Scholarship Overview

  • Country: Germany
  • Scholarship Type: Merit-based
  • Institutions: German Colleges and Universities
  • Funded by: Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom
  • Degree Program: Masters and PhD
  • Scholarship Amount: Up to €861 per month
  • Separate Application Required?: Yes
  • Deadline: April 30th and October 31st annually
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Scholarship Benefits

Scholarships upto €861 per month are granted to individuals pursuing a diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, or state examination at German institutions, including colleges, universities of applied sciences, and universities.

Since 1973, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom’s Talent Promotion program has been a liberal benefactor of scholarships in Germany. They seek out and support talented university students, encouraging them to take on roles of responsibility within politics, the economy, science, and society, all while nurturing their independent thought and spirit of freedom.


Both German and EU students are eligible to apply for scholarships as they commence their first semester of study.

Non-EU international students may apply for scholarships to support their Master’s or PhD studies.

The postgraduate scholarships we offer are available to both German and international doctoral candidates.

If you are a standout college or university student, possess the audacity for independent thinking, and are actively engaged in social activities, you may be the ideal candidate for our scholarship program. We offer scholarships to both German and international students and doctoral candidates across all disciplines in colleges and universities.

Capabilities and Talent: We are looking for candidates who demonstrate excellent to exceptional performance in their chosen fields, as well as a keen interest in interdisciplinary subjects.

Personality: We value attributes such as commitment, motivation, decisiveness, the willingness to accept responsibility, and active participation in fostering a free society.

Liberal or Social Engagement: We appreciate involvement in various forms of civic engagement. This can include participating in a student council, university committees, liberal political parties, youth organizations, religious or social institutions, human rights groups, cultural initiatives, environmental conservation, sports, family support, or local community assistance groups.

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How to apply

Please be aware that proficiency in the German language at a B2 level is a mandatory requirement for our scholarships. Consequently, applications must be submitted in German.

All applications need to be submitted electronically. Please access the link for online applications HERE.

Steps to apply

Step 1:

Complete the application form, attach your curriculum vitae along with two recommendation letters; doctoral applicants must also include an abstract of their research proposal. For further details and necessary documents, head to It is important to be aware that our transition to a fully online application process is ongoing.

Step 2:

The initial selection of applicants will be performed based on established eligibility criteria.

Step 3:

Should your application meet our requirements, an invitation to participate in a selection interview will be extended to you. This interview is conducted by our autonomous selection panel.

Within a fortnight, you will receive written notification regarding your application’s outcome, be it acceptance or denial, with the understanding that there is no entitlement to a scholarship.

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