Country of Origin: Hungary

Funded By: Hungarian Government

Type: Fully Funded

Deadline: 15th Jan 2024

Education Level:

  • Bachelor’s Degree Program
  • Master’s Degree Program
  • One-tier master’s degree
  • Doctoral Program
  • Non-degree programs

Scholarship Duration:

  • Stipendium Hungricum Bachelor’s Scholarships: 2-4 Years
  • Stipendium Hungricum Master’s Scholarships: 1.5-2 Years
  • One-tier master: 5-6 Years
  • Stipendium Hungricum Doctoral Scholarships: 4 Years
  • Non-degree Programs: 1 Year

The quality of higher education and research in Europe has made the universities in the European countries attractive destinations for international students to study there. Among other European countries, Hungary has been successfully opening the doors of its universities for students from more than eighty-five countries in the world by offering the Hungaricum scholarship since 2013.

Hungary, a country falling in the upper middle-income category from the global economic point of view, is an attractive location for students to be there for their academic and professional growth. Let us see step by step what the scholarship is and what it has to offer step by step.

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The Motto Behind the Scholarship

  • Its vision is to internationalize higher education in the country.
  • Support the continuous development of higher education and research
  • Bolster the ties between international academic and research communities.
  • To promote the highly competitive Hungarian higher education in the world.

These reasons stated above made a strong call for students from all over the world to benefit from the academics and be a volunteer in the program.

What makes the Hungarian scholarship so attractive?

  • Funding by the Hungarian government.
  • Due to its quality of education, students from more than 85 countries come here to study.
  • Each year the scholarship is offered to more than five thousand international students.
  • More than six hundred degree programs are offered under these scholarships spreading over all fields of studies by different top-quality Hungarian universities.
  • A golden opportunity for students to be a part of the strong international community of scholars that will aid the students to attain remarkable academic, professional and social growth.

What is the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship?

The scholarship offered by the Hungarian government is for Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, and Doctoral programs. 


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What does the Stipendium Hungaricum cover?

Since the living expenses and expenses for academic purpose is very high in Europe and so is in Hungary, you must know what benefits the Hungarian scholarship offers;

  • The tuition fee is waived entirely for all kinds of degree programs.
  • The assistance of HUF 43,700 per month is offered for scholars in Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.
  • An amount of HUF 140,000 per month and HUF 180,000 per month is offered to the Doctoral scholars for the first four semesters and second 4 semesters of their doctoral studies.
  • A contribution of HUF 40,000 is given to the scholars towards the accommodation if the students were not provided accommodation in university dormitories.
  • Health care service is provided to scholars as per Hungarian legislation. 
  • Supplementary medical insurance of up to HUF 65,000 is also offered.

It becomes crucial to mention that the financial support offered by the scholarship may not be sufficient to meet all necessities of the students. Hence they must check the living expenses required in different Hungarian cities.

Stipendium Hungaricum Eligibility criteria 

  • Applicants must be 18 years of age by the cut-off date for the application cycle.
  • A high school diploma (study of twelve years in school 10+2 years) for applying to the Bachelor’s degree program
  • A bachelor’s degree is the qualifying degree for a Master’s program.
  • Nomination by the sending partner (Usually, a sending partner is the ministry or embassy of the country sending the students. For example, in India, it is the university Grants Commission).
  • The maximum age is 22 years for entry into Bachelor’s degree program and 35 years for that Master’s program. However, you must check for the same from the official websites.

How to Apply for Stipendium Hungaricum/Hungarian scholarship?

Here is the link to apply for the scholarship. Before applying, you must have the documents required for the application. Remember, the scholarship encourages the applicants to avoid using Hotmail and Yahoo email addresses as they prefer their students to register with a Gmail address instead.

Mandatory Documents for Stipendium Hungaricum

  • School certificates: Scanned copy of your original high school/bachelor/master’s degree certificate or equivalent. A translation of the certificate is needed if it is not in English.
  • Proof of Language Proficiency: Scanned copy of your original proof of language proficiency with a minimum level of acceptance.
  • Copy of Identification Document: Scanned copy of your valid National Identification Document or passport.
  • Transcript of records: Scanned copy of your original Transcript of Records regarding all academic semesters or school years completed during previous studies (in the highest level of education you have participated in).
  • Mandatory Medical Certificate: Scanned copy of the Mandatory Medical Certificate in case your sending partner nominates you for the scholarship.

Additional Documents (for Doctoral scholars):

  • Letter of Recommendation: Letter of Recommendation signed by your former or current academic tutor or supervisor, who has a scientific degree and has an insight into your professional work
  • Statement of the Supervisor: upload the Statement of the Supervisor. This task will only appear in your application if you apply for a doctoral program and your selected doctoral school requires a statement of supervisor. 
  • Research Proposal: Research Proposal about the scientific topic you would like to study during the Doctoral Programme. 

Stipendium Hungaricum Selection Procedure:

Barring the medical programs for which entrance exams are conducted, selection for most of the other courses at the Master’s and Doctoral levels are made based on interviews. Of course, the performance of the prospective scholars in the interview matters a lot in the final selection, yet, the statement of motivation made in the application bears a lot of significance in the selection.

Due care must be taken to write this motivation letter, and here go a few tips for that;

  • Write the letter in English or n the language you will study. Keep the word count 1500- 4000.
  • Address it to the Hungarian Higher education Institution you are applying to.
  • The letter has three parts: Introduction, content, and closing salutation.
  • Provide relevant information, clearly stating the purpose, how you will benefit, your desired takeaway from the course, etc.
  • Be creative; prepare a unique letter of motivation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How difficult is it to get a Hungarian scholarship?

Answer: Yes, it is. As the Hungarian government’s most prestigious scholarship, the scholars go through the stiff competition. 

Is there any age limit for Hungarian Scholars?

Answer: The age limit varies with respect to degree level.

How could you describe the benefit of the Hungarian scholarship?

Answer: Since it allows studying in elite universities of Hungary with a full tuition fee waiver and covering other expenses, it is utterly beneficial for international students who could not have otherwise found the programs affordable.

Is the financial assistance provided enough for the students for their studies?

Answer: The actual expenses for living and other expenses vary from one city to the other. So it is better to check from good sources before selecting the university, course duration, etc.

Can a student work while studying?

Answer: Yes. Many universities allow their students to work during the duration of the course. Also, placement assistance is extended by the universities to students after they obtain the degree.

Is IELTS required for a Hungarian Scholarship/ Stipendium hungaricum?

Answer: Yes, it is demanded by the Hungarian authorities wherever applicable to verify the English Language proficiency.


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