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I liked the Test Bank

Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 11, 2024

In my experience, Becker has the best course layout and test bank bar none. I used about 20% of i75’s lectures but relied on Becker for the other 80%.

I also tried Farhat and Ninja but found Becker superior overall. For the audit, I did need i75’s lectures at times. However, i75’s practice questions and simulations simply weren’t on par with Becker’s quality. Also, MCQs from Becker are like real exam.

Bottom line – Becker’s structured approach, coupled with its unmatched test bank of MCQs, simulations, and mocks make it the premier CPA prep course in my opinion. If you invest in Becker and fully commit to the program, you will be set up for success on exam day.


Realistic practice exams and sims

Rated 4.0 out of 5
April 10, 2024

Initially, I chose Surgent for my studies but quickly regretted the decision as it didn’t meet my needs. I found greater success with Becker, particularly due to the videos for SIMS. While the explanations for multiple-choice questions in Surgent were mediocre, Becker offered clearer, more helpful insights. Another aspect I appreciated about Becker was the realistic practice exams and sims, which closely mimic the actual exam environment, helping to alleviate nerves on the big day.


No review course alone determines if you'll pass.

Rated 4.0 out of 5
April 8, 2024

In my opinion, the key factors for CPA exam success are your personal effort and dedication, as well as your accounting foundations. The specific review course you use is secondary.

Becker touts high pass rates, but they attract top students from elite programs and Big 4 firms who likely would succeed using any review course.

While some credit Becker for their success, at the end of the day it comes down to your own hard work and commitment to studying. No review course alone determines if you’ll pass.



Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 8, 2024

I prepared for the CPA exam using Becker. I watched all of the video lectures and took detailed notes. After each lecture, I went through the multiple-choice questions and redid any that I had missed. I also took all of the practice exams Becker offered. However, I did not complete any of the simulation questions. Despite skipping the sims, I still ended up passing all 4 exam sections on my first try.

The final review course Becker provides was clutch for me since I had spread out my studying over several months. By the time I was done with all the materials, the final review helped refresh everything right before I sat for the exams. In the end, between the lectures, multiple choice practice, and practice exams, Becker fully prepared me to pass the CPA exam even without touching the sims. So I would absolutely recommend their prep course based on my experience using it and successfully passing on my first attempts.


I took extensive handwritten notes on each textbook chapter before watching the lecture. Then I re-took the following notes along with the videos.

After reading and lectures, I completed the chapter MCQs. Important concepts were made into flashcards for repetitive review.

I cycled through this process for every chapter – read, lecture, MCQ, flashcards. Then I repeated all modules 3-4 times as a review.

The constant note-taking and flashcards reinforced retention despite also working 55-hour weeks. This diligent preparation enabled me to pass all sections on my first attempts.

The keys were 1) aligning my learning style with intensive writing 2) comprehending content multiple times through reading, lectures, and MCQs 3) consolidating concepts into portable flashcard format. This system worked for me even with a demanding full-time job.


Overall okay!

Rated 3.0 out of 5
April 7, 2024

Where do I even start with Becker’s CPA review course? I mean, don’t get me wrong, the lectures are fine and the sims are pretty legit. But some of those multiple-choice questions are just bonkers hard for no reason! It’s like they go out of their way to make things confusing AF when the actual exam is tough enough already.

Then there’s Surgent over here making their sims look totally diff from the real test layout. I know they’re still teaching the right material, but talk about throwing me off! At least their MCQs keep it real.

If I’m dropping major coinage on one of these courses, they better let me replay lectures until I pass, ya feel me? Any program that’s all “one and done” can kick rocks. I need unlimited retries over here!

So in conclusion, Becker = solid but frustrating, Surgent = similar but odd format, and my #1 criteria = let me learn until I earn those letters after my name, regardless of how long it takes!


Do mocks for test endurance

Rated 4.0 out of 5
April 1, 2024

Honestly, 100%ing each module is a total waste of time for FAR, in my opinion. It takes way longer and isn’t necessary.

My strategy was to read the module first without lectures, then hammer the MCQs. For any I got wrong, I’d go back and peep the lecture quickly to review that concept.

I’d re-do the incorrect MCQs until I had each module’s MCQs 100% down. Then I moved on to the next section. You gotta make MCQs your main focus.

The sims weren’t worth the time since the real exam ones were way different. But Becker’s MCQs matched the actual exam super closely.

I also recommend taking those 3 mocks the week before your test to get used to the endurance needed.

And after you finish the material, knock out Becker’s final review online. It’s money for that last minute overall refresh.

In the final week, hit 100-200 MCQs a day to drill it all in. That’s how I got an 85 on FAR on the first go.

The key things that worked for me:

Focus on MCQs, not lectures or sims

Only use lectures to review MCQ concepts

Keep crushing MCQs until you nail each module

Do mocks for test endurance

Final review for a complete refresher

Cram MCQs daily the last week

That approach was efficient and got me a solid score. Give it a shot if the standard ways aren’t working for you


Becker is 100% worth the investment

Rated 4.0 out of 5
March 28, 2024

In my experience, the people who fail multiple times are those who didn’t use Becker or tried to go cheaper. Studying is still miserable even with Becker’s top-notch materials. So you might as well prepare with the most popular one.

I was fortunate to have Becker provided by my firm. I’ve tried other courses too and nothing compares to Becker’s comprehensiveness and quality. It truly has everything needed to succeed.

While cost is a concern for some, and cheaper courses work for those on a budget, Becker is 100% worth the investment in my opinion. It will save you from becoming one of those horror stories of failing repeatedly.

Bottom line – use Becker and you will pass the CPA exam. I highly recommend it based on first-hand experience of how thorough their prep is.


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