Best LSAT Prep Courses 2024 : Which One is Right For Your Study Style & Budget?

Regardless of how bright and ambitious you are, you can’t trust yourself to hit the jackpot all the time. This is especially true when aiming to get into your dream law school. So, how do you get into the best law school?

So, the first thing to accomplish in doing excellent in your LSAT is choosing the best LSAT prep course. The definition of “best” varies depending on your schedule, background, and learning style. It is crucial that you find your perfect match.

I can already feel the burden (and pressure), so I’ll make it easier for you. I have gone through all the available LSAT prep courses online and will brief you about their pros and cons.

Our Top Picks (Summary)

To make it easier to choose, I will limit the list to five:

  • Blueprint LSAT Course Online
  • Princeton Review LSAT Review Course
  • 7 Sage LSAT
  • Magoosh LSAT 
  • LSATMax LSAT Prep Course
  • Kaplan LSAT Review Course
How did we come up with the list? 

All the courses included in this list have gone through extensive primary research by our team consisting of LSAT tutors and students. We also checked the word of mouth references of students in law schools.

I have personally tried the top 3 courses to closely examine the content, including all the features promised by the provider. Moreover, I also checked responsiveness of customer support.

I also added inputs from the comments and feedback I have gathered from platforms, including Facebook, Reddit, and Trustpilot, to gauge how other users find these LSAT prep courses and share their experiences. We took special care to avoid obvious fake reviews various public platforms.

Here are the criteria that we looked into to assess which LSAT prep programs qualify to be included in our list:

  • Rich Course Materials: These study resources include practice tests, preparatory books, questions and answers (with in-depth explanations), video materials, and more. We give additional weightage to realistic practice tests and answer explanations as we think it is the most effective way to prepare for LSAT.
  • Expert Tutors and Instructors: The quality of LSAT live online courses depends on the expertise of the instructors. We confirm if the courses are led by LSAT professionals with impressive scores, extensive educational backgrounds, and complete training. Whenever possible, we assess sample handouts and lessons to ensure instructors are not only knowledgeable but also engaging. Our top picks include tutors and instructors with proven success in LSAT prep and a solid educational background.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: These prep courses must also be flexible and adapt according to how the learner can adapt to the schedule and lessons. This is where Magoosh stands out, whereas Blueprint and Kaplan attain high scores in providing live instructional programs and convenient scheduling options to learners. We also assessed the availability of the study materials through the web and mobile app. We tested them for responsiveness and effectiveness in supplying the learners with the information they needed about each lesson.
  • Pricing and Plans: These LSAT prep courses are your ticket toward achieving your dream of becoming accepted into your dream law school. Regardless of the price, as long as the course is worth it, you must consider it as an investment more than anything else. The list below will give you some ideas about the available pricing and plan choices. We’ve listed the courses with free trials, a money-back guarantee, and other perks and inclusions.
  • Personalized Instruction Every student has a different way of learning, which these prep courses must address and adapt to. We preferred the types with personalized study plans and tweaked the lessons and schedule to ensure their learners would be able to maximize their study time.

Let’s get started with the LSAT review courses we recommend you look into to ace your exam and become part of your dream law school.

#1.Blueprint LSAT Course Online

Blueprint stand out for its realistic practice tests and high quality video lessons. This prep course is relatively priced higher than its peers but it is worth its price if you can afford it.

Blueprint focuses on adaptive learning and comprehensive practice tests to ensure mastery of all LSAT sections. By tailoring the course plan to your knowledge level and availability, Blueprint offers a unique, personalized LSAT preparation experience.

In the self paced course, the primary learning method is video lessons. Each lecture succinctly explains an important LSAT concept, followed by a short practice exam to consolidate understanding and ensure subject mastery. It’s a simple process but is quite effective in ensuring that you understand all lessons as you progress in the course.

