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I preferred Gleim and Ninja

Rated 4.0 out of 5
April 12, 2024

I found Becker ineffective because simply reading and highlighting the textbook was passive and dull.

Instead, I preferred Gleim and Ninja. Ninja’s audio podcasts reinforced concepts with engaging discussion while driving.

The key for me was repeatedly drilling MCQs and Sims until each topic fully clicked. Active practice forces deeper comprehension.

Becker’s textbook and highlighting approach failed to actively engage me. But Gleim and Ninja kept me focused through interactive MCQ/Sim practice and interesting audio content.

Passively reading Becker’s text largely wasted my time. However learning by doing targeted practice and reinforcing podcasts helped the material stick better for me. Hands-on activities kept me alert and built real mastery.


Materials are more difficult than the actual test

Rated 3.0 out of 5
April 8, 2024

I used Gleim to prepare and passed the CPA exams. The materials are more difficult than the actual test, which helps ensure you’re overprepared. However, Gleim often does a poor job of explaining concepts and rationale. It’s better for drilling multiple choice than learning material.

From what I’ve seen, Becker provides a more comprehensive and well-rounded study experience. There are more tools to help you find the right study strategies and resources that work best for your learning style.

So it comes down to what will fit your needs. If you only need MCQ practice, Becker may be overkill. But if you want to leverage multiple study approaches, Becker could be the better pick.

Also consider any employer discounts or reimbursements. Many firms cover some or all of Becker, so if you can get financial help, it makes sense to choose the premium materials.

Just don’t rely solely on supplemental tools like Ninja MCQ bank. It’s good for extra practice on exam-like questions, but likely insufficient on its own to fully prepare given the questions aren’t as challenging.


Gleim vs Becker

Rated 4.0 out of 5
April 8, 2024

I began with Becker but had to switch to Gleim, even without a refund. Becker just wasn’t working for me.

Gleim’s MCQ explanations are far superior in my opinion. They provide very detailed reasoning, not just why the right answer is correct but why the wrong ones are incorrect.

Gleim takes much longer to get through since it’s so thorough. But the concepts really stick with me because of how comprehensively they explain things.

Becker’s MCQ answers lacked the depth I needed to fully grasp the material. Their explanations tell you why the right choice is right, but fall short on breaking down the faulty logic behind the wrong ones.

While Becker may work well for some learning styles, Gleim’s meticulous approach, despite taking longer, gave me the foundation I needed. For retention and true comprehension, Gleim’s detailed MCQ walkthroughs proved invaluable compared to Becker’s curt responses


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