Scholarship Overview

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Scholarship Type: Merit-based
  • Institutions: University of Salford
  • Funded by: University of Salford
  • Tuition Type: Partial tuition
  • Degree Program: Undergraduate
  • Scholarship Amount: £5,000
  • Separate Application Required?: Yes
  • Deadline: 15 April, 2024.

Scholarship Benefits

A sum of £5,000 will be awarded to ten fortunate individuals who are selected as successful applicants.


To be eligible for this scholarship, you need to have requested an undergraduate program starting in September 2024. This scholarship does not apply to postgraduate learners.

How to apply

Please submit your application using the online form. The most vital part is the two-part scholarship essay with these sections:

Section 1: Explain how your past experiences and accomplishments will assist your success here.

Use this to share how you will be an engaged and successful student. You could include examples like academic awards, recent sports feats, activities for social, economic and cultural growth in your country/community, entrepreneurial efforts, or other instances showing your success. Do not mention sensitive details like political, religious or philosophical views, medical history, ethnicity, or sexuality. Keep this under 300 words.

Section 2: Describe how your program will let you better grasp your subject and positively impact your home country

Use this to share your commitment to your chosen subject. We want to hear how your studies will aid your future and benefit your home country – possibly nationally, regionally or locally. Do not include sensitive information as mentioned above. Keep this under 300 words also.

Additional Information

To qualify, you need to be an overseas student who pays fees and requires a student visa to come study here.

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