DAT Booster Review 2023 : Is it Worth Your Money and Time?

The DAT Booster has swiftly risen to become one of the most popular DAT prep course. Owing to its exceptional video content, particularly in the PAT and Biology sections, and the realistic practice tests provided, many veteran students even recommend it over Bootcamp. Is it the right prep course for you?

In this review, we will do a detailed analysis and find out if DAT Booster is the right DAT prep package for your needs.

Here is a quick summary of DAT Booster for impatient readers.

Higher Score Guarantee
DAT Booster Summary
9/10Our Score
  • Excellent comprehensive study materials with visual aids, such as graphics
  • Around 9000 Practice problems that closely resemble the real thing
  • Realistic Practice Test.
  • Engaging video lessons in easily digestible portions
  • Impressive PAT problem creation and analysis tools.
  • Beneficial one-on-one coaching with expert tutors
  • Offers a guarantee for a higher score
  • Anki deck from Booster is quite useful for Chemistry.
  • No App. Tech and interface can be improved to give it a more organized feel.
  • Chemistry section can be improved.

One notable aspect of DAT Booster is its attractive pricing, which positions it as one of the most cost-effective comprehensive DAT preparation courses available (35%+ cheaper than Bootcamp,70%+ cheaper than Kaplan/Princeton). Consequently, budget-conscious students often gravitate toward this course. It costs $299 giving you access to the study materials for 90 days (No auto-renewal), and that should be ample time for you to prepare for the test.

If you have an active membership, you can purchase a 30-day or 60-day extension. If you do not have an active membership or it has expired, only option is 90-days or 180-days plan.

DAT Booster team recommends and provides a 10-week study plan to assist in preparing for the actual DAT exam. Additionally, students have the flexibility to choose from an 8-week or a 12-week study plan, depending on their study timeline for the DAT. By following the DAT Booster study plan, students can effectively pace themselves as they cover all four DAT sections, which are thoroughly addressed within this course. Besides self-study, one-on-one tutoring is also available for students who require personalized guidance or have specific questions to address.

Pros and Cons of DAT Booster

Let’s check out the benefits and drawbacks of the DAT Booster prep course:


Outstanding Biology Section

DAT Booster’s biology section is exceptionally realistic. Some students report that DAT Booster’s biology practice questions include ones appearing word-for-word on the actual DAT.

Via Reddit u/Critical_Farmer6733

DAT Booster is also popular for its clear and concise video lessons. If representative materials are priorities, DAT Booster could be a good choice. Its strengths can help you prepare for the latest biology and other topics that will appear on the current DAT. In essence, the Biology materials provided, such as the videos, offer  thorough coverage of the subject without going into too many details.

Terrific PAT Booster with Unlimited PAT Practice Questions

The second major advantage of DAT Booster is its personalized question generator for the Perceptual Ability Test or PAT. Originally, Booster focused solely on the PAT, so it has a lot of expertise and resources for this section.

Because of its background, Booster has developed an awesome PAT generator. With it, you can create as many practice problems as you want and organize them however you’d like. This lets you zero in on specific topics or areas you want to improve. Booster also provides an analyzer tool that gives you feedback on your mistakes and where you need more work.

The PAT is a rather unusual aspect of the DAT, and some test-takes historically have been taken aback by the section. It’s more like an IQ test—you can’t really use your college textbooks to study for the PAT. But the DAT Booster also comes with a special PAT study section. In fact, their PAT Booster is so good that it’s offered separately for some customers, and it’s widely considered as the best PAT prep course in the industry.

PAT Generator

 In fact, PAT Generator creates practically an unlimited number of PAT questions. They’re like online Sudoku puzzles or newspaper crossword puzzles—there will always be a new one.

Detailed feedback depending on your answers!

Analyzer Section demo
3D visualizer option

In addition, the software allows you to manipulate the PAT graphics, so you can then see various items from different POVs. That way, you can familiarize yourself with how it’s done mentally, so you can then do the same thing on the real test. In addition, Booster has a cool 3D review tool for the PAT and a lot of its video lessons focus on the PAT. So if visualization and perceptual skills are challenges for you, Booster’s resources could be really helpful. That’s something to keep in mind when comparing the two courses.

Realistic Practice Tests

Many students report that they find DAT Booster’s practice tests closely resemble the actual DAT exam, especially in the PAT and Biology sections. You get a more accurate idea of how you will do in the real test, in your current state. And when the real test comes around, you’ll be familiar and comfortable with the entire format. With 10 full length tests and 80 sectional practice tests, you can take them frequently (at least once every 2 or 3 days), so you can really be super-familiar with the test.

Plus, you can track your progress. You can find out the questions you got wrong, and then you can check out the detailed solutions so you can understand how you can get the right answer the next time. Identifying the areas where you’re weak will tell you where you should concentrate your studies in the meantime.

Keep in mind that most students score 2-3 points higher in real DAT compared to practice tests. So, you should not get discouraged with slightly lower score.