  • Study Materials: BluePrint’s self-paced course provides over 68 learning modules. These modules are designed to progressively deepen students’ understanding of the material, with quizzes to reinforce information retention. Importantly, these modules come with more than 9,000 real LSAT questions, each with detailed explanations. This is a crucial feature as practicing with past test questions is the most effective way to familiarize oneself with potential exam questions.
  • Videos: BluePrint’s videos are claimed to be highly engaging, and I found this to be true. The videos use animations and illustrations to help visualize complex LSAT questions. They are mobile-friendly, adapt to your Wi-Fi speed, and offer standard video controls, such as pause, speed control, and skip. The presenters in the videos are professional LSAT tutors with high scores themselves.
  • Customizability: BluePrint stands out for its customizable resources. The 9,000+ LSAT questions come with advanced analytics, which not only track right and wrong answers but also identify patterns in your mistakes. This data visualization helps students understand their own pattern of errors, facilitating future correction. Further, BluePrint lets students create custom practice tests based on their weakness patterns, specific question types, or areas for improvement. Students can adjust the level of difficulty or let BluePrint do it for them to encourage continuous improvement.
  • Convenience: Two notable features of BluePrint’s Self-Paced program are a personalized LSAT study planner and an updated interface for practice exams. The study planner, unique to BluePrint, helps create a study calendar tailored to your schedule, with easy adjustment options and phone syncing. The practice exam interface reflects the latest LSAT format, ensuring students are adequately prepared for the real exam.
  • Support: In addition to the resources mentioned, BluePrint offers live office hours six days a week, allowing students to work through LSAT material and ask questions. They also provide online proctored exams, simulating the in-person test-day experience. This approach caters to students who want both personalized support and self-study structure.
Blueprint-LSAT-Sample Video lessons
Blueprint LSAT Sample Video lessons Snapshot

BluePrint also offers a variety of tutoring services, with over 12 packages designed to meet diverse student needs. These packages, although somewhat expensive, offer both tutoring and self-paced course enrollment. For those uninterested in the self-paced course, a supplemental package is available, offering tutoring hours and a personalized study plan. A free consultation is offered to help prospective students choose the most suitable package.

As for the price of the course, it depends on the plan you choose to avail. If it’s one year, the price is $1,599, $1,199 for six months, and $799 for three months. If you can’t afford a one-time payment deal, you can choose a monthly billing via Affirm.

Here are the features included in the Blueprint LSAT review course:

  • Personalized LSAT practice tests
  • Advanced course analytics
  • Engaging and resourceful video lectures
  • Custom LSAT Study Planner
  • More than 9,000 LSAT practice questions
  • 68 interactive learning modules

The Pros:

  • 98th+ Percentile Scorer as Instructors: Blueprint employs a team of highly qualified instructors. Each teacher has sufficient experience in the field and has attained at least 98th percentile in their LSAT exam. They are the backbone of the Blueprint course and the main reason why each module is designed to help students according to what they may find challenging to grasp.
  • Realistic Practice questions: Blueprint gives you access to practice questions almost the same as the ones that come up in the actual LSAT. The questions will prepare you when answering the test. Plus, you will expand your knowledge about what else you need to know and focus on. The review will ask you to answer more than 7,500 practice questions.
  • Custom study planner: Blueprint values the time of their learners. They will ensure that all materials will contribute to your test success. Before proceeding, they will gauge your knowledge by asking you different questions. Your answers will determine how they will personalize the study calendar, which can change depending on your progress as you last in the course.
  • Engaging lessons on modern interface: Since the lessons are made by qualified teachers with experience taking the LSAT, they know what students need to understand the courses better and faster. This is why all the video lessons are entertaining and engaging. Each video is like watching a film or an animation that briefs you about what you need to know and remember. These are delivered on modern mobile friendly interface.
  • Unlimited Live Help: You get access to live office hours 6 days a week. You can ask any questions to tutors in this session.

