Free MCAT Practice Tests [2024] – Handpicked by Experts

When it comes to preparing for an important exam, like the MCAT, practice tests tend to be one of the most effective methods for doing so. In fact, practice tests are often a significant part of an MCAT prep course because of their high level of effectiveness.

However, enrolling in an MCAT prep course is often costly, making them less of an option for students with budget constraints. Fortunately, the internet is vast enough that you can find numerous MCAT practice tests online without needing to spend a single dime.

Still, not all of the resources you find online are of high quality, so you’ll need to carefully consider what practice test you use when preparing for the MCAT.

With that said, here are some of the best MCAT practice tests online that you can take, completely free of charge.

Practice tests could help gauge your current level of knowledge and how well you’ll do on the actual MCAT if you were to take it today. With that said, here are the top 15 free MCAT practice tests online:

1. Official Sample MCAT from AAMC

When it comes to MCAT preparation, nothing is better than the official prep materials offered by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). 

They’re the ones who are behind the actual MCAT, so you can ensure that the questions used are accurate and of high quality.

The official MCAT sample test features 230 questions, just like the actual exam. However, the only downside to this is that it doesn’t offer a scaled score, so you won’t know how well you’ve done on the exam.

However, this can still help you familiarize yourself with how the actual MCAT is, especially in terms of the questions and overall length.

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2. Free Full-Length MCAT Practice Test from Kaplan

Kaplan is one of the most well-known test prep centers in the country, so you can be pretty sure of their prep materials’ quality. In addition, you can sign up for their free practice test on their site, which lasts around 6 hours and 15 minutes and covers more or less what you’ll find on the actual exam.

Aside from this, you’ll also get a detailed report for your score, as well as suggestions for strategies you can use to improve it. 

There are also detailed explanations for each question you encounter, allowing you to understand the material further.

You can also take a free but shorter diagnostic exam if you’re not ready to take on the complete MCAT yet. 

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3. Free MCAT Practice Exam Bundle from Blueprint/Next Step

If you’re looking for more comprehensive MCAT review materials, you need to check out the company Blueprint/Next Step. 

They offer a free MCAT prep material bundle, including several useful items such as a diagnostic exam, some review content, and a full-length MCAT practice test.

Aside from these, you also get access to a free “MCAT question of the day,” which is part of their daily newsletter along with a Verbal Strategy course. 

The questions are made by instructors who scored in the 99th percentile of the MCAT, and they cover the most significant scientific concepts in the MCAT.

While it’s not recommended to rely solely on one resource for your MCAT prep, Blueprint/Next Step’s free bundle can definitely come in handy.

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4. Free Practice MCAT Exam from Princeton Review

Another excellent option for practice exams is Princeton Review who offers a full-length mock MCAT for free. What’s great about this is it’s not just a full-length sample; Princeton Review also gives you the option to take the mock exam under similar exam conditions as the actual MCAT.

Therefore, you won’t just familiarize yourself with the probable content of the actual MCAT. You’ll also become more familiar with how they’re conducted. 

Simulating the actual MCAT exam conditions when taking practice tests is actually what most experts recommend. Doing so will help you maximize what the practice test has to offer as well as prepare you enough for how the actual exam would be like.

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5. Free MCAT Practice Exam from Magoosh

Another option you can avail of is the free practice exam from Magoosh. While they’re not as well-known as Princeton Review or Kaplan, this company still offers an abundance of high-quality MCAT prep materials, including MCAT practice tests.

Magoosh’s free MCAT sample test is also full-length, so it’s an excellent way to build your stamina before taking the actual exam. 

You’ll need to sign up to gain access, but doing so will also give you access to 60 other review videos offered by the company.

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6. Free MCAT Practice Tests from Varsity Tutors

Another excellent source for MCAT prep material, including practice tests, is Varsity Tutors. They’re one of the most respective test prep brands, so the quality of their prep material is guaranteed.

Aside from free practice tests, there are also diagnostic tests you can use to gauge how well you’ll do for each MCAT section. While they don’t offer full-length sample exams like the others, they can still be pretty helpful if you want to identify where exactly you need to improve on.

They also have a mobile app that’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices, so you can quickly review even when on the go.

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7. Free MCAT Prep Materials from Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another excellent resource for MCAT prep course materials, including practice tests. While the practice tests they offer aren’t formatted like the actual MCAT, Khan Academy does an excellent job of covering an extensive range of topics that you’ll need to learn for the exam.

The company covers a broad range of topics and subjects, most of which you’ll encounter in the actual exam. Some examples of these topics are organ systems, chemical processes, and social and cultural concepts. 

These come in the form of practice tests, questions, and passages that will help you gain a better understanding of these subjects. Therefore, Khan Academy can be an excellent resource if you’re looking to familiarize yourself with the concepts, not the exam structure and format.

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8. Free MCAT Practice Test from Gold Standard

Gold Standard is another company you can turn to for high-quality MCAT prep materials online. While the MCAT practice test they offer isn’t full-length, it can still be incredibly valuable for your preparation for the actual exam.

On their practice test, you’ll receive a score for every MCAT section immediately after, so you’ll know more quickly how well you’re performing. 

Aside from this, they also provide detailed explanations for the answers, allowing you to understand the concepts better as you’re taking the test. 

Additionally, they also give you the option to compare your performance with other students, so you’ll know where you might stand against other test-takers after the actual MCAT.

