Are you planning to take up law but don’t have the resources to do so? Why not apply for a scholarship? If you’re interested in looking for an offer, consider applying for the Queensland University Law Scholarship this 2023. What’s more exciting is that it’s in Australia! So, if you’re not a resident of this wonderful country, this offer does not only cover your schooling fees, but it’ll also give you a chance to live abroad! Excited? Read on below to know more about this scholarship and learn how to apply with the help of our simple step-by-step guide:

What is the Queensland University Law Scholarship?

Located in Brisbane Australia and founded in 1909 by the country’s state parliament, Queensland University is considered to be the 5th oldest university around. It has been performing well and has since gotten a reputable status in the country. Now, they’re still maintaining their exceptional status, and while doing so, they’re helping out students have the same level of excellence in the form of great academic performance. They do this by offering scholarships to those who are deserving.

Today, Queensland University is opening again one of their many scholarships, and this time, to international students. This law scholarship is partially funded for an entire year, and it offers students a chance to get a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in law. This offer is valued at least 25% or up to 50% of what comprises a master’s degree program.

For all the outstanding students out there, this is for you. The School of Law in this prestigious institution is giving this to those who want to be a part of their law programs, which include:

  • Masters of Law (LLM)
  • Master of International Commercial Law (MICLaw)
  • Master of International Law (MIL)
  • Dual degree programs

Queensland University Law Scholarship Summary

Country: Australia

Scholarship Type: Academic Performance Based

Offered by: Queensland University Law Scholarship

Institutions: Queensland University

Type: Partially funded scholarship

Degree Program: Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs in Law

Scholarship Amount: 25-50% scholarship value of the Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree.

Deadline: For the 1st semester, the deadline would be this October 30. For the 2nd semester, it would be this May 15.

Queensland University Law Scholarship Coverage

Now that you have an idea of where the scholarship comes from, you should also know what its coverage is:

  • The university offers two scholarships for undergraduates
  • The university offers four scholarships in total. The first two covers up to 50% of the tuition and the other two covers up to 25% of the tuition for courses under these – Masters of Law (LLM), Master of International Commercial Law (MICLaw), and Master of International Law (MIL).
  • This scholarship does not cover these:
    • Travel expenses
    • Living expenses
    • Overseas health expenses
    • Amenities expenses under Student Services

Who is Eligible for the Queensland University Law Scholarship?

Now, we are covering who is eligible for this scholarship. See if you can avail for this and make sure you follow these criteria/requirements:

  • Language Requirement: English
  • Countries Eligible: All countries in the world
  • You can join if you are an international student applying for the postgraduate program and have not yet started schooling at Queensland University.
  • You should not be a holder of any other similar scholarships.

How to Apply for the Queensland University Law Scholarship?

Finally, you can now check the step-by-step guide for applying for this scholarship:

  1. First, you have to apply at Queensland University and pick from any of the Law offers – LLM, MICLaw, MIL, or any dual degree.
  2. After your application, or after you’ve received an offer, you can now start the application process. Fill out this form and provide these documents as well:
    • A copy of your official transcripts
    • Reference letters (at least two)
    • A copy of your CV or resume


  • The university will not accept late applications. Check out the important dates highlighted and make sure your applications are sent before the deadline.
  • A meeting with the Scholarship Committee will be held after the closing date of the applications. All the applicants will be notified of the results afterward. You can check out your profile for further updates.
  • The candidate’s application is subject to the University of Queensland’s approval after the application process is over. Take note that even if you passed and are eligible to get this program, there is still a chance that you’ll be declined. 
  • If you have more questions, you can send your queries here at [email protected].

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