Scholarship Overview

  • Country: USA
  • Scholarship Type: Merit-based
  • Institutions: Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Funded by: PMI Academic Programs
  • Tuition Type: Full tuition
  • Degree Program: Undergraduate and Graduate
  • Scholarship Amount: N/S
  • Separate Application Required?: Yes
  • Deadline: 2 May, 2024.

Scholarship Benefits

Scholarship values differ depending on the fund and the specific year. Recipients will be issued a letter detailing the particular scholarship and its value. For additional details regarding available scholarships, the value of each award, and the number of recipients chosen, please visit the Scholarship section on the PMI website at:


All PMI Scholarship applicants must:

  • Be enrolled, or plan to enroll by Fall 2024, in an undergraduate, Master’s, or PhD program in project management or a related field, with a graduation date no earlier than November 2024.
  • For undergraduate studies, be recognized by their university as a full-time student.
  • For graduate studies, be recognized by their university as at least a half-time student.
  • Receive scholarship funds only via the academic institution in which they are enrolled, not through direct payments from PMI.
  • Maintain good standing according to the policies and procedures of the enrolled academic institution.
  • Adhere to PMI’s policies and procedures, including, but not limited to, adhering to the PMI Culture Values and the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.
  • Not currently be employed by PMI, nor serve as a contractor or consultant for PMI.
  • Not be a relative of anyone currently employed by PMI, or serving as a contractor or consultant for PMI.
  • Not hold a current position as a member of any PMI global volunteer group.
  • Not serve on the PMI or PMIEF Board of Directors.
  • Additional requirements for GAC Scholarships:
  • Satisfy all the general eligibility requirements mentioned above.
  • Be enrolled, or plan to enroll by Fall 2024, in a degree program that has GAC Accreditation.

How to apply

Here are steps to apply:

To finalize the application, candidates must possess or establish an account on Submittable. All necessary documents must be uploaded to the platform and submitted through the same.

Should you need help with the Submittable platform, please consult the Help Center on Submittable, or click the question mark icon located at the top right corner of the platform for direct assistance.

Candidates are required to prepare the following documents in English* to fulfill application requirements:

Electronic transcripts (both official and unofficial) from the current or most recent college, university, or other higher education institution attended, displaying the program of study in PDF format.

If the applicant is not currently enrolled but will start by Fall 2024, a letter of acceptance must be included with the application; upon selection for a scholarship, official proof of enrollment showing the program of study for the 2024-2025 academic year must be provided if not evident from transcripts.

– A Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume.

– Two (2) letters of recommendation on official letterhead.

Responses to two (2) brief essay questions part of the application:

Describe a personal story or experience that has significantly shaped your academic or career trajectory. Discuss how this event has aided your personal development and influenced your decision to pursue studies in project management. (500 word limit)

Analyze the essential function of adaptive leadership in project management. Explore how adaptive leaders manage change, address challenges, and promote innovation within project teams. Use real-life instances or personal anecdotes to demonstrate the effects of adaptive leadership on project outcomes. End with a reflection on how adaptive leadership skills are crucial for the future of project management. 

Additional Information

PMI supports student achievement by providing scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate studies in project management or related fields. Although PMI membership is not a prerequisite to apply for or receive a scholarship, it’s important to be aware that the eligibility requirements can differ.

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