Advance notice: This scholarship will open on 12th Feb 2024.

Students all over the world can apply for scholarships to study in Sweden every year through the Swedish Institute. Here is everything you need to know about applying for the Swedish Institute Scholarship!

Country: Sweden

Host Organization: Sweden Institute

Funded By: The SI Swedish Institute scholarship is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Courses: Master’s Degree Programs

Duration: 1 to 2 years

What Is The Swedish Institute Scholarship? 

The Swedish Institute Scholarship provides professionals from all over the world with the opportunity to study in Sweden. The scholarship was established by the government of Sweden and is offered in partnership with universities and other international organizations. Scholarships are available for students from developing countries, women, and students from regions with few opportunities to study abroad. Students can choose from various disciplines, including engineering, natural sciences, law, economics, and business administration. Undergraduate or graduate degrees are eligible as long as they occur at a partner university or institution in Sweden. 

Participants also receive a travel allowance along with the scholarship, which covers tuition and living expenses up to a certain amount during their time abroad. It is the student’s responsibility after returning home to pay back any money that has been given over and above what is necessary to cover tuition and living expenses. All applicants must sign this contract.

Swedish institute Scholarship Duration

Students can study in Sweden for one year or three semesters. The scholarship is open to professionals from all over the world, and all study fields are eligible. As part of the program, students will be required to spend at least 12 months in Sweden after graduation and take part in a study tour of Sweden before starting their internship. 

The motto of the scholarship

The scholarship is focused on strengthening Sweden’s international relations and promoting knowledge of Sweden abroad. The scholarship provides funding to people from all over the world who have dreams of going abroad and making their mark.

What makes this scholarship so attractive?

The Swedish Institute Scholarship is an opportunity of a lifetime. It offers talented, global professionals who desire to work in Sweden the resources and networks they need to establish themselves in the country. Scholarship recipients can be based anywhere in the world but must have lived outside Sweden for at least two years. Scholarships cover up to one year’s worth of living expenses and offer language training, introductions to potential employers, business mentorships, and access to expert advice from Sweden who has succeeded in their fields abroad. 

What does Swedish Institute Scholarship cover?

  • Tuition coverage and a stipend of SEK 11,000 per month.
  • Applicants must spend a minimum of one month in Sweden after graduation but can apply up to two years after graduation. 
  • The scholarship includes a roundtrip flight from your home country and visa assistance, as well as covering all other expenses during your stay in Stockholm. 
  • There will be medical insurance coverage.
  • Students must be enrolled in an accredited Master’s or Ph.D. program. Program at an internationally accredited institution focusing on global development by December 31st of the year preceding their application. 

Swedish Institute Scholarship Eligibility criteria 

There are a number of eligibility criteria that need to be met to qualify for this scholarship, including: 

  • You must be 35 or younger. 
  • You can only apply once. 
  • Your education level needs to be Bachelor’s/Master’s degree or equivalent in a business-related field. 
  • Your country of residence needs to be outside of Sweden. 
  • You will also need to ensure your English is good enough to read and understand the application guidelines. 
  • If you have any questions about this scholarship, you can email them to [email protected] with the subject line Scholarship for global professionals. 

How to Apply?

You need to follow the steps to apply as, 

  1.  Applicants must first apply to the university for admission.
  2.  This program is not open to applicants unless they have applied and been accepted by a qualifying master’s program by the date on or before March 2023.
  3.  Scholarship applications must be submitted separately after admission applications.
  4.  You will need to complete an online application form and provide supporting documentation.
  5.  Write a letter of intent detailing your qualifications and reasons why you should be considered a scholarship recipient. 
  6.  An application does not require a fee. 
  7.  Once your submission is completed, you must meet the deadline in order to have it reviewed. 
  8.  A notification will not be sent out to applicants if they are not accepted. 
  9.  To receive updates on this scholarship or other scholarships offered by the Swedish Institute, please subscribe via email by visiting their website or Facebook page!


What is a Letter of intent? The scholarship committee looks at letters of intent to get an idea of what type of student would best suit the scholarship.

*How to write an LOI? When writing a letter of intent, consider how your background might explain why you’re applying for the scholarship. Is there anything from your past experiences that might make you eligible? Give examples illustrating how this experience helped shape who you are today.

*Things to mention in LOI? There is no specific format to follow when writing a letter of intent, but here are some things you might want to include: Previous work experience (if any), academic success, participation in extracurricular activities, and unique skills or interests.


What documents are required for a Swedish institute scholarship?

A complete application consists of documents such as,

  • The first is your completed online application, which should take about 10-15 minutes. 
  • Next, you’ll need a letter of recommendation from a current employer or professor/teacher. 
  • Third, you’ll need a transcript and two essays: one on your personal statement and one on your career goals. 
  • English must be the language of all documents. Additionally, if the documents are not in English, they must be translated into English.
  • Applicants must provide their original copies of any diplomas they may have earned and copies (front and back) of their government-issued ID cards (passport). 
  • Finally, proof of residence must be provided. 


Swedish institute Scholarship Selection Procedure

The scholarship committee evaluates every applicant based on three criteria:

  • Academic merit 
  • Social responsibility 
  • International orientation 

Committee will base its decision mainly on these factors, with additional consideration given to an applicant’s future potential through achievement and leadership skills. 

Applicants should have a strong interest in studying the Nordic region. They may specialize in one or more fields, such as social sciences, humanities, engineering, natural sciences, medicine, architecture, or the law. A maximum of four fellowships are awarded each year. Applicants need not be Swedish citizens to apply; however, preference is given to those with ties to Sweden or other countries in the Nordic region.

Some important FAQs by applicants

  1. What are the eligibility requirements for this scholarship? 

To be eligible, you must be a global professional, meaning someone who is a citizen of a country other than Sweden and has spent at least five years living abroad. Applicants must also have lived in Sweden or Scandinavia before.

  1. What are the benefits of this scholarship? 

The scholarship aims to help integrate professionals into society by funding their education costs and supporting their social life with invitations from Swedish companies. 

  1.  How do I apply for this scholarship? 

The application process is not yet open but keep your eye out on the Swedish Institute website for updates! 

  1. Is there anything else I should know about this scholarship?

The scholarship has just been announced, so it’s too soon to tell how many people will be awarded, but we’re excited to see what comes of it!

Final thoughts

If you are a global professional looking for a scholarship, then there is no better option than the Swedish institute Scholarship.

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