A scholarship application form is quite a task, especially when you are clueless about the documents that need to be attached. Filling the incorrect information and failing to provide the relevant information can result in the rejection of a scholarship application. Therefore, you need to be very careful when filling out the requirements in the form.

Preparing all the required documents will be a lot helpful for you during the application process. Typically, all scholarship application forms around the world have the same process. Therefore, you can apply for more than one scholarship by preparing the documents once.

Here are a few documents you will require for a scholarship application form.

#1.Completed Application Form

The selection committee never entertains the incomplete application form. Therefore, the first and foremost thing you need to pay attention to is filing all the sections with complete and correct information. Leaving any empty space will decrease the chances of getting short-listed. It is also recommended to double-check the information before hitting the submit option.

#2.ID Card or Passport

A copy of an ID card or passport is essential to a scholarship application form. Typically, the passport’s main page, which contains all the information about you, is enough. In addition, the passport will allow you to travel from your home country to your desired destination. However, ensure that your passport is valid even six months after your departure. Taking care of all this will make your travel experience peaceful.

#3.Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose or a personal statement is an essential document in which you include the following:

  • The details of what you want to pursue.
  • Your career objectives.
  • The reasons why you are applying for the scholarship.

You need to list down your goals and personal interests carefully.

Make sure you don’t exaggerate things in this letter. Always be honest and mention all the qualities and skills that make you a perfect fit for the study program you have selected. The statement of purpose should be somewhere between 500 to 1000 words.

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#4.Standardized Test Score

SAT, GRE, GPA, and ACT are some tests considered before admission to various universities. You need to score higher on a standardized test to be considered for the scholarship. But remember that these tests alone won’t be enough to get a scholarship. All the documents are taken into consideration before awarding a scholarship to anyone.

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#5.Recommendation Letter

Apart from the personal statement and other documents, you will also need a recommendation letter, which is written by your professor or supervisor. This letter tells about your academic achievements. Almost all scholarship applications demand one recommendation letter, but many universities ask for two or more. This makes it convenient for the selection committee to assess your capabilities and verify how much it is compatible with your statement.

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#6.Attested Copies of Diplomas/Transcripts

You need to provide the attested copies of certificates or diplomas from your last attended school as a part of the scholarship application form. A transcript includes all the courses along with their credits and grades that you have gained for each course. Make sure the documents are correctly signed and stamped by authorities to prevent difficulties in the later stages.

If the country you are applying for demands a language proficiency test, you need to present the result of that particular test. The language test depends upon the medium of instruction you have chosen for the study program.

  • You must pass IELTS, Cambridge, or TOEFL for English language proficiency.
  • For the Spanish language, there is DELE.
  • For the German language, the tests are DSH, OSD, TestDAF, or Telc.
  • DELF and DALF are for French language proficiency.

#7.Curriculum Vitae or Resume

Your CV should be unique from the other applicants. Don’t forget to include distinctive achievements and skills on it if you have any. This will help you stand out. Ensure the CV is well-written and consists of a summary of all your academic and professional achievements. Talk about your professional skills and how competent you are. But make sure you do not exaggerate the stuff and stay honest.

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#8.Additional Documents

You may be asked for some additional documents from the university along with those mentioned above. This may include any or all of the following:

Study Plan or Research Proposal

A research proposal or study plan is an essential part of a scholarship application. It is a document in which you enlist your goals and objectives, possible challenges, required equipment, funding grant, and the plan of execution.

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A research proposal is significantly important for a master’s or doctoral program. 

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Architecture, art, design, and other similar degrees require a portfolio at the time of scholarship form application. Therefore, if you apply to any such study program, ensure your portfolio is prepared beforehand. The portfolio is as important as your GPA when it comes to art-related degrees.

Medical Certificate

You need to provide a health evaluation form or a medical certificate that must be signed by a certified medical practitioner in your country. Ensure that the certificate is in the official language of the country you are applying to. If this is not possible, you must submit a translated copy and an original copy of the medical certificate.

Scholarship Essay

Apart from the statement of purpose, you may need to write an essay on any given topic. It can be about writing about academic achievements or a subject related to the scholarship. Don’t forget to have a look at the mentioned guidelines.

Financial Information of Parents

This may include the tax return, which allows the selection committee to assess your financial condition and determine whether you are eligible for the scholarship.

In Conclusion

Organizing all the essential documents in advance will keep you stress-free so that you can fill out the scholarship form with a clear mind. Almost all universities typically require the documents mentioned above. Make sure you submit the required documents and don’t exceed the word count in any section. Check all the grammar and spelling mistakes, recheck the attached documents, and you are good to go.