• Country: Australia
  • Required Language: English
  • Offered by: Govt of Australia
  • Eligible Countries: All countries
  • Level of Study: Masters, PhD.
  • Institutions: Number of Universities in Australia
  • Degree Program: Postgraduate
  • Scholarship Amount: A stipend of 45,076 AUD 
  • Deadline: Varies depending on university/Currently Open

You can find full list of scholarships in Australia for international students here.

The Australian Government’s Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship is now available. The Australian Government provides it to both domestic and international students pursuing postgraduate research degrees.

Under the Australian Government’s RTP Scholarship, all domestic and international students worldwide are entitled to pursue a Master’s or PhD degree in the country. This post will go into detail regarding this scholarship program, its benefits, and the application process.

Scholarship Description

The Australian Government provides the RTP Scholarship for postgraduate degree programs in all academic subjects and majors. The program involves more than 40 Australian universities, all highly ranked globally and have excellent management and teaching methodologies.

RTP Scholarships are offered for domestic and international students, and the various sorts are listed below.

  • Fees Offset Scholarship

This scholarship is available to domestic students who have received an invitation letter to study for a higher level by conducting research at the University of Sydney. The Australian government funds this scholarship, which covers tuition fees.

  • Stipend Scholarship

This scholarship is given to students with excellent research potential who wish to pursue a higher level through research at an Australian university. This Australian government award is intended to help with living expenses.

  • RTP Scholarship International

This scholarship, funded by the Australian Government, provides tuition price reimbursement and a stipend to high-achieving foreign postgraduate students who intend to pursue a research degree at Australian institutions. Academic merit and research capability are used to evaluate applications.

Eligibility Criteria for Australian Government RTP Scholarships

RTP scholarships are available to anyone who want to further their study in Australia. If you are a foreigner applying for permanent residency in Australia, your scholarship will be updated to suit your current residency status once you are chosen. Students who previously held a scholarship for a now-finished master’s candidacy are also eligible for the program.

However, an international student must meet three primary conditions to apply for the Australian Government RTP International Scholarships:

  • The applicant must be an international student.
  • The applicant must have completed at least an Australian Honours degree equivalent.
  • The applicant must show proof of meeting the University’s English language competence criteria.

Document Requirements for Australian Government RTP Scholarships

Before beginning your scholarship application, you should read the following documents properly. The documents explain how applicants are evaluated and detail qualifying requirements, conditions, and benefits.

  • General.
    • Form for current students to apply.
    • Template for research experience and evidence.
  • Domestic.
    • Guidelines for the RTP Stipend Scholarship (domestic).
    • Guidelines for the University of Sydney Postgraduate Award.
  • International.
    • Guidelines for the RTP Stipend Scholarship (International).
    • Guidelines for RTP Fee Offset (International).

How to apply for Australian Government RTP Scholarships

HEPs are in charge of the RTP Scholarship application and selection processes. To understand how to apply, prospective applicants should contact their preferred HEP’s postgraduate research office immediately.

However, you must follow the requirements outlined below to be eligible for a scholarship.

  • Complete your application to be admitted for postgraduate research at the respective faculty, and tick the checkbox to be eligible for research scholarships.
  • Ensure your application captures all essential supporting papers, such as the RTP applicant checklist, research experience guidelines, and evidence format.

Scholarships for RTP stipends are given out in November, February, and June. As a result, you must provide the needed papers for your entrance application and evidence of Research Experience to be included in the corresponding reward timeline.

Please keep in mind that you may be notified of the outcome of your RTP scholarship before receiving your offer of study.

Honors students whose outcomes have yet to be published can apply for an MPhil or PhD and choose to be considered for RTP.

RTP applications will be delayed until applicants have submitted their final Honours document to the Scholarships Office. The final honors transcript can be emailed or submitted to the online document filing site.

Unsuccessful applicants are advised to reconsider if their circumstances change. Please visit the Australian Government RTP FAQ website for further information on deferment, critical dates, and eligibility.

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