Higher Score Guarantee

One advantage of DAT Booster is its higher score guarantee. Booster guarantees a higher score or your money back, while DAT Bootcamp does not offer this policy. The score guarantee is a simple but important difference. It provides some insurance and assurance, which could be helpful if you’re feeling nervous about the exam. However, the guarantee may be less significant for lower-priced courses like Booster and Bootcamp compared to more expensive programs like Princeton Review or Kaplan. With a lower upfront cost, the guarantee isn’t as crucial.

So keep the higher score guarantee in mind, but also consider the other pros and cons of each course and how much the guarantee matters to you given the pricing.

Comprehensive Coverage

You might find some other DAT prep courses out there that only covers part of the DAT. These other prep courses may only cover the PAT, for example, or they may cover everything else but the PAT. But with the DAT Booster, you have everything covered. Nothing is overlooked. Every aspect of the test is covered in great detail, so you won’t miss anything.

Here you have 8,900 practice questions and 80 practice tests (at least), you will deal with just about any question that might come up in the DAT. And you won’t run out of study materials, not with the 400 video lessons available here, plus the various notes and solutions.

  • Up To Date Content

Some DAT prep courses are rather stagnant. That is, they might have been good with representative materials a few years ago, but not anymore. But they’re no longer as representative, since the DAT tends to change each year. But the DAT Booster upgrades its prep course materials regularly as well, so that they can then offer tests and materials that are representative of the current DAT. In fact, they actually add more questions and video lessons and upgrade the materials each week. It’s safe to say that the people behind DAT Booster never think that they’re done upgrading their prep course.

Organic Chemistry Lesson Video
  • 3,000+ Exceptional Videos

These are the 400 video lessons and the 2,600 solution explanations on video. The videos are super clear and quite illuminating. They will explain concepts much better than any textbook, since the graphics are quite illuminating. DAT Booster is clearly better than any textbook, since they offer technological features that no traditional book can provide. These include the 3D manipulation features and the performance trackers.

  • Representative Practice Questions

These questions resemble the same questions that you’ll probably encounter in the real test. These questions will familiarize yourself with the material, so you will know what to expect. You’ll get an accurate idea of what subjects will be covered, and how the questions will be phrased. And with at least 8,900 practice questions, you can safely assume you won’t run out of practice questions too soon. You can set the difficulty level during these practice tests.


  • Detailed Answers and Solutions

When you take the practice questions and tests and you get some items wrong, it’s not enough to know the right answer. It’s better to understand how the right answer is right. For that, you need a proper explanation of the right answer, and DAT Booster provides these explanations. These are often in the form of videos, with at least 2,600 solution videos explaining the right answer in explicit detail.

Text Explanation of a Question


Video explanation

Add the 400-plus video lessons, and you’re more likely to understand the concepts than with regular textbooks (or even other DAT prep courses).

DATBooster provides both hard copy of cheat sheets and study notes(unlike Bootcamp).

Tracking Your Progress

How well are you doing? You’ll know with the various monitoring features offered by the DAT Booster. You can identify your strengths, which means you’ll know the subjects where you won’t have to study too much anymore.

And you’ll identify the areas where you’re weak, so you can focus more of your time and focus on these subjects.

The performance analytics are nicely detailed, so you get a very accurate picture of where you should currently focus on.

Very Affordable

There’s a free trial, so you get a taste of what you’re getting for your money. You’re not going in blind. And you’re getting a lot. Yet somehow, you’re not paying too much for it. You’re only paying $299 for this terrific package. You can also get 15% further discount with DENVIP coupon code. In contrast, the similarly good DAT Bootcamp (with at least 8,800 practice questions and 60 practice tests) will cost you $499. You can find more details about the latest discount code here.


No App

To use the DAT Booster course, you’ll need a proper computer. That means a desktop PC or a laptop. There’s no app you can download, and that means it’s not ideal for smartphone use.

That’s unfortunate, since there are other DAT prep courses out there that offers an app. An app can be quite useful, since you can basically get a few minutes of study with a few practice questions. You can study while enjoying a coffee in a café, or when you’re stuck in traffic.

Of course, a laptop is technically a mobile device, so you can still study on the go. But in practical terms, you may not always have your laptop with you. That just not feasible. But everyone basically has their smartphone with them all the time.

Best Price

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Yes, DAT Booster is not only affordable but it is also the best choice if you want to focus on PAT and Biology section.

Their tech certainly needs an upgrade for a better user experience, but barring that, there is hardly anything else to complain about DAT Booster.

For many budget-conscious DAT test-takers, DAT Booster could be the only suitable prep course. However, you’re not choosing a lesser option just due to a limited budget; DAT Booster is genuinely a high-quality course. It stands out as the best choice for affordability and overall value in the field.

If you are weak in PAT section, I would recommend it even if you already have the DAT Bootcamp or Kaplan DAT.

Best for Most
DAT Booster Features
  • Best PAT and Biology section in the market.
  • Realistic Practice Test.
  • Impressive PAT problem creation and analysis tools.
  • Engaging video lessons in easily digestible portions
  • Excellent comprehensive study materials with visual aids, such as graphics
  • Around 9000 Practice problems that closely resemble the real thing
  • Beneficial one-on-one coaching with expert tutors
  • Offers a guarantee for a higher score
  • Anki deck from Booster is quite useful for Chemistry.

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