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Materials did give me what I needed to pass

Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 11, 2024

I’m thrilled to have cleared all my CPA exams using Surgent for prep! I chose Surgent mainly due to the affordable $999 price tag. Some classmates were using it with decent results, so I decided to give it a shot.

The Surgent software itself is solid overall. I didn’t have any major technical issues. The materials and tutorials served their purpose, and I did pass all 4 sections, though one took 2 attempts.

However, Surgent’s claims about getting you to pass more quickly didn’t match my experience. They provide “ReadyScores” estimating your prep time needed based on a 250-question assessment. But my actual study hours far exceeded their estimates:

FAR: They estimated 70 hours, I did 150

BEC: They said 60 hours, I needed 100

REG: 55 hours estimated, took me 120

AUD: 45 hours estimated, 120 actual

With a background in accounting, I expected to study less than average, not way more. A classmate felt similarly about the inaccurate time estimates.

The takeaway – take those advertised “quick pass” times with a grain of salt. It’s more about your effort than the review materials. With hard work and dedication, any quality prep course can get you through the exams successfully.

While price was a factor in choosing Surgent, their time estimates were off. But their materials did give me what I needed to pass, even if it required way more hours than they projected. Your drive matters more than the brand.



Rated 2.0 out of 5
April 10, 2024

I used Surgent to prepare for the CPA exams. Passed FAR and AUD first try with 80s, so it gets the job done. Still waiting on my REG score.

But for real, their video lectures are just okay. Don’t get me started on those video lengths either. We’re talking a few minutes max, and their app sucks so it takes forever to get to the next one.

Haven’t tried other review courses, so can’t really compare Surgent to the competition. But based on my experience so far, if you’ve got time, I’d say sample some other ones.

Surgent is affordable, no doubt. But the quality of the lectures and prep is straight up lackin’. Having to constantly supplement with the book because the vids are useless has not been a great time.

The bottom line – Surgent will get you across the finish line for a reasonable price. But be prepared to put in extra work to fill in the massive gaps from their barebones video lectures. More robust courses may be worth the money if you want complete prep in one package. Either way, passin’ these exams ain’t easy!


Surgent vs Becker

Rated 4.0 out of 5
April 8, 2024

Becker is overrated in my opinion, mainly due to its close relationships and marketing partnerships with the largest accounting firms.

While Becker certainly covers the content, it receives excessive hype compared to newer, more affordable options like Surgent that take a more customized and targeted learning approach.

Surgent is relatively new but it’s substantially cheaper than Becker, and uses algo to identify and focus your studying on weak areas that need improvement. From what I can tell, Surgent’s smart study platform and granular feedback help optimize and streamline exam prep. You spend time on what you truly need rather than one-size-fits-all videos.

Given Surgent’s lower cost and adaptive learning features, I think it provides better overall value than the inflated reputation of Becker.

Becker clearly invests heavily in brand marketing, merchandising, and firm partnerships. But from a pure content and technology perspective, Surgent seems to innovate more on truly personalized prep.

For cost-effective, customized exam study, Surgent deserves more attention relative to the prestige Becker has accumulated. Cutting through the hype, Surgent appears to offer the better exam investment.


Surgent's classroom-like structure kept me engaged

Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 6, 2024

I used Surgent to study for the CPA exam after failing with Becker years earlier. Surgent felt more like an interactive online class than just a cram course. I went through the materials multiple times for each section. I’d watch the boring lectures at accelerated speed and take notes just like in a real class. Then I would drill the MCQ bank relentlessly.

Studying full-time while working, it took me about a year to get through everything with Surgent. In my experience, Becker’s learning style just didn’t work for me. Their lectures mostly involved reading and highlighting the book, but the info just wasn’t sticking.

Becker’s MCQs also seemed much harder than the actual exam questions, which just left me frustrated and confused rather than prepared. Surgent took a simpler, more straightforward approach that clicked better for me.

The key for me was watching lectures at fast speed while taking notes as if in class, then practicing MCQs extensively. This active learning style allowed me to truly absorb the concepts.

While Becker covered the content, Surgent’s classroom-like structure kept me engaged. The focused lectures and repetitive practice questions allowed me to pass where Becker had failed.


Can be Improved

Rated 4.0 out of 5
April 1, 2024

I’ve been using Surgent for BEC prep. While it gets the job done overall, I do have some critiques.

The practice questions sometimes test material that isn’t covered in the textbooks or lectures. This has forced me to supplement with outside resources to fill gaps. The course seems to presume base knowledge rather than teaching concepts from scratch. I’ve had to put in extra work to learn foundational topics on my own.

Considering the cost, I expected Surgent’s BEC materials to be more comprehensive and self-contained. Relying on external platforms to fill in holes is not ideal.

In summary, Surgent’s BEC prep has some deficits that require supplementing from other sources. The materials could do a better job explicitly covering fundamentals and aligning lectures, texts, and practice.

But with some patching from outside resources, Surgent provides the tools to pass. I hope they enhance content completeness for the next version.


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