Yale University is a private league research university in New Haven, Connecticut. It was established in 1701 as a collegiate school. It is one of the oldest higher educational institutes in the United States. It is found to be the most prestigious institute in the whole world. It was founded as a school to educate the clergy; later, it was changed to teach the other departments of study. Most of the well-known personalities have passed their graduation from Yale. Due to its academic brilliance, it was ranked as the 15th top University in the world and the 3rd outstanding institute in the US.

This fully-funded scholarship is for undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. international students. Yale University provides several scholarships for students in a variety of fields. Yale university scholarship for graduate students covers all Yale University Schools. Students are provided with various forms of stipends, assistantships, and fellowships. Students can apply to the fields of their interests. Each department has its Policy. Funds for Graduates are organized by the departments individually, not by the University. 

Yale University scholarship for undergraduate students is provided according to the needs of the students. It covers 63% of the undergraduate students to meet 100% financial needs of all the students irrespective of their citizenship. 

For Ph.D. students, a fully funded scholarship is very usual. Almost every student receives these scholarships, which cover their tuition fee, annual stipend, and medical facilities.

Scholarship summary

Host Country: USA

Institution: Yale University

Study level: Masters, undergraduate, Ph.D.

Program Duration: The duration based on the program you choose from 2 to 5 study years

Deadline: 15th December

Eligible countries: Countries from the entire world 

Required language: English

It requires the scores of the following TOEFL test:

  • At least 600 scores in TOEFL given on paper
  • 250 scores in TOEFL given on the computer
  • 100 scores in internet-based TOEFL
  • In PTE, you should score 70 or higher 70.
  • 7+ IELTS.

Opportunity focal areas

Here is the list of all graduate majors;

  • Graduate school of arts and science
  • School of Arts
  • School of public health 
  • Institute of sacred music
  • Drama school
  • Divinity School
  • School of architecture
  • School of nursing
  • School of music
  • Law school
  • School of management
  • School of environment
  • Physician’s assistant program
  • School of medicine

Here is the list of all undergraduate majors:

  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • African American studies
  • Astronomy
  • Applied Physics
  • Economics
  • Environmental engineering
  • French 
  • English
  • History of Arts
  • Humanities
  • Global Affairs
  • Italian studies
  • Linguistics
  • Computing and arts
  • Chemical engineering
  • Film and media studies
  • Political science
  • Mathematics and physics
  • Astronomy
  • Classical civilization
  • Astrophysics
  • Judaic studies
  • Modern Middle East studies
  • Religious studies
  • Portuguese
  • Sociology
  • Spanish
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • East Asian Studies
  • Computing and linguistics

Eligibility Criteria for Yale University

  • The applicant must be applicable to participate or enroll in FRPL (Reduced Price Lunch program or Federal Free). 
  • The applicant is an orphan or a ward of the state that cannot support their finances.
  • The applicant’s family received public assistance.
  • The applicant has already received or is eligible for relief in SAT or ACT testing fees.
  • Their family income must be set under the Eligibility Guidelines of income created by Nutrition Service or USDA Food.
  • The applicant is a deserving orphan. He/she is homeless and lives in federally subsidized housing or foster homes. 
  • He/she is enrolled in a local, state, or federal program that selects students from low-income families. 
  • He/she can also provide a statement in his/her favor from a community leader, college access counselor, financial support officer, or school official.

Scholarship Coverage

  • The scholarship awarded to the students covers about 100% of the financial need illustrated by the family.
  • The Yale scholarship covers financial aid of $500 to $70,000 per academic year.
  • The average Yale need-based scholarship covers $50,000.
  • The educational departments themselves grant scholarships to the students.
  •  The Yale scholarship helps parents who earn less than $65,000 a year and cannot pay their child’s academic fees.

How to apply for Yale University Scholarships?

Here are the steps to apply for the Yale university scholarships:

  • The application process for scholarships is online. 
  • Some specific documents are required, which are:
  • Applicants need two recommendation letters from their teachers.
  • They need to submit an application fee of $80.
  • Their standardized testing reports are also required.
  • The application process requires their school report and counselor recommendation.
  • They need their academic transcripts, which include the final report and mid-year results.
  1. Graduate students have different types of financial support available to them. The application process varies with every school. Visit the official website of the school for further details about the application. 
  2. Undergraduate students, who are seeking a professional degree, are awarded different scholarships. Every program has different procedures for applying for financial assistance. Visit the official website of Yale University to get detailed information.
  3. You will be reported by email for the acceptance or refusal of your application.

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