For students vying to pursue higher studies in the US, the time is ripe for applying for the courses of their choice as the application window for the coveted Fulbright scholarship for the admission year 2024-25 is now open.

  • Level of Study: Masters, PhD
  • Institution(s): USA Universities/Academic Institutions
  • Eligible Countries: The Fulbright Foreign Student Program is available in over 155 countries worldwide. Each year, approximately 4,000 foreign students are awarded Fulbright scholarships.
  • Country of Study: USA
  • Courses Offered: All fields, including interdisciplinary courses.
  • Duration: Depends on the selected program.
  • Fulbright Scholarship Deadline: Feb. to Oct. annually depending on country/institute

Introduction to Fulbright scholarship

One of the most prestigious academic awards in the world, instituted in 1946, has attracted many scholars from every corner of the world. Moreover, through the Fulbright scholarship program, competitively selected students from the US get to study in universities in the partner countries through exchanges and in universities in the USA too. Also, this scholarship allows international students to study in the US.

  • A fully funded scholarship by the US government
  • It aims to improve the intercultural relationship and competence between academicians of the US and other countries.
  • It covers almost all fields of studies and interdisciplinary courses as well.
  • It offers scholarships to students from more than 145 countries.
  • Scholarships are awarded to both teaching and research scholars.
  • Offered to around 8000 students across the globe each year which includes almost 4000 international students.
  • More than 370,000 scholarships have been provided to date.

Let us see what makes the Fulbright scholarship an attractive option for students apart from allowing them to study in top-quality universities in the US.

 What expenses does the Fulbright scholarship cover?

  • Covers the tuition fee for the duration of the program
  • Accident and illness health benefits
  • The stipend broadly covers the living expenses. The grantee may use the fund to cover accommodation, food, and other incidental costs.
  • Round trip transportation expenses to the host countries.
  • In addition to that, subject to certain conditions, students may get allowances for books & research, mid-term enrichment activities, and expenses for the language study program.

 For scholars with physical disabilities, a protocol has been developed to provide reasonable accommodations on a case-to-case basis based on the prior request made by the scholars.

 Fulbright scholarship Eligibility

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degree holders can apply for Master’s degree programs and research programs respectively.
  • Teaching professionals are also encouraged to apply to further their studies and research in their respective fields.
  • Eligibility norms also vary depending upon the candidate’s country of residence.
  • Apart from the eligibility conditions, there are certain things the candidates must have and demonstrate that make them worthy of this award
  1. Must possess leadership potential
  2. Curiosity to further intellectual capacity
  3. Superior academic performance or noteworthy performance in any other field
  4. An adequately designed project plan possible to be completed during the course
  5. Friendly and pleasing personality
  6. Open to embracing cultural and social diversity.


How to apply for Fulbright Scholarship?

The deadline for the admission session 2024-25 is set as 11th October 2023. Applicants are expected to submit their online application on or before the due date. Here I must suggest you check the eligibility condition and grants before applying.

To apply for the Fulbright scholarship 2023, follow these steps.

  • To apply for Fulbright, you must submit a variety of materials to the USEFP. Your application must include all the required documents.
  • Prepare Transcripts and Degrees : Four-year undergraduate transcripts and degrees or equivalent. PhD applicants must submit MPhil or MS transcripts. You can apply in your final year of undergrad if you graduate by December.Not just your GPA is considered by the USEFP. Most successful Fulbright students have strong undergraduate records. The Fulbright panel also considers undergraduate academics.
  • Take GRE, TOFEL: You may report your unofficial GRE score from test day or your official score if you have it. Every applicant must request ETS send a score report to USEFP using code 9388. Application requires GRE general (international) test scores. 315+ on the GRE for engineering and sciences, 310+ for other fields. No subject GRE required. Fulbright applicants need 138 verbal and 136 quantitative GRE scores. Accepted applicants usually have high GRE scores. Interviewees must take the TOEFL. IELTS is invalid.
  • Two Essays: Fulbright requires two essays. Each application essay must be about 800 words.
  • Three recommendations By the deadline, you must have three recommendations. 3 academic references, 2 academic and 1 professional, or 2 professional and 1 academic. 1 academic reference letter is required. Your referees must fill out the reference forms in the application package, sign, and seal them. Referees will receive an online form via email after you submit your online application. Former employers, teachers, or researchers can be references.
  • Create a CV The application should include a current resume. No special format is needed.
  • Interview: Your written application may be followed by a panel interview. Mid-September is when interview decisions are made, and they’re in October. If USEFP doesn’t contact you by October, you probably weren’t chosen. The interview indicates selection but doesn’t guarantee admission. Four people conduct 15-30 minute interviews. You must bring your TOEFL registration slip to the interview, but taking the exam before the interview is not required.

