website interface, with a mobile drop-down menu in the upper corner, mimics an app-like experience even when accessed from a desktop.

This ensures an intuitive and consistent user experience across various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The mobile-friendly website makes it convenient for users to access study resources whether they are at their desks or on the go.

Like other reputable test preparation companies, Blueprint offers a score improvement guarantee for its online and live courses. If certain conditions are met, such as completing all lectures and taking the diagnostic test, Blueprint provides a money-back guarantee if a student’s score does not improve. 

Retake and Refund Rules

Students also have the option to retake the course. This guarantee is supported by the fact that Blueprint students typically experience an average score increase of about +13 points. This confidence in their program demonstrates Blueprint’s commitment to their students’ success. You can find latest Blueprint MCAT deals here.

Furthermore, Blueprint’s premium course comes with a 515-score guarantee. To be eligible, students must achieve a minimum score of 500 on their initial diagnostic exam. This guarantee is particularly appealing to individuals aspiring to gain admission to highly regarded medical schools, as a score of 515 or higher can significantly enhance their chances.

Blueprint has a 24-hour timeframe for claiming a refund under their refund policy. If students do not contact them within a day of purchasing the MCAT training, they are locked into the course. While Blueprint is known for its excellent quality, it is important to consider any potential life circumstances that may impact one’s ability to study during this period.

In summary, Blueprint’s score improvement guarantee and refund policy showcase their dedication to the success and satisfaction of their students. The guarantee, supported by significant average score increases, provides a safety net for students investing in their courses. 

The refund policy also offers flexibility within a limited timeframe. Overall, Blueprint’s confidence in its program and commitment to customer satisfaction solidify its position as one of the top choices for MCAT preparation in the market.

The Straightforward Choices with Blueprint MCAT Pricing & Course Options

In comparison to other test preparation companies, Blueprint MCAT offers a more streamlined selection of pricing and course options. They provide three distinct courses: the Online Course, the Live Online Course, and the 515+ Course.

For the self-paced Online Course, students can choose from three different access periods: 6 months, 9 months, or 12 months. While the access durations vary, the course content remains the same. 

The cost of the online course varies depending on the chosen period and starts at around $2,000. The six-month option is the most popular choice and is priced similarly to the self-paced courses offered by Princeton Review and Kaplan.

The Live Online Course includes the same content as the Online Course but also offers over 40 hours of live class time. It is priced at approximately $2,600, sometimes with discounted rates. These live sessions, conducted by two of Blueprint’s top MCAT instructors, provide students with increased engagement and guidance.

For students seeking a more comprehensive learning experience, Blueprint offers the 515+ Course. This premium package includes a 515-score guarantee, 80 hours of live training, and a 12-month access period to the course materials. The regular price for the 515+ Course is approximately $3,500, with potential discounts available.

Overall, Blueprint MCAT offers straightforward pricing and course options to cater to different learning styles and schedules. Whether you prefer a self-paced approach, desire the interaction of live sessions, or seek the comprehensive benefits of the 515+ Course, Blueprint provides solutions to accommodate your preferences.

Final Words

As we conclude our review of Blueprint’s MCAT program, we can confidently state that its defining feature is the excellently designed series of video lectures and practice tests. The videos immediately draw you in and keep you engaged throughout due to their animated depictions of complex systems and visually appealing graphics, enhancing information retention. They pair perfectly with the learning modules, creating a well-structured, cohesive learning experience. The practice materials offered are also of the highest standard.

Blueprint also excels in providing valuable study tools, such as its study planning toolsophisticated analytics, and office hours. However, it’s worth noting that the program’s explanations of problems may not be as thorough as some competitors, such as UWorld.

When weighing all these elements, Blueprint deserves a top spot on our list of best MCAT preparation programs. For students seeking a systematic and effective approach to MCAT preparation, choosing Blueprint would be a wise decision.

