Sydney University in Australia offers a partially funded scholarship for overseas students and exclusively for undergraduate students. To read about what you need to know about applying for the scholarship, please keep reading.

  • Country of origin: Australia
  • Funded by: University of Sydney
  • Type: Partially funded
  • Education level: a bachelor’s degree program
  • Duration: For one year
  • Deadline: Sept 2024 (Expected to open in June 2024)

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What is the Sydney Scholars Award?

The Sydney Scholars Award is an initiative of the University of Sydney that provides support and recognition to high-achieving international students planning to study in Australia. The award is open to all eligible international students who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree at the University of Sydney. The award was established to provide support and encouragement to talented & committed international students who want to further their studies in Australia.

The Sydney Scholars Award provides financial support that can be used to help cover tuition and living costs for the duration of the scholarship period. In addition to financial assistance, the award also offers mentoring and support from the university’s dedicated team of international advisors. This can include assistance with visa applications, travel advice, networking opportunities, career guidance, and more.

The award also provides recipients with an exclusive range of academic and professional benefits, including access to academic advisors, industry events & training opportunities, recognition of their achievements within the University & wider community, and the chance to make lifelong connections with other like-minded individuals.

Who is eligible to apply?

– Applicants must be accepted into an undergraduate degree program at the University of Sydney for the 2023-2024 academic years.

– The applicant must not have previously been awarded a scholarship from the University of Sydney.

– The applicant must demonstrate excellent academic achievement & have the potential to significantly contribute to their chosen field of study.

– The applicant must also demonstrate financial need or evidence of service or experience in their field of study.

– Applicants must also meet additional eligibility criteria as stated by the University of Sydney. It is important to note that all applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Successful applicants will need proof that they meet all the criteria stated above.

-English language proficiency must also be demonstrated by submitting recognized English test scores such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE Academic (if applicable).

How do I apply?

1. Before applying for the Sydney Scholars Award, it is essential to thoroughly research the scholarship and understand the criteria & application process. Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria and understand what is expected in the application.

2. You should seek advice from your academic advisors or mentors on how to best prepare your application and ensure you meet all the requirements.

3. Extracurricular activities and work experience are essential factors in your scholarship application. It is important to demonstrate your involvement in activities outside of academia and your commitment to volunteer & community service.

4. Along with demonstrating your academic achievements, you will also need to provide additional information such as academic references, financial information, and any other documents that may be required.

5. Your personal statement is a vital part of your scholarship application and is an opportunity for you to showcase your goals, aspirations, and reasons for applying for the award.

6. Once all the required documents have been provided & your personal statement is complete, you can submit your application online or via mail. Make sure you follow all the submission instructions carefully and submit your application well before the deadline.

7. After submitting your application & documents, wait to hear back from the University of Sydney. You should receive a response within a few weeks regarding your status as a recipient of the Sydney Scholars Award.

How much is the award worth?

• The Sydney Scholars Award is worth $6,000 in total. 

• This amount can be used towards tuition fees, student materials, & other university expenses. 

• The award will cover a portion of the cost of attending the University of Sydney, so students should also consider other financial aid or scholarships to cover the remainder. 

• This scholarship is also renewable for up to three years, so the value of the award may increase over time depending on the student’s academic performance & activities.

How long is the award tenable for?

The Sydney Scholars Award is tenable for one year of an undergraduate degree. This means that students who are successful in their application will be eligible to receive the award for a period of one academic year. If students continue their studies at the University of Sydney beyond the first year, they will need to reapply for the award each year. It is important to note that students can only hold one scholarship or bursary at any given time & this could affect their eligibility for other awards. For example, if a student already holds another scholarship or bursary & also applies for the Sydney Scholars Award, they may not be eligible to receive both awards. Applicants must therefore ensure that they have no other existing scholarships or bursaries before applying for the Sydney Scholars Award.

Any other benefits?

The Sydney Scholars Awards also offers recipients the chance to benefit from access to career advice, mentoring, and support from the Sydney Scholars Network. This network is a group of past and present scholarship recipients who offer guidance and advice on university life & study, as well as support during their studies. The Sydney Scholars Network can be an excellent resource for students to connect with like-minded peers and gain valuable career advice. Furthermore, the Sydney Scholars Award can serve as a perfect reference point for future employers, demonstrating a student’s commitment to learning and willingness to work hard.

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The Sydney Scholars Award is a fantastic opportunity for international students to pursue undergraduate studies at the University of Sydney. Make sure to apply before the deadline & have all the necessary documents to maximize your chances of success. If you are eligible, do not miss this opportunity of a lifetime!