Russia’s reputation in STEM courses, state-of-the-art facilities, and the country’s will to leave its imprint on higher education has made its different degrees appealing to international students.

Why Should International Students Apply to Russian Universities? 

  1. The QS World University Rankings 2021 include 28 Russian universities, with 13 ranking within the top 400.
  2. Choose from 800+ universities around the country, 200+ areas ranging from Mathematics to Dramatic Arts, and 600+ courses to major in for their Bachelor’s, Master’s, or postgraduate studies.
  3. Learning Russian is not required because most classes are taught in English.

Government Funded Scholarships

The Government of Russia Scholarships are fully funded scholarship programs that cover all expenses other than tuition. The main advantage of the Government of Russia Scholarships is that students can continue their postgraduate studies at one of 500 different Russian universities.

Other grants available to students in the Government of Russia Scholarship program include:

  • Admission to a Russian university without taking an entrance test
  • Waiver of all tuition expenses, conference attendance fees, and travel
  • Stipend/maintenance allowance throughout the length of the degree program
  • Dormitory housing and further educational help

EGE Route for Russian Government Scholarships 

International students can apply to Russian universities for government-sponsored scholarships by passing the Uniform State Examination (EGE), which Russian high school students also take for undergraduate programs. Aside from that, the Russian Government grants a limited number of state-funded seats’ to international students for admission to certain colleges. The scholarship comprises the following benefits::  

  • Tuition is waived for the duration of the candidate’s selected program. The average scholarship amount was 1,500 rubles per month (almost US$25).
  • Dormitory housing is also included in the Russian Scholarships.
  • A stipend for living expenses throughout the length of the program 

Russian Scholarships do not cover:

  • Travel expenses 
  • Living expenses
  • Health insurance coverage purchased voluntarily.
  • International students undertaking internships are not eligible for maintenance stipends; only dormitory housing is provided.

The Rossotrudnichestvo administers quota through its global office network and Russian embassies worldwide. As a result, depending on which country you live in, the exam or interview will be scheduled. The Russian Government has opened the application window for the fully funded Government of Russia Scholarships 2023-2024, and the deadline is approaching.

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What are the Eligibility Requirements?

The Russian Government ensures that deserving students are given the opportunity to fund their Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Russia, and so ensures that the qualifying condition for the Government of Russia Scholarships 2023-2024 is not onerous.

The qualifying requirements for students applying for Russian Government Scholarships 2023-2024 are as follows:

  • You can be citizen of any country in the world.
  • Scholarships are also available to Russian students studying outside Russia.

Age restrictions

No particular restriction was mentioned.

Prerequisites for a degree

  • Applicants for Master’s programs must hold a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Applicants for the Ph.D. program must hold a Master’s or Specialist’s degree from an authorized school.

Language prerequisites

Students have the option of taking classes in either English or Russian. IELTS or TOEFL test scores are not required for students pursuing English classes.

How to Apply for the Russian Govt. Scholarship?

Academic merit is one of the key parameters considered by the Scholarships Commission. If you’re applying for a Bachelor’s program, your secondary school grades are important. If you’re applying for a Master’s program, your undergraduate grades are important. Therefore, it is critical to study the selection procedure and gather all relevant documentation. 

Follow this procedure to get selected for a scholarship in Russia:

Step 1: Visit the website to learn more about the selection of international candidates. The announcement is also made available on the websites of the Rossotrudnichestvo representative (“Appendix-1“) and the Russian Embassy (“Appendix-2“).

Step 2: Contact your country’s united operator* for scholarship and study information. A country’s state-funded foreign student spots depend on its collaboration with Russia. Some nations have agreements specifying sponsored sites and subjects. A foreign operator is a Rossotrudnichestvo representative office, Russian Embassy, or Russian Embassy representative.

Step 3: Register online, fill out a form and apply. Personal information (full name, date of birth, country of residence, e-mail, and phone number to get application updates); You can modify your profession, specialization, or subject of study before taking the examinations. Education level; Russian level. You can pick up to six institutions from the quota, but no more than three in one Federal Constituency; in Moscow and St. Petersburg, no more than two each. List your preferred universities in descending order. You must study abroad: A copy of your passport (must be valid for 18 months after your anticipated arrival in Russia) or birth certificate; Documents/certificates proving your international education/qualification. All of the following can be reported to the united operator.

Step 4: Wait for the selection process invitation (interviews, tests, examinations), and the operator may provide an interview, test, and exam schedules online or e-mail you. Please get in touch with your country’s operator about this step. A working group organizes the tests and exams and issues a list of results with participants’ scores.

Step 5: Check your name in the final shortlisted candidates based on test/exam results. This information will be posted on the website or mailed to candidates. Applicants without sufficient Russian language proficiency are enrolled in a preparatory department. They spend a year learning Russian and numerous general education subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, etc.) Applicants who pass the final exams can continue their studies. Non-passing students forfeit free tuition.

