LSATMAX Review 2024 : Is this Prep Course Right For You?

Any law student who wants to ace their LSAT exam needs to prepare in a smart and effective way. This means that using a good prep course is essential.

In this guide, we will be focusing on one of the popular LSAT prep course LSATMAX. This prep course is used by most law students due to its self paced video lessons, smooth interface and ease of use. With that said, let’s dive into it!

LSATMAX: How it Works?

The company claims students using LSATMax typically see their scores increase by an impressive 18 points. The key to their success lies in the personalized approach LSATMax takes, tailoring the preparation to fit the student’s specific goals and current level of LSAT proficiency. To initiate their path to LSAT excellence, LSATMax requests students to provide certain information such as target score, exam date and familiarity with LSAT. Then you get to take a mini diagnostic test of 35 minutes to set your baseline and identify the weakness. 

Their video sessions can be accessed at any time and they include whiteboard notes. These notes are made by the instructors throughout the learning sessions to give students a clearer explanation. As a result, this creates a more realistic learning approach.

In addition, you get to a full-length practice exam, which enables you to test your knowledge. After the exam, you will also get analytics feedback about your performance thereby allowing you to figure out your weak and strong spots. 

LSATMAX offers a feature that allows you to interact with your instructors including other users. As a result, you gain the opportunity to study with other students as well as get answers to tough questions from the tutors.

Features of LSATMAX

With many popular LSAT prep courses out there, you might be wondering why LSATMAX can be the right choice for you. Here are some of the features that make this LSAT prep course different, and probably better, than other options:

  • Lot of High Quality Practice Questions

The best part about LSATMAX is that they offer actual practice questions, which are sourced from previous official LSAT exams. Therefore, students get to experience how the real exam feels, including how it is structured. Using this prep course allows you to access up to 87 prep exams for premium users and 16 practice tests for monthly subscribers.

  • Quality video lessons

If you are the kind of student who studies better through visual representations, then LSATMAX can be a very great choice for you. Their curriculum includes more than 80 hours of high-quality and well-made video classes that help convey key points to ensure quick and simple comprehension. You can find whiteboard video lessons on almost every LSAT concept and question type

During the video classes, instructors use a whiteboard to create more understanding. Additionally, LSATMAX videos are simple to navigate. On top of that, these video lessons are usually followed by homework that allows students to test their comprehension of what they have studied.

  • Ease of access

Unlike other LSAT prep courses on the market that use a hard-to-navigate interface, LSATMAX makes it easy for you to access its diverse features. You can access their course using both Android and iPhone devices by downloading their app. This, without a doubt, allows ease, high accessibility, and convenience.

  • Analytics Feedback

The next great thing about LSATMAX is that it provides analytical feedback for every diagnostic exam, homework, or lesson you have taken. The feedback is divided into three sections: logic reasoning, reading comprehension, and logical reasoning.

In addition, students can also know the areas they are strong in. The feature can also provide you with areas that you need to focus on to raise your score. This can include viewing suggested videos that consist of relevant questions followed by in-depth answers.

It can also show you the preparation time required to reach the desired score.

  • Use of Daily Exercises

Daily exercise is another reason that makes LSATMAX more unique. Their program includes exercises like logic games, reading comprehension exercises, and drills to impact the learners with the needed skills for answering LSAT questions appropriately.

The exercises comprise 5 LSAT practice questions for the daily drills, a series of at least four paragraphs which are followed by practice questions for testing your reading comprehension, and four logic games.

Practice Questions
  • Office Hours

The support system allows students to interact with their instructors and ask any questions they may need clarification on. Moreover, you can gain access to the message board where students get to communicate with their tutors or other users.

LSATMAX Message Boards
Office Hours
  • Money-back guarantee

Lastly, LSATMAX offers a money-back guarantee in case you fail to achieve a higher score. This, at least, applies to the LSATMax 180 and 365 packages. On the other hand, LSATMax 30 and 60 don’t provide you with this guarantee.

8/10Our Score
  • Video lessons explain LSAT concepts clearly and are easy to follow. Instructors break things down in an accessible way.
  • Top instructors all scored 170+ on the LSAT and know how to teach it effectively.
  • Thousands of real LSAT practice questions to improve through repetition. Questions mirror actual exam.
  • Detailed explanations for each question help you understand why answers are right or wrong.
  • Analytics dashboard tracks your progress and performance on each section/question type.
  • Affordable compared to in-person courses. Complete prep for just $199/month.
  • Flexible online access allows you to study anytime, anywhere. Customizable study plan.


  • Lack of structure and accountability of a classroom setting. You must be self-motivated.
  • No live classes or ability to ask questions in real time. Pre-recorded lessons only.
  • Light on learning resources compared to competitors. Mainly focused on practice questions


Subscription Type Price What is Included
LSATMax Intensive $1249.99
  • 87 full-length practice tests for your LSAT prep
  • Lifetime access to your account
  • Analytical feedback
  • Hard copies
  • Student support program
  • Private tutoring for up to 3 hours
  • Guarantees higher score
  • Includes an analog watch
  • Gain access to a 12-week subscription to The Economist
LSATMax Premium $949.99
  • Includes all the features found in the LSATMax Intensive only excluding private tutoring.
LSATMax Pro $749.99
  • Up to 16 full-length LSAT tests
  • Analytical feedback
  • Presence of an analog watch
  • Hard copies
  • Student support feature
  • Guarantees a high score
  • Gain infinite access to the message board
LSATMax Pro Monthly Subscription $199 per month
  • Up to 16 full-length practice tests
  • Analytical feedback
  • Infinite access to the message board
  • Access the account monthly after purchasing their monthly package
  • Student support feature
  • Access to downloadable PDFs


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is LSATMax?

LSATMax is a program that mainly focuses on improving a student’s LSAT score. Here, you get to learn from professional instructors, use realistic practice questions, engage in video lessons, and gain access to daily exercises among other features stated in the above overview.

  • How effective is LSATMax?

Unlike most LSAT prep courses that use old, outdated, and boring learning techniques, LSATMax uses modern technology. They have mobile apps for students who want to study using digitized systems, thereby making it an effective course for students to study during their preferred time.

The program also includes an analytical feedback feature that allows you to know the areas you excel and those that need improvement. Apart from that, the multiple video lessons and realistic practice questions are an added advantage.

All in all, LSATMax is more effective than most LSAT prep courses since it can easily create a classroom-like environment all thanks to the use of technological advancements.

  • Is LSATMax a scam?

According to our research and user reviews, most people claim that the program is not a scam and is therefore safe to use. In addition, their program is designed and organized appropriately to suit the needs of any student. LSATMax has also helped over 150,000 students to prepare for their LSAT exam.


Studying for your LSAT exam can be energy-draining and time-consuming for most students. But from the review above, it is clear that LSATMAX is worth your time and investment. It is one of the most convenient and reliable courses that will help you prepare adequately.


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