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INBDE Booster is one of the top ranked test prep material for pre-dental students worldwide. The study program holds more than 95% positive reviews and a good success record for the INBDE prep.

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INBDE Booster Quick Overview

INBDE Booster provides a comprehensive question bank and learning materials to prepare students for success on the exam. Key features include:

  • Over 2,000 practice questions mapped to high-yield topics, covering all areas of the INBDE.

The practice questions help reinforce understanding across subject areas. Custom videos provide invaluable insight, walking students through the logic and rationale behind correct answers. Comprehensive notes and mobile-friendly flashcards allow learning from any location.

INBDE Booster has very helpful practice questions because they are very similar to the real test in topics covered and question style, making students feel ready for the actual exam, and the company adds new questions regularly to reflect changes in the test while also posting daily questions online.

INBDE Booster Question Bank with text and video explanation
INBDE Booster Question Bank with text and video explanation

  • Full-length practice exams, Anki flashcards, tracking systems, and a 300+ page study guide.

These extensive resources are designed to not just impart knowledge, but develop optimal study habits and test-taking skills. The practice exams in particular offer a realistic testing simulation experience. Anki flashcards effectively supplement the in-depth notes for long-term retention.

  • Daily social media support, a customized 8-week schedule, and one-on-one tutoring.

Students stay motivated through daily question posts on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. An individualized schedule keeps prep on track to maximize results. Personalized tutoring offers guidance tailored to each student.

Subscription options of 90 or 180 days provide flexibility. Crucially, a 100% pass guarantee either fully refunds the course or allows free retake if the exam is failed after completing the program. This commitment underscores INBDE Booster’s dedication to each student’s success.

  • Study Notes

INBDE Booster’s extensive yet streamlined study notes effectively convey high-yield exam content over 300 pages through an easy-to-understand layout that is optimized to both deeply cover all topics and help students save time with well-organized information including practical test-taking advice.

  • Video Content

While INBDE Booster currently only offers a small number of anatomy and physiology video lectures, it compensates through integration of outside resources and customized solution videos that provide invaluable supplemental explanation for each practice question analogous to private tutoring.

Video Lesson Sample by INBDE Booster

  • Flashcards

INBDE Booster provides both Anki flashcards that can be fully customized and Quizlet flashcards covering diverse topics to enable efficient mobile and audiovisual content review for busy schedules through convenient flashcards that make the most of brief free periods.


  • Cheat Sheets and Review Sheets

INBDE Booster’s pharmacology and diagnosis cheat sheets as well as review sheets efficiently guide students to focus on all critically important drug, lesion and subject matter for the exam through concise summaries and checklists of high-yield content areas.

INBDE Booster Cheat Sheet Sample
INBDE Booster Cheat Sheet Sample from Pharmacology


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Does INBDE Booster offer a mobile app?

No, INBDE Booster does not currently have a mobile app. You may opt for INBDE Bootcamp if it is an important criteria for you.

Is there a limit to the number of practice questions available on the INBDE Booster?

No, INBDE Booster provides a vast bank of practice questions to enhance your preparation. The question bank is regularly updated to ensure a diverse range of questions, allowing you to practice extensively and reinforce your knowledge in all areas tested on the INBDE exam.

How long does it take to complete the INBDE Booster course?

Following the recommended study schedule, it typically takes around 8-10 weeks to complete the INBDE Booster course. This estimation assumes dedicated focus on the course without any other distractions.

Is INBDE Booster Free?

No, the INBDE Booster is not accessible without charge. While there are some free study materials, it is recommended to sign up for the premium membership to access the full range of high-quality resources offered by Booster.

Can I track my progress and performance on INBDE Booster?

Yes, INBDE Booster offers progress tracking and performance analytics. You can monitor your performance on practice questions, track your completion status of study materials, and identify areas where you need further improvement. This feature helps you focus your efforts on specific weak areas and measure your progress over time.

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