Brief Overview

  • Country: USA
  • Scholarship Type: Merit-based
  • Offered by: American University, Washington DC, USA
  • Institutions: American University, Washington DC, USA
  • Type: Fully Funded one-time scholarship
  • Degree Program: Undergraduate
  • Target group: non-US citizens, US permanent residents, or dual citizens of the US and another country
  • Duration: 4 years of study
  • Deadline: December 15, 2024, priority (January 15, 2025, latest)

The American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship encourages educational opportunity and access while fostering global diversity. The AU emerging global leader excels in inculcating the top qualities of American universities, such as developing the skill of leadership, excelling academically, and engaging globally. This scholarship justifies all these qualities with utmost dedication and by promoting students with the best opportunity to showcase themselves.

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Based on continued satisfactory academic performance, it is renewable for a total of four years of undergraduate study.

AUEGL Scholarship Benefits

  1. The scholarship covers all billable American University expenses, such as tuition, room, and boarding. Non-billable costs (mandatory health insurance, books, airline tickets, and miscellaneous expenses)coming to $4000 are not covered by the AU EGL.
  2. Undergraduate degree and a platform to develop social responsibility 

AUEGL Scholarship Eligibility

  • Students from diverse and underrepresented global and socioeconomic backgrounds and international students who have overcome various obstacles and hardships are encouraged to apply.
  • For grades 9 through 12, a minimum GPA is equivalent to 3.8 (or placement in the top 10% of the graduating class).
  • A track record of leadership, voluntarism, community service, and a dedication to improving domestic issues.
  • Pupils who possess: 
    • 95+ on the TOEFL iBT with subscores 20 and above 
    • sub-scores of 24+ on the paper-based TOEFL (after May 31, 2017)
    • 7.0+ on the IELTS with subscores six and above 
    • SAT Reading Subscore must be 33
    • ACT English-29
    • PTE-65
    • You must achieve 120 on Duolingo with subscores 110 and above or a score of 169 or more on each subscore.
  • Students who will graduate from secondary or high school by June 2023 while still enrolled.
  • Important: IB students should aim to graduate with a completed IB diploma that includes at least three HL topics. Before August 2023, students enrolled in the British A-Level system must finish 13 years of education and at least 3 A levels.

Ineligibility Criteria:

  • You are a citizen of the United States, a permanent resident of the United States, or you hold dual citizenship.
  • You are enrolled or have begun your studies at another university in your home country or the United States.
  •  You completed secondary school before 2023.

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How to Apply for AUEGL Scholarship

Step 1: Fill out the online AU EGLS application before Dec 15, 2024.

Step 2: Must provide a bank letter and the AU Certification of Finances (AU CFIS) form, which must show a minimum of $4,000. They must be uploaded on the Future Eagle Portal or faxed to +1-202-885-1025.

Step 3:You must submit an IELTS, Official TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo English, or Cambridge Assessment English Test results by December 15, 2023.  

Note: Official English proficiency score reports must be sent directly to American University Undergraduate Admissions.

Step 4: Submit the completed Common Application or Coalition Application, along with all required documents as per the list, by the AU EGLS priority deadline of December 15, 2024, or by, at the latest, January 15, 2025. 

Note: AU EGLS application packet must initially have a bank letter indicating a minimum of US$4,000. To be eligible, students must submit a complete application file with all required documents by the deadline.

Step 5: Provide a letter from your EducationUSA center’s adviser confirming your candidacy if EducationUSA supports the program or if you are a past FLEX or YES high school scholarship recipient from the US Department of State. The letter must be emailed to [email protected] as a PDF.

Step 6: If you are not shortlisted as a finalist, you may still be admitted to American University in Washington, DC, but with a partial merit scholarship. To proceed with the application procedure, you must provide proof of funds totaling US$73,802 (estimated costs of the first year of study).

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