The Cons:

  • Not budget-friendly: Prepare to pay a price that is not budget-friendly. While it’s worth paying the price, not all students may be able to afford the plans. Note that you can always opt for monthly payment option via Affirm rather than one time payment.
  • Lessons can be overwhelming: You must be prepared for the lessons. It can be overwhelming for some because there is quite a lot to learn. You only have to consider it an adequate preparation for taking the LSAT.
  • Limited live class schedule: While Blueprint can adjust the schedule based on your availability, you may find the available schedule still unfit for your workload. This is especially true for learners who have jobs or other immediate tasks they need to attend to daily.

The Verdict:

Blueprint excels for the service. You can get in touch with their agents anytime you encounter a problem or need something to be fixed or adjusted. They have highly qualified instructors who will guide you from start to finish. Rest assured that you will come out of the course very well prepared to answer all questions of your LSAT without batting an eyelash of confidence.

#2.Princeton Review LSAT

They offer 4 options to choose from

1) Self Paced (Suitable for self-motivated independent learners)

2) LSAT 165+ (Most Popular)

3)Immersion 165+

4) LSAT Fundamentals

LSAT 165+ is one of their most popular course which guarantees

  1. Obtain a score of 165 or more on the LSAT (provided your previous score was at least 158), or
  2. Experience a minimum boost of 7 points if your former LSAT score was 158 or less.

This assurance provides a level of convenience that not all LSAT preparation programs provide. It guarantees that if your LSAT score doesn’t meet your expectations, you have the option to retake the program or claim a refund. If you’re aiming for a certain level of score improvement, this feature makes it a good investment, provided you’re ready to put in the necessary effort!

Remember, these programs aren’t magic solutions. Success requires regular effort and mental discipline from the participant. Nonetheless, the allure of the 165+ cannot be ignored and is worth considering. The higher your score, the better your chances of being considered for a merit-based scholarship by law school admissions.

If you can afford and want a more personalized course, you can take private tutoring packages of Princeton Review. They may be priced competitively, but all lessons are personalized, so they are easier to learn regardless of your ability to grasp them.

The primary difference between the self-paced course and the other two is that you don’t get access to LSAT tutors or online help. This might suit someone who likes to study independently, but the lack of tutor support, especially after paying $800, might not be acceptable for some. The self-paced course does have over 150 hours of online video content, which could potentially make up for the absence of personalized support offered in the other courses. In the end, it comes down to a student’s preferred method of learning.

One thing to consider is if you’ll need to supplement their prep programs with additional LSAT study materials. With the LSAT Prep Plus, which is a standard requirement for most LSAT prep courses, you’ll be assured of having enough practice tests to study consistently over a year.

Including the hours of online videos and classroom help, there seems to be ample material to adequately prepare you at all levels, so you won’t need to spend extra on LSAT prep! If you’re not keen on spending $1999 on the LSAT 165+, you might want to think about buying the self-paced course and looking for less expensive LSAT tutors to enhance your preparation.

Here are the features included in this course:

  • A guarantee to increase test scores
  • More than 1,800 pages of study text
  • More than 8,000 LSAT practice questions
  • More than 70 LSAT practice tests
  • 84 hours of instruction

The Pros:

  • Comprehensive materials: All curriculum included in the course covers all LSAT sections. They include Logic Games, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension. This will give you the assurance that you will come on the exam date well-prepared for the questions. Moreover, the choices for the courses promise that you get access to a wide range of recorded video lessons. Practice tests are conducted by highly qualified proctors, study materials, practice questions, and online tutoring.
  • Money-back guarantee: This is Princeton Review’s way of letting you know you’re in good hands. They offer a satisfaction guarantee and a promise to refund what you paid for if your expectations aren’t met during the run of the course.
  • Qualified instructors: All the tutors employed by Princeton Review have a good educational background and standing with their own LSAT tests. You can trust them to explain all concepts clearly and ask questions whenever you need clarifications and more time to understand the lessons. They can also share strategies you can use when you need to take the exam based on the insights they have gathered from their experiences and what has been shared by their former students.
  • Different learning options: You can choose to attend in-person or online learning classes, depending on your availability and whatever works best for you. This allows you to pursue other commitments as the course adjusts depending on your preferences.
  • Realistic practice tests: They give you access to a wide range of practice tests. Aside from familiarizing yourself with the questions that may come up in the actual test, your teacher can explain the answers further and enlighten you on the topics you find vague. These practice tests will help you become familiar with the format and test questions, and your teachers can use the results to assess your skills and progress.