Step 6: If you’re one of the shortlisted candidates, prepare more paperwork such as a doctor’s certificate stating there are no medical reasons to reject you from a Russian institution, including HIV test results; Copies of papers (notarized and translated into Russian). Attach these papers to the online form or hand them to the operator. The central office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Moscow receives candidate information, which is then added to Applicants acquire an ID after registering to follow their application status on

Step 7: Wait for a letter/notification confirming your registration and following actions. A United operator representative in your nation will provide you with this information. In certain colleges, applicants for Arts and Humanities must take creative contests. Tourist visas are required. The creative contest will be used to accept/reject applicants.

Required Documents for a Russian Scholarship Application:

The following papers accompany the application forms for Government of Russia Scholarships:

  • Passport photocopy
  • Recommendation letter
  • When you are shortlisted, you must provide a medical certificate.
  • Academic credentials
  • Copy of birth certificate 
  • Motivational Letter
  • Copies of documentation proving your most recent schooling
  • A letter of intent or a statement of purpose

Open Doors Russian Scholarships

The Association of Global Universities, the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, Compatriots Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation sponsor the Olympiad (Rossotrudichestvo). The winners of the competition, which is variously referred to as the Open Doors Olympiad or the Open Doors Academic Competition, are awarded scholarships. In addition, the competition’s winners will get the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree at one of Russia’s most famous educational institutions.

The scholarship recipients will receive a full tuition price waiver, and there will be over 300 grantees. Biology, Computer Science, AI, IR, Business, Management, Linguistics, Physics, Psychology, Chemistry, Technology, Engineering, and Economics are the only courses available to international students. In addition, winners can choose among 500 Russian institutions, including 25-100 Project participants, utilizing a single-window approach. Depending on the curriculum and university, English or Russian is taught.

The Olympiad features Master’s and Ph.D. tracks (analogous to Ph.D.). Master’s, and doctorate tracks have two rounds each (analogous to Ph.D.). First is a portfolio competition, then a problem-solving challenge. The third round of the Olympiad entails choosing a research supervisor for the Ph.D. program and interviewing him/her.

Foreign citizens, including compatriots living abroad, with a Bachelor’s degree or finishing a Bachelor’s degree program in the year of the Olympiad for the Master’s track and a Master’s or Specialist’s degree for the doctoral track (analogous to Ph.D.) may compete.

You can find more details here.


Other Russian Scholarships

Here is a list of Russian scholarships for international students 

#1.BP in Russia Research Scholarship

Students pursuing degrees in energy and economics at one of the Russian university partners can apply for scholarships ranging from RUB 15,000 to RUB 35,000 per month. Applicants must receive government financial help, have excellent grades, and have a strong ambition to grow in their chosen careers.

#2.Benjamin A Gilman Scholarships (For USA Citizens)

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program helps low-income students study or intern overseas, boosting national security and economic growth. For the Gilman Program, candidates must receive a Federal Pell Grant at the time of application or show documentation they will throughout their study abroad program or internship. Since 2001, IIE has run the program. This scholarship aims to help American students learn languages and cultures vital to their academic and vocational growth. More than 3000 US undergraduates get approximately $5,000 to study or intern overseas. In addition, a foreign language student, like Russian, is eligible for the $8,000 Critical Need Language Award. You can find more details here.

University-Specific Scholarships

Here are several prominent university-based Russian scholarships for overseas students in Russia:

#1.National Research Nuclear University (Mephl)

This research-focused university welcomes top Russian and international scientists and students to work at Russian universities. Mephl gets funding to assist undergraduate and young students and scientists as well as prominent scientific schools in the Russian Federation, as recognized by the Russian President’s Science Council and the Russian Federation’s Government. The scholarship program seeks to provide adequate research changes to the world’s scientific talent. You can find more details here.

 #2.NRU Scholarship

The Higher School of Economics at National Research University is now accepting scholarship applications from overseas students enrolled in one of their Master’s degree programs.

The scholarship will pay for up to 70 percent of the total cost of tuition and is available to students enrolled in any of NRU HSE’s 17 master’s degree programs. The minimum coverage required is 25 percent of the total tuition cost. In addition, the individuals who are selected to receive the scholarship will also be awarded a stipend of 1,500 rubles per month.

NRU is widely recognized as one of Russia’s most forward-thinking and competitive educational institutions. The sponsorship is made available in various programs, including business, finance, law, big data, and economics.

#3.Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) grants scholarships in Russia to students who exhibit the potential for excellent academic achievement. The funds are granted based on competition. Students get financial assistance through a monthly stipend based on their academic success. Students get financial assistance through a monthly stipend based on their academic success. Here is a list of all the needed application materials for this scholarship:

  • Application with a photograph
  • Passport Details
  • Official academic transcripts listing the subjects studied and their respective grades.
  • A copy of your medical report demonstrates that you have no medical constraints preventing you from studying in Russia.

#4.HSE University Global Scholarship Competition

HSE University in Moscow is known for its high-quality economic and social science education. The five winners will receive up to 50% off graduate tuition. These Russian Scholarships are open to foreign and Russian students under 40. The institution offers international students 25-100% tuition scholarships in Russia for all academic levels. The university scholarship only covers tuition; the student must finance the rest. In addition, HSE grants non-Russian nationalities scholarships based on academic success.

