It is a fantastic opportunity for international students to study abroad in Bhutan with this fully funded scholarship. This blog post explains more about this wonderful opportunity!

  • Country of origin: Bhutan
  • Funded by: The Government of Bhutan
  • Type: Fully funded
  • Education level: Program for UG degrees
  • Duration: 3-4 years course
  • Deadline: 31st Jan 2024

About the Scholarship

The Bhutan Government Scholarship 2024-25 is a fully funded scholarship offered by the Government of Bhutan to international students. This scholarship provides financial support for UG studies and is open to all international students. It is designed to provide students with an opportunity to pursue their educational dreams while gaining knowledge, experience, and skills that can be applied in their respective countries upon completion of the program. The scholarship also seeks to promote Bhutan’s culture, values, and way of life to students worldwide.

The scholarship will provide a unique learning experience in a beautiful country full of culture and tradition. The program will allow them to learn more about Bhutan and its people while also giving them access to educational resources that may not be available in their own countries.

Who is Eligible?

-The Government of Bhutan Scholarship is open to international students who wish to pursue a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree.

-Applicants must have completed their Bachelor’s degree with a good academic record and be under 30 years old at the time of application.

-Students from any country can apply for this scholarship, but preference will be given to those from Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Bhutanese citizens living abroad.

-The scholarship will only be offered for full-time study, so part-time or distance learning courses are not eligible.

-The applicant must not receive any other scholarship at the time of application.

– English proficiency test scores such as TOEFL/IELTS are required for admission.

What Does the Scholarship Cover?

– Round-trip airfare: The scholarship will cover the cost of travel to and from Bhutan for eligible students.

– Tuition and other academic fees: The scholarship will cover all tuition and other academic expenses related to studies in Bhutan.

– Accommodation: The scholarship will provide accommodation for the student’s stay in Bhutan. 

– Monthly stipend: A monthly stipend will cover living expenses during the student’s stay in Bhutan.

– Book allowance: A book allowance will be provided to cover the cost of textbooks and other learning materials. 

– Health insurance: The scholarship will cover health insurance for the student’s stay in Bhutan. This includes coverage for any medical costs incurred due to an illness or injury while studying in Bhutan. 

Furthermore, the government of Bhutan provides additional support to international students through programs like mentoring and guidance, career counselling, and educational opportunities. These programs help international students adjust to life in Bhutan, access job opportunities and gain valuable skills necessary for successful careers. 

To ensure that all international students have access to these resources, the government has also established a hotline that international students can call if they have any questions or need assistance with anything related to their stay in Bhutan. Ultimately, the Bhutan Government Scholarship 2024-25 is an excellent opportunity for international students looking for a fully funded master’s degree abroad.

How to Apply for the Scholarship?

• Download and fill out the application form for the Chulabhorn Graduate Institute UG Scholarship Scheme.

• Fill out the medical form and download the CGI scholarship medical history report.

• Submit the scanned application form and all supporting documentation to [email protected] via email. 

• Attend an online interview with representatives from the Chulabhorn Graduate Institute (CGI).

• The selection process may involve an online written assessment depending on the field of study.

• All successful applicants will receive an official acceptance letter from CGI and their visa documents. So don’t miss your chance to study abroad in beautiful Bhutan with this fully funded opportunity! 

Documentation required for scholarship

• Official academic transcripts for all previous studies must be provided.

• A letter of motivation is needed to explain why you should receive this scholarship and what you can bring to the program.

• Proof of your language proficiency in English or Dzongkha must be presented with test results from an accepted test provider. 

• Provide two recommendation letters from a professor or employer who can attest to your skills and qualifications.

• A current resume or curriculum vitae outlining all educational and professional experience must be included. 

• A valid passport is necessary for visa application and enrollment in the program.

• Applicants must pass a medical examination before acceptance.


This scholarship offers full funding, so you have no reason not to apply, so be sure to review all the requirements and documents included in the application. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity, and good luck!