The Cons:

  • It doesn’t have a mobile app: You can only choose between live-online and in-person when taking the courses. This means that you will mostly use your laptop and PC and that the lessons cannot be accessed on your other gadgets, such as phones. This is something that many students look forward to since they can use their phones to review whenever or wherever they feel like it.
  • Too Intensive :Some students consider this a con, but if you want to ace your test, you must treat this feature as a challenge. You must also do everything to overcome the challenge and learn as much as you can despite the intensity of the classes and the significant workload.

The Verdict:

The Princeton Review LSAT Review Course offers a comprehensive curriculum to ensure you will have at least a 165 score on your LSAT. This is enough to land in many of the top law schools, but you can still get a higher score if you put your heart into the review process. It’s a flexible course conducted by highly skilled teachers who can adjust depending on the individualized requirements of their students. 

However, be prepared to pay a high cost when availing the course. The price is worth it and will help you get into your dream law school. However, Princeton Review has limited locations for its classes, and it is still not accessible via a mobile app. This factor may become a problem for certain students, especially those with many commitments, always on the go, and learners who don’t have their PCs or laptops with them all the time.

Overall, the Princeton Review LSAT Review Course is a value for your money but something that you must commit to. It has a heavy workload intended to help you with your LSAT scores and increase your chances of getting into your preferred law school.

#3. 7Sage LSAT

7Sage LSAT core course is primarily delivered through video lessons by the engaging founder JY and it takes around 200 hours to complete.

You get access to a suite of custom preparation tools and analytics, which I found immensely helpful. One unique feature is an analytics tool that helped me identify my weaknesses based on how often someone at my score level correctly answers a question. Priced at $65 a month, 7Sage is a lot more budget-friendly than other programs we considered, and their mobile app made studying flexible and convenient.

The program also has an active forum and a “study buddy finder” feature, which was great for some extra support. While I appreciated 7Sage’s affordability, active community, and all-in-one law school preparation platform, I did miss having live classes or personal tutoring, and the lack of physical prep books was a bit disappointing. Overall, I’d say 7Sage is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a self-paced, comprehensive study plan. But if you prefer personal tutoring or a more structured environment, you might want to explore other programs.

  • Highlights
    • The core curriculum of 7Sage requires around 200 hours to finish, providing comprehensive coverage.
    • Instruction is primarily through video lessons, featuring the charismatic founder, JY.
    • The video presentations aren’t slickly produced, but they deliver clear, straightforward, and undistracted content.
    • Upon completing the main curriculum, students gain access to a robust suite of custom preparation tools and analytics.
    • A unique analytics tool shows the percentage of correct answers a student at your score level should typically get, which helps in spotting weaknesses.
  • Advantages:
    • Highly Affordable with monthly plan: Priced at $65 monthly, 7Sage is significantly more budget-friendly compared to its competitors. It offers a single package with an option to subscribe on a monthly or annual basis.
    • Vibrant forum community: It hosts an active forum and a “study buddy finder” feature for communal support and interaction.
    • Comprehensive suite for law school preparation: 7Sage provides an all-in-one platform for preparing for law school, including admissions advice, 1L exam preparation, and bar exam resources. A mobile app is available for flexible study options.
  • Drawbacks:
    • Only provides a single, self-paced package.
    • Does not offer live classes or one-on-one tutoring.
    • Entirely digital with no physical prep books.

