Croatia offers both partially and fully funded scholarships. All the Croatia scholarships are being accepted by most of the Universities in Croatia. You can apply for the Croatia scholarship without IELTS. IELTS is not mandatory like most other scholarships for admission. TOFEL, Cambridge English CAEL, DET, and other language tests are required in universities in this country.

This would be your go-to if you face financial hurdles and you have a dream to study in Europe. These universities provide education in the same manner as most universities in Europe.

The degree programs offered by these universities are in various fields like medicine, engineering, arts, and business. Their degrees are recognized outside and inside Croatia. Different educational institutes are offering multiple scholarships. Undoubtedly, studying in Croatia is cheaper than the other European countries.

Scholarships offered in Croatia:

You can study in Croatia with the best of the scholarships provided by the country, which are:

#1.Erasmus Mundus Scholarship:

Erasmus Mundus university offers lists of Master’s programs supported by European Unions and grants Erasmus Mundus Scholarships. This scholarship is one of the most renowned scholarships in Europe. Students can apply for this scholarship from all over the world.

  • Students with an undergraduate degree are applicable for this scholarship.
  • This is a fully funded scholarship.
  • No requirement for any previous work experience.
  • For the MS.c program, the duration of the scholarship is two years.
  • For the Doctoral program, the duration of the scholarship is three years.
  • Your English proficiency test scores are not mandatory.
  • You must have a Bachelor’s degree to start the Master’s Program.
  • Students outside and inside the EEA and EU who applied for a scholarship benefit more.


         This scholarship provides support in the following ways: 

  • Health insurance
  • tuition fee
  • Installation charges
  • Accommodation
  • Living expenses
  • Administration charges

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#2.Research Scholarships in Croatia

Research Fellowships for applicants are available from the Croatian Ministry of Education, Science, and sports. The students from selected countries participating in this scholarship program must be able to participate in joint research.

  • Research is conducted in Croatia and partially from the applicant’s home countries. 
  • About 200 research programs are currently going on.
  • The duration of funding is between one to two years.
  • Students from the USA, India, Austria, France, Germany, Slovenia, and Hungary are eligible for this scholarship.
  •  The research is mostly conducted in fields like:
    1. Medicine
    2. Technical science
    3. Biotechnical science
    4. Natural science

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#3.Zagreb School of Management and Economics Scholarships

The Zagreb School of Management and Economics will be your best choice if you want to study management and business. There are 12 scholarships for MBA applicants and 28 for Bachelor’s students.

The undergraduate awards are of basically two types:

  • The first one provides 2,000 EUR per academic year.
  • The second one provides 1,000 EUR per academic year.
  • The graduate awards are categorized the same as undergraduate awards.
  • Applicants can get the scholarship for more than one year if they manage a CGPA of 3.5 or higher than it.
  • Students from Australia, South America, New Zealand, the USA, and Canada can apply for this scholarship now.

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#4.Bilateral Program’s Scholarship

The Croatian Bilateral Program’s Scholarship provides financial support to the students. It enables them to carry on research work without worrying about finances. It provides up to 400 scholarships per year. Students, professors, teachers, and researchers are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

  • This scholarship is categorized into different areas. Some of them are discussed below;
  • The students studying the Croatian language in a foreign country can avail of the scholarship only in a single semester of their degree.
  • It provides financial assistance to post-doctoral research candidates for up to ten months.
  • It provides free summer activities for deserving students.
  • It helps the students by supporting them financially by covering their expenses of trips linked with their studies. The visit can last for up to ten months.
  • The doctoral students are funded for three years (one year is the minimum time of scholarship).

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#5.The Central European Exchange program (CEEPUS)

CEEPUS is a well-known exchange program in Central Europe that stands for Central European Exchange Program for University Studies. The teachers and students are funded by this program to participate in academic and research projects.

  • The time of the scholarship or exchange program is between 3 to 10 months. 
  • The students do not need to pay their tuition during this exchange program.
  • The countries that are associated with this exchange program are; Bosnia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Australia, and Bulgaria.
  • The monetary amount of the grant varies from country to country.
  • This scholarship helps exchange students by covering their living expenses, medical insurance premium, accommodation, and travel costs.

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#6.The University of Dubrovnik

The University of Dubrovnik is the youngest university in Croatia that was established in 2003. It provides modern higher education through its organizations, programs, and technical equipment. It provides the students with a great opportunity to study in Croatia’s biggest and most famous city. It is surrounded by locations which got famous in films and TV shows.

The university has around 2,000 students. Interested students can find the application form on the university’s official website. This top public university is divided into five departments:

  • Department of Mass communication
  • Maritime Department
  • Department of computing and electrical engineering
  • Restoration and Art Department
  • Department of economics and business

           Eligibility Criteria:

  • The top scholarship providers offer scholarship opportunities at the University of Dubrovnik.
  • It offers the programs like Master’s, PhD, Undergraduate degrees, and diplomas.
  • It provides slots for scholarships at different times.
  • You can submit your admission through a direct application. You can also go to the University of Dubrovnik and get started with your application.
  • You can study at your dream university without any financial hurdles for free or at a low cost.
  • It covers your tuition expenses, medical insurance, and living expenses.  

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#7.University of Rijeka Scholarship:

The University of Rijeka is situated in Rijeka, a city in Croatia. This university comprises eleven faculties spread over three cities Istria, Lika, and Primorje. The scholarship is offered to Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD students to research and study there.

Many other scholarships are available. They are offered by organizations like corporations, trusts, and foundations.

  • The University of Rijeka provides scholarships for different degree programs.
  • You can apply for the scholarship online by submitting your application documents using the DHL student’s offer.
  • Some partially-funded scholarships are also available at the university of Rijeka.
  • The scholarship covers the tuition fee, public transportation, study material, accommodation, organized trips, and meals during the study tour.

You can find full list of scholarships in Croatia here.