Scholarship Overview

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Scholarship Type: Merit-based
  • Institutions: University of Oxford
  • Funded by: Dr. Bryant Orjiako
  • Tuition Type: Full tuition
  • Degree Program: MBA
  • Scholarship Amount: Course fees and living costs grant of £17,668
  • Separate Application Required?: Not needed
  • Deadline: January 5, 2024.
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 Scholarship Benefits

  • Course fees and a grant for living costs of at least £17,668
  • Review the Offer Closely: Ensure all details like amount, duration and conditions meet your needs.

Dr. Bryant Orjiako’s generous funding supports the scholarship, and this aligns with Oxford’s commitment to forging significant opportunities throughout Africa. This contribution facilitates the creation of a novel, fully endowed scholarship for the MBA program, accessible to students from all over Africa. This initiative marks the first of its kind at the university.


  • MBA students at Oxford who hold African nationality and are typically residents of an African nation.
  • The scholarship is conferred based on demonstrated academic distinction, as evidenced by academic degree results, GMAT or GRE scores, honors and awards received from previous universities, and any additional academic accomplishments.

Additionally, candidates must show proof of their contributions to the development of Africa, as well as a clear intention to continue contributing to the continent’s advancement.

How to apply

 There is no need for a separate scholarship application. The information provided in your MBA application form will be utilized for consideration.

Ensure that your full MBA application is submitted by the specified deadline.

Should the scholarship not be granted to an applicant who meets the initial deadline of January 5, 2024, those applying by the final MBA application cutoff of May 17, 2024, may still be taken into account. Nonetheless, it is advisable to apply early.

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