Final Thoughts: 7Sage offers excellent value for those seeking a budget-friendly, at-your-own-pace study plan. However, learners who prefer personal tutoring or a more organized study environment may wish to explore other programs.

#4.Magoosh LSAT 

Magoosh LSAT Study Materials stand out for providing quality self paced prep course at affordable price point. This is good news for students looking for study plans that can give them quality materials without making them pay more than what they can afford. The course is simple, sans the flashy graphics or fancy dashboards that the more expensive courses offer. 

However, despite its simplicity, the course tries to give you the best value for your money. You can still dream of entering your dream law school despite cutting down on the review costs by choosing to study at Magoosh.

The Pros:

  • Affordability: Magoosh wants to prove that you can dream bigger without spending a fortune. It may be a cheaper option, but it delivers. It offers its learners access to unique and helpful features. Rest assured that you are not getting less knowledge just because you have paid less to avail of the course. Magoosh review courses start at $279 for a 1-month deal and $299 for two months. This price is something that many self-supporting students can manage to pay. This will allow them to excel in the actual test and be part of a prestigious law school without shelling out a lot while preparing for the bigger journey in their education.
  • Effective Strategy: The courses are prepared and delivered by experts and highly skilled teachers. They ensure all courses cover all you need to know and prepare for before taking the LSAT. Your teachers will guide you through the right study methods while keeping you focused on the ideas and subjects you need to learn. You will also get updates via your instructors’ blog. Plus, you will get access to over 7,000 practice questions that will likely come up during the actual exam.
  • Simplicity: This is something that some students prefer to absorb the lessons better. They don’t want the time-consuming online study tools or the unnecessary apps on the dashboard. It’s as simple as guiding you to learn what you need to know, which you can try to absorb at your own pace.

The Verdict

As you might have guessed, the two factors that make Magoosh LSAT Study Materials worthy of choosing as a study guide are affordability and simplicity. It allows you to continue dreaming you’d get into your dream law school even when you don’t have enough money for the pricier review plans. It’s simple enough, even for non-techie users and those who want to focus on studying, nothing more, nothing less. 

#5. LSATMax LSAT Prep Course

LSATMax offers the perfect combo of instructional learning and high-quality study materials to help you score big time on your LSAT exam. It aims to unload you of the stress of thinking too much about how you can get into your preferred law school.

They do this by providing you with instructors who achieved 99 percent in their own LSAT exams. They will guide you through the materials developed based on the LSATs taken before.

This provider also has the LSAT Flex and LSAT simulators, so you can grasp how the actual exam is done while learning about the possible questions, including the answers. Moreover, you can communicate with your instructor using a private messaging board even after class. This will ensure you understand all lessons and boost your confidence that you can bring home the bacon come exam time.

Here are the features included in this review course:

  • Availability of private message boards even after office hours
  • Four full textbooks
  • LSAT Flex and LSAT Simulators
  • The majority of prep exams are based on past LSATs
  • Instructors with 99 percent on LSAT

The Pros:

  • Affordability: The courses can be placed in the affordable range compared to leading competitors. The course provider can offer excellent packages without breaking the bank. You can also choose to access its free app, which comes with limited features. Or, you can pay for the full course and customize the content based on the areas you must focus on. You can opt to avail of its 365-day program for $1,495 or a 60-day course for $595. You can choose to avail of the monthly installment with zero interest if you cannot afford to pay a one-time deal.
  • Availability of mobile app: You can download the LSATMax app for free on your phone, making it accessible anywhere you are as long as you can access the Internet. This feature allows you to do Logic Games, complete daily drills, or watch video lessons anytime. You can also take advantage of being among the first to try its new digital features as they come.
  • Guarantee of high score: If you have taken LSAT before, LSATMax will refund your payment if your score does not improve after finishing the course.
  • Feedback on your progress: Your progress will be assessed continuously during  the course. This will ensure your instructor understands your strengths and points to your weaknesses, which they can further hone and improve. This assessment will also allow them to give you practice questions that will develop your weaknesses while keeping up with the areas you’re good at.

