• Country: USA
  • Offered by: The Community Foundation
  • Institutions: Institutions of higher education anywhere in the United States
  • Type: Renewable scholarship
  • Degree Program: High School Junior – Undergraduate
  • Scholarship Amount: $4,000 – $20,000
  • Deadline: May 05, 2024

Excellent news! The Milton Fisher Scholarship is now available.  This post will go into detail regarding this scholarship, its perks, and the application procedures.

Funding Value of the Milton Fisher Scholarship

The Milton Fisher Scholarship pays for tuition and associated supplementary educational expenses up to $20,000. However, the value of any reward, ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 per year, will be evaluated by the recipient’s financial needs.

Details of the Milton Fisher Scholarship

The Milton Fisher Scholarship, unlike traditional grants, does not prioritize academic achievement or financial hardship. Its main purpose is to recognize and award candidates for their inquisitiveness, originality, and innovation.

The program intends to bring innovative students’ educational aspirations within their reach, allowing them to focus their ingenuity on addressing some of humanity’s most important matters. The scholarship is administered in collaboration with The Community Foundation, and the award is paid directly to the grantees’ educational institutions.

The four-year renewable fellowship is accessible to students that are highly innovative and creative. They can be high school juniors and seniors, as well as first-year college freshmen.

The Requirements to Apply for the Milton Fisher Scholarship

The award aims to recognize students who are exceptional as innovative problem solvers and to assist them in achieving their higher education objectives. Candidates for the Milton Fisher Scholarship must meet these two requirements.

  • USA citizen or permanent resident.
  • Candidates must be in their junior or senior year of high school, or in their first year of an undergraduate program.
  • Candidates must be a Connecticut (CT) or New York City (NYC) metro area resident prepping to study or study in a college or university anywhere in the United States. 

Alternatively, candidates must be a resident of any region of the country planning to study or study in a college or university in CT or NYC.

Two letters of recommendation are also necessary. More information about the scholarship can be found on its official website.

Application Process for Milton Fisher Scholarship

The application form can be obtained at the Milton Fisher Scholarship’s official website. Aside from your application, here are the documents you must submit.

  • Portfolio
  • Special Project
  • Recommendation letters
  • Essay

The applicants who demonstrate the most potential as inventive, original problem solvers will be chosen by the Selection Committee. The applicant’s essays, letters of recommendation, and other materials will be used as a basis for the decision.

Academic and extracurricular details are crucial supplementary factors in providing the Committee with a more complete picture of the applicant. However, these are not the main criteria used to grant the scholarship.

Financial need, on the other hand, has no influence on the selection of applicants. However, after the scholarship applicants are chosen, the size of each award is exclusively determined by financial needs.

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