High Quality Practice Tests
Blueprint MCAT
9/10Our Score
  • Customized study calendar for a well-planned learning journey.
  • Well-designed course layout with highly effective integrated learning modules.
  • Great video lessons with visual animations. Live Online, Online Self-Study, Books, and Question banks.
  • 4000+ Practice questions with detailed explanations.
    Free trial available. Tutoring is available at an extra price.
  • Option to access Full-length practice tests without buying the full course.
  • Over 1,600 flashcards for convenient studying anywhere, anytime
  • High-quality hardcopy prep books catering to traditional learners
  • Study Plan should give more time to practice questions.
  • Answer explanations can be more detailed.
  • Limited live class hours.

FAQs about Blueprint MCAT Review

Is Blueprint MCAT Free?

No, Blueprint MCAT is not a free resource. While the company does offer some free MCAT resources, its subscription programs provide the best value and comprehensive preparation.

How much do I have to pay to get into the Blueprint MCAT review?

The price of the Blueprint MCAT course may vary depending on factors such as the course structure, the duration of content access, and the inclusion of private tutoring. Prices can range from around $2,000 to over $5,000.

How many Blueprint practice exams should I take?

If you’re short on time, aim to complete at least 3 Blueprint practice tests and 2 AAMC tests in a simulated testing environment. Taking as many full-length practice tests as possible is recommended to enhance your preparation.

Is Blueprint more challenging than the AAMC exams?

Yes, Blueprint exams are typically more difficult compared to AAMC exams and the actual MCAT. Exams 6 through 10 from Blueprint are known to be notably harder than Exams 1 through 5. 

Expect your Blueprint test scores to be deflated by approximately 7 points. Although it may seem daunting, this builds confidence and better prepares you for the actual MCAT.

Is Blueprint a reliable choice for MCAT preparation?

Yes, Blueprint is a reputable option for MCAT training. It is highly recommended due to its comprehensive program, engaging video courses, excellent study materials, and additional features like unlimited Office Hours. Moreover, Blueprint offers a customized study planner tool and in-depth analytics to identify areas that require improvement.

Can I improve my score with the Blueprint MCAT prep course?

Yes. Blueprint is highly likely to boost your score due to its excellent video lectures, abundant practice resources, and practical study aids. Their score improvement guarantee is a testament to their confidence in the effectiveness of their curriculum.


Review Summary

Rated 4.5 out of 5
4.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
Very good50%

User Reviews

Liked its Tutor Program

Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 18, 2024

I’m engaged with Blueprint’s Tutor program at the moment, and it’s proving to be beneficial. The videos are excellent for quick study sessions, and I’m finding a lot of value in their extensive question bank. The questions within the modules come across as a bit trivial, but the rest are quite effective.

Balancing full-time work with school and this prep program, my study timeline is extended due to the limited hours I can dedicate to studying. But, overall I like it.


Appreciated its flexibility

Rated 4.0 out of 5
May 14, 2024

I bought the Blueprint course and appreciated its flexibility which allowed me to tailor it to my needs. I set my “exam date” in their schedule a month before my real MCAT to ensure I completed my content review early, leaving the last month for intense practice with UWorld. My study days, lasting 6-8 hours, included JW CARS passages, Anki, Blueprint materials, and revisiting past topics or delving deeper into difficult ones.

However, using Blueprint alone may not be enough; it’s more effective when combined with other resources like UWorld. Despite not having studied physics or organic chemistry yet, my biochemistry background helped, and I scored 505 on both my diagnostic and AAMC FL1.

Blueprint also offers live or recorded office hours and section exams, which are beneficial. Their provided schedule is just a starting point; I often supplemented it with Khan Academy for more detailed explanations. Ultimately, careful planning and using a mix of resources can enhance your understanding, and that’s not a drawback of Blueprint. Remember to gauge your progress with AAMC FL exams rather than Blueprint’s scores. While it might seem costly to use additional resources, the varied explanations can aid in comprehension. I wanted to share my thoughts and wish everyone good luck with their studies!


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