• Country: USA or Canada
  • Scholarship Type: Merit-based
  • Offered by: ACI Foundation
  • Institutions: Various institutions of higher education
  • Type: Fully funded scholarship renewable every year
  • Degree Program: Undergraduate, Masters, PhD, Postdoctoral
  • Scholarship Amount: 5,000 to 15,000 USD
  • Deadline: Likely November 2023 (Opens on 1st July 2023)

Scholarship Description

The ACI Foundation is a non-profit organization affiliated with the American Concrete Institute. It offers fully funded scholarships and fellowships to deserving international students. 

The scholarships and fellowships are open to students of higher educational institutions at all levels. The foundation awards scholarships to students pursuing degrees relevant to the concrete industry.

The scholarship covers tuition fees, books, materials, and accommodation. The foundation also recognizes recipients on its website and magazine. Specific scholarships offer internships, though some of them are not required.

The council chooses the recipients by perusing the submitted information, endorsements, and essays. They look for students with the best mixture of potential for and interest in professional achievement.


If you want to apply for a scholarship or fellowship offered by the ACI Foundation, you must meet specific criteria. The requirements depend on which program you apply for.


  • Domestic and international student
  • Enrolment in a U.S. or Canadian institution of higher education for the duration of the award cycle
  • Proficiency in English
  • Field of study related to concrete.

Middle East & North Africa Fellowship Applications

  • Enrolled at a higher education institution in Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, etc. Please check the official website for the complete list.
  • Proficiency in English


  • Domestic and international student, unless otherwise specified by the program of interest
  • Enrolment in a U.S. institution of higher education
  • Full-time undergraduate, Master’s, or Ph.D. student
  • Field of study related to concrete.
  • Master’s students should not have exceeded the second year of the program.
  • PhD students should not have exceeded the fourth year of the program.

Courses applicable

The ACI Foundation offers scholarships and fellowships to students interested in concrete and construction. Certain programs call for more specific programs and research interests, such as admixtures, forensic engineering, joints, bearings, and seismic systems. Check the different scholarships and fellowships to find the most suitable choice for you and your credentials.

How to apply

The process is pretty straightforward. Here are the steps involved in the application for ACI Foundation scholarships and fellowships:

  1. Check the requirements for the specific ACI Foundation scholarship or fellowship.
  2. Take the TOEFL if English is not your first language.
  3. Have the necessary documents translated into English if they are in another language.
  4. Submit the following items:
  • Contact and educational information
  • Resume
  • A 500-word essay detailing experience or interest in a future in the concrete industry
  • Official academic transcripts for all tertiary educations programs attended
    • Schools can directly send e-transcripts to [email protected]
    • Use this mailing address for transcripts sent by post:

ACI Foundation

Attn: Scholarship Coordinator

38800 Country Club Drive

Farmington Hills, MI 48331

  • Two endorsement letters
    • One by an ACI member at the school of the applicant
    • One by an employer or professor

Documents required

Prepare the following documents before starting the application process:

  • Document with contact and educational information
  • Resume
  • 500-word essay
  • Official academic transcripts
  • Two endorsement letters
  • TOEFL results, if the native language is not English

They must all be in English or accompanied by an English translation.

Official Website


  1. How do recipients receive the stipend?

Across all fellowships and scholarships, the foundation pays the stipend in two instalments over a year.

  1. Do recipients have obligations?

The fellowship asks awardees for a written report toward the end of the award cycle.

  1. What is the internship like?

Certain fellowships require awardees to complete an internship from 10 to 12 weeks in the summer. Some scholarships offer internships, although they are not required.