Scholarship Overview

  • Country: Sweden
  • Scholarship Type: Merit-based
  • Institutions: Chalmers University of Technology
  • Funded by: Swedish Council for Higher Education
  • Tuition Type: up to 85% tuition reduction
  • Degree Program: PG and Masters
  • Scholarship Amount: N/A
  • Separate Application Required?: Not needed
  • Deadline: January 15, 2024
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Scholarship Benefits

Fee Offset: Covers up to 75% to 85% reduction of tuition fees

Payment Frequency: yearly

Tuition Fee Waiver Duration: Maximum 4 semesters for a 2 years Masters Programme

Review the Offer Closely: Ensure all details like fee reduction percentage, duration and conditions meet your needs.

Duration: Scholarship benefits are provided for a limited period of the degree program              

Chalmers administers Scholarship programs aims at facilitating the educational journey for outstanding fee-paying students at the university. Another goal is to achieve a balanced representation among scholarship recipients in terms of their academic origins, encompassing universities and countries where the recipients obtained their bachelor’s degrees.

After submitting your program application at, you can apply; however, you need to verify using the application number. The scholarships presented are relevant solely for potential students. Application occurs before commencing the initial academic year at Chalmers and is unavailable to existing students. The scholarship benefits extend over a 2-year study period, subject to specific criteria. These criteria are detailed within the Scholarship Regulations.


Basis for Award: Academic merit

  • Applicants for the first year of the Master’s program 
  •  Individuals from non-EU/EEA nations, obligated to cover tuition fees for Swedish university studies, are the focus.

In 2024, Chalmers plans to provide around 35 IPOET scholarships. Funded through the Swedish Council for Higher Education, these scholarships are dedicated to prospective students who are required to pay fees. The administration and awarding of these scholarships are carried out by Chalmers.

Chalmers awards scholarships solely on the merit value achieved by eligible applicants. During the selection process, the scholarship programs’ stated purposes, as mentioned earlier, are naturally considered as well.

How to apply

The deadline for submitting scholarship applications aligns with the Master’s Program application deadline. To be eligible for consideration, applicants must ensure timely submission of their scholarship applications.

Step 1

Submit your application before the commencement of the initial academic year at Chalmers.

Step 2

Awardees of scholarships are required to successfully complete a minimum of 75% (typically 45 credits) of their courses in the initial academic year to maintain eligibility for the following academic year’s scholarship.

Additional Information

Before Accepting an Offer:

  • Applicants must carefully review the Scholarship Benefits and Conditions document.
  • This outlines all terms, requirements, and policies scholars must agree to.

Outstanding students who successfully finish their initial year of studies at the standard rate (i.e., with a 60-credit course load), achieving a notable weighted average (CGPA), could receive an additional reduction in tuition fees to 85% for their second year of studies.

Apart from the IPOET Scholarship, there are other scholarships available for students to take advantage of. Some of them include:

The Avancez Scholarships, The Sievert Larsson Scholarship, The US Friends of Chalmers Scholarship, The Adlerbert Study Scholarship, and The EDU-WACQT Scholarship in Quantum Scholarship Technology.

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