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Liked Roger's answer clarifications

Rated 4.0 out of 5
April 11, 2024

I initially used Becker but found Roger’s overall presentation and explanations superior, so I switched.

Roger’s answer rationales are exceptionally detailed and incorporate visual aids like charts and pictures. This comprehensive approach enhances understanding.

Becker’s materials come across overly dry and textbook-like in comparison. Their explanations do not provide the depth I need.

Additionally, Roger’s platform and technology has improved drastically and is now top-notch. They seem much more responsive to user feedback.

While Becker covers the content adequately, Roger’s engaging and visually supported teaching style works better for me. Their continued platform upgrades also show the agility that Becker lacks.

Overall, Roger’s detailed answer clarifications and upgrades sold me over Becker’s bare-bones approach. For deep comprehension, the detailed “why” behind right and wrong answers proved invaluable. And Roger’s teaching style and tech simply kept me more interested and focused.


Engaging style & Lively Delivery

Rated 4.0 out of 5
April 8, 2024

I used Becker for BEC and FAR, but switched to Roger for AUD and REG.

Roger’s lectures were much more engaging and easier to focus on, largely thanks to the humorous dad jokes.

I also recommend watching all review course videos at 1.5-1.75x speed if you can keep up. This retains the content faster.

While Becker provided the core material needed, their straight-laced delivery resulted in some mind wandering during long lectures.

Roger’s lively and humorous approach kept me interested and attentive even at accelerated speeds. His lectures made retaining concepts less tedious.

Both courses cover the essential content, but Roger’s lively delivery helped combat boredom and fatigue. His engaging style and acceleration tips helped maximize my study time and comprehension.


Liked it

Rated 4.0 out of 5
April 7, 2024

I used Roger to study for FAR and passed with an 84 on my first attempt. While I think either Becker or Roger can prepare you to pass, I really appreciated several aspects of Roger’s approach:

Engaging lecture style that kept me focused and interested

Detailed MCQ explanations that clearly illustrated why answers were right or wrong, enhancing my comprehension

However, Becker seems to have an edge with their skill builder videos for sims. I think my sim practice would have benefited from those more robust examples.

Overall, Roger enabled me to learn and retain the material well through their lectures and MCQ feedback. But Becker likely provides better sim prep. Both have strengths and weaknesses, so choose the overall approach that fits your learning preferences. Focus on leveraging the pros of whichever you pick.

The bottom line is consistent practice and truly understanding the rationales, not just memorizing answers, will lead to success either way. I was fortunate to pass FAR my first try with Roger, but prepare to supplement where your provider is weaker. Choose the one that best caters to your learning needs.


Excels at clear visual explanations and lively lectures but has a smaller MCQ bank

Rated 3.0 out of 5
April 1, 2024

Becker’s strength is their expansive test bank and simulation exams that mimic the real test environment. However, their explanations for MCQ answers can be sparse, providing little clarification on why choices are right or wrong. Also, their content lacks engaging video – it’s just voiceover with some annotations, and chapters drag on.

Conversely, Roger’s lectures are short, fast-paced, and entertaining. He tries to liven up the material. His MCQ bank is smaller than Becker’s, but the detailed illustrations and step-by-step rationale for correct and incorrect answers help reinforce the concepts well. Roger is also cheaper than Becker.

Due to the more limited MCQs, many supplement Roger with Ninja for extra practice questions.

In summary, Becker shines for volume of practice questions and realistic practice exams but falls short on content delivery and answer clarifications. Roger excels at clear visual explanations and lively lectures but has a smaller MCQ bank.

Consider supplementing the core strengths of either to offset weaknesses. But for engaging lectures and MCQ clarity, Roger provided the foundation I needed.


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