CrackDAT Review 2024: Is it Enough For Your DAT Prep?

Your score for the Dental Admissions Test is one of the requirements needed to get into a good dental school. And to do well in the DAT, you will need to study hard for it.

It’s much easier to study for the DAT if you use an online DAT prep course. One of these prep courses is the CrackDAT, but is it any good?

Let’s take a closer look at the features of the CrackDAT:


CrackDAT is one of the more affordable options among the available DAT prep courses online. And that’s always a good thing for students.

The cost depends on how long you plan to access the study materials:

  • 1 month. This will cost $199. The extremely short study period isn’t recommended, and it’s too short that you don’t get the CrackDAT guarantee. You’re also not getting some of the materials, such as the Crash Course Video Lessons. But this might work out well as a supplementary review course once you’re done with your other DAT prep course.
  • 3 months. Instead of $597 for three months, you only pay $299. That’s about a 50% discount on the usual monthly cost. This is a popular option, as 3 months is often set by experts as the minimum time for preparing for the DAT properly.
  • 6 months. This time, it costs $399. This might be better for you if you can focus on your DAT studies full time for 3 months. It allows for a slower and more relaxed approach. However, the lessons you learn in the first month might be forgotten by the end.

In addition, you even get a DAT score guarantee. If you’ve taken the CrackDAT prep course for more than a month, then you get your money back if you somehow score lower than 14 on your DAT.

You can check our comparison of CrackDAT with Bootcamp here.

Access Through All Devices

This means you can sue your desktop PC or Mac, your laptop, iPad, iPhone, or Android device. That way, you can access the study materials even when you only have your smartphone with you. The package comes with the CrackDAT Mobile Companion app.

The app is also completely synced to the rest of the software. So, when you switch from your desktop to your smartphone, you’re updated as to what you’ve already covered.

You will, however, need an Internet connection. There is no offline functionality here. This might mean that you may have to limit your mobile data usage, which generally costs more than your home internet connection.


With the costs laid out, exactly what kind of value are you getting for your money? Here are the features you’re getting:

Constant Updates

The DAT tends to change over time, and CrackDAT updates their prep course to account for all these changes. They’ve been in the business for 15 years now, and their study materials have always changed according to the current DAT version.

Currently, they’ve already updated for the 2024-2025 DAT.

Study Guides and Cheat Sheets

These are the guides that help you schedule your DAT prep studies, while making it much easier to master the material. It has all the tips you need on what you can do each day to study, and how you can retain the knowledge from the lessons.

Here, you’re not just getting a few tips and notes. In fact, CrackDAT comes with a huge collection of cheat sheets and study guides, so you’re getting tips for various subsections. The whole thing is quite comprehensive.

100+ Hours of Crash Course Videos

These video lessons cover the entirety of the DAT subject coverage. These include videos covering all the topics you might encounter in all the DAT sections, such as:

  • Biology
  • General Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Perceptual Ability Test
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Quantitative Reasoning

With at least 100 hours of videos to go through, you can try a more relaxed pace with a 3-month study schedule. That way, you can focus on just 1 or 2 video lessons per day, and then you can still try out the practice tests and practice questions.

10+ Full-Length DAT Practice Tests

These tests are terrific, as they serve at least 2 crucial benefits. The first is that the tests are just like the real thing, so you can become familiarized with the format and the pressure. The interface is even the same as with the real DAT. The practice tests also have the time limits and the scheduled breaks. When you take the real DAT, it will feel just like the practice tests. Also, these tests offer you a way to track your progress over time. You can schedule a practice test each week and see how much you improve after each time.

You also pinpoint the specific areas of the test where you still need more help, even as you find out which areas are your strong points. So, you won’t have to spend too much time rehashing things you already know, and you can devote more time and effort on the topics that you’re not that good on yet.

Though, quality of questions is decent, they are not as realistic as DAT Bootcamp or DAT Booster.

5,000+ Practice Questions

That’s a lot of practice questions you can try out for studying. These even qualify as lessons, since all the questions also come with the correct solutions and the explanations as to how these solutions are right.

Assuming you went with the 3-month package. If you’re limiting yourself to weekday studies only, then you have about 12 weeks, giving you 60 study days. You can then tackle about 83 questions per day. That’s certainly doable, and it shouldn’t overwhelm you all that badly.

The practice questions cover all the subjects covered by the DAT. In addition, they’re phrased the same way as what would appear in the real DAT.

You can take these practice questions, and if you get one wrong, you can find out the right answer along with the accompanying explanation.

20,000+ Flashcards

You remember flashcards back in elementary school, when you were trying to memorize your multiplication table? The flashcards here function the same basic way.

Yes, they’re a lot. But they’re not too many, since they’re intrinsically designed to be fast. These are quick questions that cover the more common concepts.

They’re great for those times when you have a few minutes, when you’re waiting in between classes, you’re traveling on the road, or when you’re relaxing at a coffee shop.

PAT Generator

A significant number of students regard the Perceptual Ability Test as perhaps the most challenging section of the DAT. There’s really no way of knowing things in advance to get better in the PAT. It’s all about being able to visualize 2D images on screen as if they were 3D objects.

The only way to get better here is to practice a lot. And you will have an unlimited number of PAT questions available here, courtesy of the PAT generator. That way, you can practice on how to get each type of question right. And you can also practice so you can answer each question quickly. In the real DAT, you get to tackle 90 questions (six different types of questions which 15 questions each), and you only have an hour for the whole thing.

Quality of questions are decent but not as realistic as DAT Booster.

Advanced Analytics

You don’t have to manually check the types of questions you tend to get wrong to identify your weak areas. CrackDAT has the advanced analytics features to help you with that. These features will mark the questions you got wrong or right for you.

These analytics will truly track your progress more accurately, and they can also estimate your scores for the various sections depending on how you’re currently doing.

Pros and Cons

Let’s tally the benefits and drawbacks to the CrackDAT prep course:


  • The costs are reasonable, and there’s even a 1-month option as a backup for your other DAT prep course.
  • The coverage is comprehensive, covering all the DAT subtopics.
  • The study guides truly help on how you can schedule your studies each day, even as you also learn the material more effectively.
  • There’s a mobile app, so you can use it at any time.
  • The flashcards offer quick questions for short breaks.
  • The analytics feature works great in identifying your weak areas.


  • There’s no offline capability, so you may want to watch out for your mobile data charges.
  • There are no live online classes.
  • Practice test questions are not as good as Bootcamp or Boosterprep.
  • PAT Section is below average.


It’s true that the number of practice questions here aren’t as numerous as what can be found in the premium DAT prep course options. Here, you only get 5,000 practice questions. Other premium DAT prep courses offer close to 9,000 questions!

Still, the overall quantity and quality of CrackDAT are undeniable. This is a good option, and you’re not wasting your money with it. The mobile app is decent, as you can use the prep course at any time.

Are there better options out there? Yes! You may check our list of best DAT prep course here. But this is one of the decent budget DAT prep courses out there. If the features suit your needs, then it offers excellent value for money.

Best Overall
DAT Bootcamp
  • One of the most popular DAT programs known for its Bootcamp approach.
  • High-Quality Video lectures. Chemistry lessons are top-notch.
  • Customizable practice questions and study plans. Helpful video explanations for hundreds of questions. Good for visual learners.
  • Most realistic practice test compared to others.
  • Bootcamp Pro $497, Plus Plan $897

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