Available Study Fields & Majors: Physics, Mathematics, History, Social Sciences, Cultural Studies, Media and Communications, Asian Studies, Design, Journalism, International Relations Law Psychology, Advertising, Public Relations, Modern Politics, Philology English, and Philosophy. You can find more details here.

#5.Grants from Medical Colleges

International students need to be academically brilliant to be eligible for this scholarship. You may apply for this scholarship in the following two ways. 

  •  Uniform State Examination (EGE) Route. 
  • Most Russian medical schools provide university-specific scholarships. As long as the prerequisites are met, Russian medical colleges will admit international students on scholarship.  

#6.HSE Gold Funding 

With over 40,000 students, HSE University is one of the major institutions in Russia. It was established in 1992 and provided high-quality education at all levels. Its faculty is committed to the highest academic standards. You can find more details here.


  • All nationalities are eligible.
  • Acceptable Courses or Subjects: A bachelor’s or master’s degree program in the appropriate subject area.
  • To be qualified, candidates must satisfy all of the following requirements:

Both undergraduates and graduates can apply. It involves trial tests, and the scores are used to determine how much tuition would be waived. 25% to 70% of tuition is waived. Classes are offered in English. Thus non-native speakers must demonstrate competency. HSE University offers this scholarship option for overseas undergraduate and graduate students.

 For applicants of the undergraduate program:

  • 170+ points – 70%
  • 150-169 points – 50%
  • 140-149 points – 25%

For applicants of the graduate program:

  •  60+ points – 50%
  • 50-59 points – 25%

#7.Russian International Olympic University

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation manages the scholarship program, which gives 20 Russian Scholarships to study Master of sports administration at a university in Russia. The award pays for tuition, housing, and a monthly stipend.

#8.EMAS Scholarships

EMAS Business School awards scholarships to applicants who have demonstrated exceptional job or academic success and who have completed programs that have a beneficial influence on the business environment. Every month, the Eurasian Management and Administration School in Russia awards 50 scholarships to deserving students pursuing an MBA or Executive MBA. The scholarships are available for both on-campus and online learning. The scholarship award is determined by the applicant’s performance on the exam.

Except for the scholarship for applicants with impairments, which can cover up to 100% of the tuition prices, the scholarship can cover up to 50% of the tuition fees. These scholarships are for candidates applying to MBA, Executive MBA, and DBA programs in any format.

Scholarship applications are accepted from the first to the tenth of each month. The application procedure must be completed by the end of the month in which it is submitted. Otherwise, the scholarship might be revoked. Scholarships and marketing discounts do not stack. Therefore, each candidate will get a maximum of one scholarship.

#9.Lomonosov Moscow State University

Lomonosov Moscow State University provides scholarships offers ten scholarships in total at various levels. The following is a list of ten university scholarships:

  • ADC Overseas Arts Administration Scholarships
  • POGO-SCOR Visiting Fellowships for Developing Countries
  • IAL Research Grants for Doctoral Studies
  • National Arts Council, Arts Scholarship in Singapore
  • ITMO University Fellowships and Visiting Professorships Program
  • Ritchie- Jennings Memorial Scholarship Program
  • MOE-AU Scholarship for Singaporean Students
  • Deutsches Historisches Institut Moskau- Doctoral Scholarship in Russia
  • Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
  • Royal Society International Exchange Program

#10.Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Russia, Scholarship

Skoltech offers international students Ph.D. and master’s scholarships. The scholarship covers Mechanics, Petroleum Engineering, Mathematics, Space Systems, Biotechnology, Physics, Life Sciences, etc. Skoltech is an MIT-affiliated scientific and technology institute in Russia. The MSc scholarship grants full tuition, a 45k to 60k ruble stipend, and monthly insurance.

The Ph.D. scholarship grants a tuition fee waiver, 80k to 100k rubles, and medical insurance. 320 MSc and 95 Ph.D. degrees are given. Master’s degrees take two years, Ph. D.s 4 years.

#11.Siberian Federal University Scholarship in Russia

Siberian Federal University (SibFU) offers Ph.D. positions in several doctorate programs. These programs, which are taught in English, are fully supported by both domestic and international students. Biophysics, Quantum chemistry, optics, urban design and planning, and multidimensional complex analysis are among the Ph.D. programs available.

#12.Tomsk State University (TSU) Scholarship 

TSU provides financial assistance to assist research oriented international students. The scholarship includes housing in a university dorm as well as airfare. However, the overall amount is determined by the length of your university studies. This award is open to all undergraduates and graduates with strong academic records. To apply, you must send your official transcripts, a learning agreement signed by your home university, and a document demonstrating your competency in English or Russian (depending on your university).

#13.Eastern European University Association Scholarship:

 The International Scholarship Foundation of the Eastern European University Association is directed at international students. The scholarship funds cover tuition and living expenses for qualifying students enrolled in an undergraduate program at any institution in Russia, Belarus, or Ukraine.

The grant is only accessible for certain courses and undergraduate programs at accredited universities. In addition, students must demonstrate their language skills to participate in the planned program.

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