The Cons:

  • Limited live interaction: The format of the course relies more on practice questions and recorded video lessons. However, you can opt to use the mobile app to ensure you will learn whenever you have time to study. You can also ask your instructor questions you find difficult or lessons you need more details about, even after office hours.
  • The course can feel overwhelming: This is another course you need to get into only if you are 100 percent sure you can commit to it. The lessons are hard, but rest assured that they will prepare you for the actual LSAT and help you get a high score.

The Verdict:

The LSATMax and LSAT prep courses are geared to high-tech users and are used to advanced formats. They offer study materials you can go through at your own pace using a reliable and convenient platform.

#6.Kaplan LSAT Review Course

You may be familiar with the Kaplan brand since they are popular in publishing college-level study guides and textbooks. 

Here are the features included in the Kaplan LSAT review course:

  • Intensive Bootcamp course for four weeks
  • Live-Online classroom instructions for 32 hours
  • 300 quizzes and more than 60 LSAT practice tests
  • Video lessons of up to 180 hours
  • Tutoring, Bootcamp, Live-Online, Self-Paced courses

The Pros:

  • Guaranteed high score: Kaplan assures you’ll get a full refund if you fail to improve your score after retaking the LSAT. This applies to those who have previously taken the test. But note that you can only avail of the privilege in the Advantage-Anywhere plan, not the On-Demand option.
  • Customized study: Kaplan will assess your skills, including your strengths and weaknesses. They will base your LSAT preparatory materials on the result of your assessment. This will help them focus on the areas where you need help the most and boost the likelihood of improving your score.

The Cons:

  • Does not offer a free demo: Kaplan only offers a free practice test and a preview of the class for 90 minutes. However, you can’t further explore the plan via a mobile app of free web content before finalizing your purchase.

The Verdict:

Despite not having a free trial, rest assured that Kaplan offers a high-quality curriculum that will boost your chances of acing your test. Kaplan is supported by the prestige of the brand, being known as an excellent provider of student study resources in many subject areas.

Frequently Asked Questions – Best LSAT Prep Courses

Here are some questions and their answers that can help enlighten you about the best LSAT prep courses:

How much should I spend for these LSAT prep courses?

The prices depend on the “brand” and reputation of the course provider. While it doesn’t mean that the expensive courses will translate to higher scores, it can still be the case as long as you choose the right course provider. Some of the courses that made it to the list above may be considered expensive, but they live up to their names and deliver excellent results, or else you will get a partial or full refund.

What is LSAT, and who administers it?

LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test, administered by LSAC or the Law School Admission Council. The latter organize the exams and give them to examinees several times per year. They are also responsible for briefing the law schools about the examinees’ scores. LSAC is quite important in LSAT. They ensure that the test will measure the examinee’s different skills to ensure they are qualified for law school and will survive whatever’s waiting for them.

Why do I need to look into LSAT prep courses with tutors?

While you can choose to study on your own with the materials given by the course provider, having a tutor will make everything easier to understand. They are there to assist you and make complex ideas simpler to grasp. They will guide you in each lesson and help you achieve a high score on your LSAT exam.

Does any of the LSAT prep courses offer timed practice exams?

Yes, and among the ones listed above, you can experience the best-timed practice tests on the Blueprint LSAT and LSATMax Prep Course. The practice tests are typically 90 items, and the questions are based on the past LSATs. This is a good way to practice and have ideas on the questions that will likely come up during the exam.

Which among the LSAT prep courses offers the better value for online access?

You can choose between Magoosh and LSATMax for the best online access period. You can access the courses for 12 months, so you can self-study however you want for a year.


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