Utrecht University, located in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands, has one of the most renowned scholarship programs available to international students – The Excellence Scholarships!

  • Country of origin: Netherlands       
  • Funded by: Utrecht University
  • Type: Fully funded                             
  • Education level: Master’s degree                                         
  • Deadline: 1st Feb 2024
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What is the Utrecht Excellence Scholarship?

The Utrecht Excellence Scholarship is a scholarship program offered by Utrecht University in the Netherlands. To qualify, international students need to submit their application by 1st Feb. They need a BSc degree and have completed at least one year of university-level study with excellent grades.  It covers tuition fees, living costs, health insurance and travel expenses. It also includes a monthly allowance to cover incidental expenses such as food and drink. However, it does not cover any pre-enrollment activities like flights or visa applications.

Area of study at UES

The University offers international master’s programs that are eligible. There are some programs that do not participate. You can see if the Utrecht Excellence Scholarship is mentioned as a scholarship opportunity by visiting www.uu.nl/masters > master’s program> Tuition fees & financial support. 

You will need to select an area of study and contact relevant faculty members or administrators directly. Some programs are clearly indicated as being eligible while others may take some research. As with any opportunity, students should carefully consider what their goals are, what they are qualified for, and how the university environment would fit their needs before making a decision about where to apply.

Value and duration of the scholarship

Utrecht Excellence Scholarships can be provided as tuition fees or tuition fees plus the required income based on the requirements of the Immigration & Naturalization Service for a one-year residence permit for study.

Scholarships are awarded for the nominal duration of the program. Applicants should note that the scholarship is not awarded in advance, but rather at the start of the academic year. Scholarships are non-transferable & will lapse if not used within four years. 

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Who can apply?

The Utrecht Excellence Scholarships are available to international students of any nationality.

If you meet the following criteria, you may qualify for a Utrecht Excellence Scholarship:

  1. you have an excellent academic record;
  2. you have achieved good results in your studies and passed most courses with an average grade of at least 7 out of 10;
  3. you have at least one year left before finishing your Bachelor’s degree or a two-year degree (which is 180 ECTS credits);
  4. you have not been living in the Netherlands for more than three years consecutively and do not intend to stay here after completing your studies;
  5. you are willing to work in Utrecht after completing your studies;
  6. you can speak Dutch or English fluently as well as another language of your choice on an advanced level.

How to Apply for Utrecht Excellence Scholarship?

To apply, fill out the online application form. You will need to provide your personal data and educational details, as well as information about why you would like to study at Utrecht University. Applications must be submitted by 31st Jan 2023. There is detailed information on the scholarship’s official website about how to apply.

Students can start by filling out an online application form which includes their personal data and academic details, as well as why they want to come study at Utrecht University. They’ll also need to submit a transcript of past grades. After that, they’re required to get two letters of recommendation from faculty members who are familiar with them in order to finish the process. So far, over 200 international students have been awarded these scholarships so it seems that this may be your best chance to gain access to this prestigious university.

The Utrecht Excellence Scholarship is a great opportunity for international students. With high levels of teaching & research, international students will have the chance to experience all that Utrecht has to offer.

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