7 Best Film Schools Located in Europe

Europe’s vibrant creative setting is home to several film institutions. These schools are praised for their rigorous instruction, diverse concentrations, and renowned former students. 

Many award-winning, impactful filmmakers like Christopher Nolan, Susanne Bier, Ridley Scott, and more were educated in Europe.

If you would like to start your own successful journey, here are the 7 best film schools in Europe to check out:

#1. National Film and Television School, England

Tuition Fees: $32,000

University in Beaconsfield, England

About National Film and Television School:

  • The NFTS has over 30 English language programs, including certificates plus Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in film, TV, and sports.
  • It provides more behind-the-scenes classes than any other film academy.
  • Programs cover areas like directing, screenplay supervision, cinematography, and production accounting.
  • NFTS has its own video and TV studios. 
  • The studios are fully equipped with industry-standard amenities.

#2.La Fémis, Paris

Tuition Fees: $15,334

About La Fémis:

  • La Fémis in Paris started operations in the year 1943 and reorganized in 1986.
  • The film school academy is highly rated not just in Europe but also globally.
  • Since 1926, its buildings have housed movie studios.
  • There are divisions teaching: Screenwriting, Directing, Sound, Cinematography, Development, Editing, Script continuity, Set design, and Distribution.
  • Advanced training is offered through a master study workshop and development curriculum.
  • All courses come fully in French.

#3.Norwegian Film School, Norway

About Norwegian Film School:

  • Den Norske Filmskolen in Norway, or the Norwegian Film School, first opened in 1997.
  • It offers a 3-year Bachelor’s degree in: Directing, Production management, Cinematography, Digital graphic design, Editing, Sound design/technique, Screenwriting, Producing, and Documentary.
  • The Master’s in Audiovisual Storytelling is for media professionals wanting to enhance their skills, credentials, and employability.


#4.Lodz Film School, Poland

Tuition Fees:

For Bachelors, 15,000 USD/year

For Masters, 15,000 USD/year

About Lodz Film School:

  • The Film School in Lodz, located in Poland is a top-ranked academy that came into existence in 1948.
  • It is Poland’s leading school for training film professionals including actors, cinematographers, directors, camera operators as well as TV production experts.
  • The school trains students in directing, cinematography, animation, screenwriting, editing, film/TV production supervision and acting.
  • Students gain expertise through classroom learning and hands-on practice on real film sets.

#5.Munich University of Television and Film, Germany 

Tuition Fees: 

  • For Bachelors, 1,000 USD/year
  • For Masters, 1,000 USD/year

About Munich University of Television and Film:

  • German institutions have long been leaders in engineering and art fields.
  • The University was founded in 1966.
  • It is a top film academy in Germany and globally.
  • Most semesters have a student-teacher ratio under 10:1.
  • This enables strong learning of basics and wider insider skills.
  • Many graduates have gone on to achieve major success in their careers including winning awards. 

#6.London Film School, London

Tuition Fees: £59,498

About London Film School:

  • London Film School ranks first in the top 10 Film Schools in Europe.
  • It is one of the most prestigious academies in Europe and globally.
  • They only accept postgraduates pursuing Master’s or PhD degrees in filmmaking.
  • Operating since 1966, the school has worldwide reach.
  • Each year a small number of candidates are admitted from around the world.
  • Currently 60% of students come from over 30 foreign countries.

#7.Academy of Performing Arts’ Film and TV School, Prague

Tuition Fees: $45,674

About this Academy:

  • FAMU, also called the Academy, is a top global film university located in Prague, within the Czech Republic.
  • It was founded in 1946, making it the 5th ancient film school after Berlin, Moscow, Paris, and Rome.
  • Programs offered include: Documentary Filmmaking, Animated Film, Directing, Cinematography, Dramaturgy and Scriptwriting, Editing, Photography, Sound Design, Production, as well as Audio Visual courses.
  • Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees are available in these areas.


The film schools contained in this article will provide you with everything you need to get a head start.

They are the best options to consider, especially if you are looking to study for your filmmaking in Europe.


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