Arkansas College provides scholarships annually to deserving national students only. But the students can add more money to their scholarship amount by playing different games and by participating in the scholarship lottery program. This is a very unique way to help students who are deserving but cannot afford the expenses of college life. 

Scholarship Summary

Country: US

Scholarship Type: Merit-based

Offered by: Arkansas Department of Higher Education 

Institutions: Number of universities available 

Type: Annual based

Degree Program: Graduation and post-graduation

Scholarship amount: $800 to $10,000

Deadline: 15 March 2023

Scholarship Details

There are various games available for adding money to your scholarship lottery. Any amount that a student spends on scholarship lotteries will be added directly to the scholarship amount of the student. The amount will be distributed to the students based on different levels. Like some students can go for buying lottery tickets while others can resell the tickets to win the amount. Lottery winners will be awarded separately.

The scholarship lottery winners will get

  • $10,000 for the first year
  • $4000 during the second year
  • $4000 during the third year
  • And $5000 for the fifth year of graduation.
  • For two-year college students, they will be provided with
  • $1000 during the first year
  • And $3000 for the send year.

Arkansas provides two more scholarship programs as well:

One is the workforce challenge scholarship. The scholarship amount is $800 for one program and it is fixed. Students who want to get enrolled in high-demand programs can apply for this scholarship. They must contact the university at least 30 days before applying and request the college to grant them a scholarship. The fields may include healthcare, information technology, and industry. 

The other one is a concurrent scholarship which is provided as financial aid to students who want to study at Arkansas College.

What does the scholarship cover and how does it work?

The main purpose of providing scholarships is to financially aid students who want to pursue their degrees at Arkansas College. The scholarship is provided annually and the amount of the scholarship is enough for the students living in the US and covers most of their expenses. As long as the student has a GPA of at least 2.5 out of 4.0, he is eligible for the scholarship.

The Scholarship Lottery App

The scholarship lottery application is available for both Android and iOS mobile phones.

  • Students can download the app to check the latest updates about the scholarship.
  • You can scan the tickets to get more rewards.
  • Check the latest news and upcoming rewards.
  • Check your points and your scores.
  • You can see the club services and can locate your nearest lottery retailers.

How to apply

You can search the website of Arkansas university online and fill out the application form available at portal. You can also download the YOUniversal application to know the details about the scholarship and how to apply for it.

Required Documents 

The applicants have to submit their free application for federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which requires their parent’s income and their test scores from high school or college to qualify. For graduating seniors, their ACT is automatically received from public high school. 


Arkansas scholarship covers all the college courses. If you are searching for undergraduate scholarships or Master’s scholarships, you can join Arkansas with the help of a number of scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Arkansas scholarship, you must be living in the US. This scholarship is available for national students only.

For college students:

  • You should maintain a GPA of at least 2.5 or more than that each semester.
  • You must pass 27 credit hours in a semester to maintain your scholarship award.

And during the second year, you must pass 33 credit hours.

  • If you are studying as a part-time student still you can avail of the scholarship but your stipend will be reduced.
  • You must continue your studies during one program but if you miss a semester or freeze it, you will lose the scholarship.
  • If you resume your studies after some time, you will not be provided with the scholarship for two semesters.
  • If you pass 130 semester hours, you can renew your stipend.

For High School Students:

  • If you are going to enter college after attending high school with an ACT score of 19 or more, you are qualified for the scholarship.
  • Students equivalent to the ACT are also eligible for the scholarship program.
  • They accept 900 points for the mathematics and verbal section of SAT.
  • A score of 60 COMPASS, 40 ASSET, and 79 ACCUPLACER.

For Non-Traditional Students:

  • Nontraditional students are those who due for any reason couldn’t continue their university or college after attending high school. But now they want to resume their studies after some time.
  • For this, you should have a 2.5 GPA score and a 19 or more ACT score.



Does everyone get the scholarship?

The scholarship program has certain criteria to get into the list of awarded students. If you fail to fulfill the criteria or in case you cannot maintain the scores or other conditions, you may lose the scholarship.

Where does the lottery amount go?

90% of the amount is added directly to the scholarship amounts, rewards, and other expenses. It has awarded more than $0.6 M to students since 2009.

How to apply for the scholarship?

You must check the dates announced by the university online and keep yourself updated with the deadlines. You can fill out the application form available online or can also visit the university admin office.