Please remember that the persons writing the letter of recommendation in support of your application for Fulbright scholarships should know you very well professionally. Therefore, if needed, they must be able to explain their academic association with you and can put light on your research interest and your academic performance in a satisfactory manner.

 Also, students applying for scholarships in artistic fields like music, art, writing, dance, film-making, and architecture must produce a portfolio supporting their application.

Check out the full list of USA scholarships:

Documents Required 

Let me take you through the documents you will need to apply for the Fulbright scholarship.

  • Online application form
  • A study plan (a detailed plan stating why you chose the degree program and how you plan to accomplish it).
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of intent
  • Statement of purpose

It narrates the reason behind your claim for selection for this degree program, pre-admission preparations, how you plan to carry out research, and what makes you eligible for this program.

  • Motivation letter

It mentions your personality, drives, immediate and future goals

  • Research proposal
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Checklist of documents


How does the selection work?

Being one of the prominent scholarships globally, the number of applications is usually very high each year. Hence the candidates are judged against some strict selection parameters as given below;

· Academic credential and professional ability

· Communication skills 

· Commitment to community service 

· Merit of the proposed Fulbright project

· How practical are the proposed research project and its relevance

· Impact of the project outcome 

· Potential to become an academic and cultural ambassador

Timeline of the selection process

After the application for the session 2024-25 closes on 11th October 2023, the IIE starts reviewing those immediately for eligibility. First, applicants are duly notified of any missing documents or contents. The correct ones are passed ahead. Then the discipline and peer review committee review the complete applications to ascertain the applicant’s eligibility for any particular country.

It is likely that from December 2022 to May 2023, the review by bi-national Fulbright commissions will happen. Then, by June 2023, the Fulbright scholarship board will complete a precise verification of the applications before giving their nod to selected candidates.

Official Website

FAQs on Fulbright scholarship

Question: Where can I get the application form/ link?

Answer: You must visit the official website to create an account to start the application. For other important information, you must visit the official website before preparing to apply.

Question: Is proficiency in a foreign language essential?

Answer: Proficiency in the English language is necessary to study in most programs available. However, students enrolling in universities in Africa and Latin America are required to go for language training before or during the program depending upon the guidelines of the university.

Also, specific research projects demand particular language proficiency. Therefore, if you possess that proficiency beforehand, it becomes an aid to your application.

Question: Can I take my family along when travelling for the Fulbright program?

Answer: This depends upon the guidelines stipulated by the host countries. But it would be best if you remembered that whatever grant is, it is given to the candidate only. So you must work out your expenses and means to meet them if you plan to take your family along.

Question: Can I work in the US after completing my degree through Fulbright Program?

Answer: That depends upon the approval or denial by the commission in your home country.

Question: Are there any tricks or methods to make a successful application?

Answer: No one shoe fits all type method that makes your application click. A technique that works for someone else may not work for you. However, proper preparation and guidance may cause your application to stand out.

Question: Do they prefer any particular nationality in awarding the scholarship?

Answer: The Fulbright scholarship evaluation process is devoid of discrimination based on nationality, religion, race, gender, ethnicity, etc. It is a purely merit-based scholarship. Sixty Noble prizes, eighty-eight Pulitzer prizes, and hordes of other reputed awards testify to Merit being honored by the Fulbright scholarship.