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9. Free MCAT Practice Test from Altius Test Prep

Altius normally charges a fee if you want to take their MCAT practice tests. However, they’re now offering a free trial for an MCAT practice test that’s half the length of the actual exam. 

While this makes it less practical for familiarizing yourself with the real thing, it can still be helpful for your preparation period.

Their half-length MCAT practice test can be a good start if you’re looking for a free resource that can effectively show you just how well you’ll do on the exam. 

Another thing you should note is that the company might try to sell you their prep services afterward, but it’s entirely up to you if you’ll take them up on their offer.

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10. Free Full-Length MCAT Practice Exams from March2Success

March2Success is another excellent resource for free MCAT prep material. Aside from the MCAT, they also offer prep materials for other exams in the medical field, like the DAT and nursing school entrance exams.

For the MCAT, they offer two full-length practice exams, and they offer the option for students to take it either timed or at their own pace. These can help train your test-taking endurance and stamina.

While the questions themselves aren’t as accurate compared to the actual MCAT, their practice tests can still be valuable additions to your MCAT prep routine.

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11. Free MCAT Practice Test Questions from Test Prep Review

Test Prep Review is another free resource you can maximize when preparing for the MCAT. They offer several MCAT practice questions that can help you familiarize yourself with the exam’s content.

However, the format might throw you off slightly, as it doesn’t resemble how the actual MCAT is structured. In addition, it’s not also the most comprehensive practice test for the MCAT, so it’s not advisable to use this as your sole MCAT prep resource.

Nevertheless, it can be a helpful addition to your MCAT prep materials, especially for improving your concentration and overall stamina for the actual MCAT.

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12. Free MCAT Test Preparation Package from Chegg

Chegg is another company that offers free MCAT practice tests to those who need them. However, unlike the others, Chegg’s practice exams focus more on managing your time properly when taking the actual MCAT.

This is because time management is a crucial strategic element to consider if you want to do well on a standardized exam like the MCAT. Because of this approach, students can be better prepared for the exam’s timing rather than just the exam’s content.

This can help reduce test anxiety and other factors that might prevent you from doing well on the exam.

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13. Free Short MCAT Practice Tests from Union Test Prep

If you’re looking for short practice tests, Union Test Prep’s MCAT practice tests can be an excellent option. They offer short practice exams that have ten questions each. These practice tests cover every section of the actual MCAT, so they can also be helpful for your preparation.

Aside from this, you’ll also see “hints” for every question, and you have the option to check them or not. While this may not simulate the actual MCAT exam conditions, this can be helpful if you’re just starting to review for the test.

Moreover, these are ideal if you’re looking to improve only on specific areas, as these help you just focus on the parts of the exam you need to work on.

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14. Free MCAT Sample Questions from Sterling Test Prep

Another company offering sample MCAT questions is Sterling Test Prep. They have short practice tests with also around ten questions each, covering the key concepts students need to master for the exam.

While the tests itself aren’t as comprehensive as the others, it’s still an excellent free resource for students. In addition, Sterling Test Prep offers an in-depth diagnostic report after the test wherein all questions are further broken down and explained.

They also provide the difficulty level, subject, and topic for every question to give you a more accurate view of your performance.

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15. Free MCAT Practice Test from Doctor MCAT

Lastly, we have this free practice test from Doctor MCAT. This company is singlehandedly run by Dr. Stuard Donnelly, a doctor who studied in Oxford. 

You’ll have to submit a request via email to gain access to a free MCAT practice test, as his services lie primarily on one-on-one tutoring sessions.

Still, you can ask for one free consultation to see if his services are what you’re looking for or not. The free consultation includes the free MCAT practice test.

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16. Free MCAT Sample Questions From Inspira Advantage

Inspira Advantage’s practice MCAT test is an excellent resource as it was created by Rohan Jotwani, the former Chief Resident in Anesthesiology at Weill Cornell, to closely mirror the actual MCAT exam’s format and content, providing an authentic test-taking experience. Additionally, its detailed performance analysis helps students pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses for more effective preparation. 


  • Concise, engaging high-yield MCAT questions with detailed explanations.
  • Included flash cards and mobile app.
  • One of the most popular and highly recommended MCAT question banks.
  • Notebook feature to store learning from the questions in a virtual notebook.
  • No live class option.
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Blueprint MCAT Prep (Formerly Next Step)

Blueprint MCAT Prep (Formerly Next Step)

  • Great video lessons with visual animations.
  • Live Online, Online Self-Study, Books and Question banks.
  • 4000+ Practice questions with detailed explanations.
  • Free 5 days trial available. Tutoring is available at an extra price.
  • Option to access Full-length practice tests without buying the full course
Get Best PriceFull Review
Kaplan MCAT

Kaplan MCAT

  • 3000+ practice questions (with a good filter) with detailed solutions.
  • High-quality video lessons with good graphics. In-person, On-demand, and live online courses options.
  • You can have a practice exam-only option with Kaplan.
  • Free 7-day trial. Price range from $1,799 to $2,999.
Get Best PriceFull Review
Princeton Review MCAT

Princeton Review MCAT

  • Good MCAT prep books for text-based learners.
  •  Live Online, Self Paced, In-Person Tutoring options are available.
  • 16 Full-length practice tests and 3000+ practice questions.
  • Price range $1499-6699
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  • 8500+ practice questions with detailed solutions.
  • 200+ Hours of high-quality video lessons with good graphics.
  • 130+ Hours in-person, on-demand, and live online classes.
  • 20 full-length exams with cutting-edge Analytics.
  • Focus on the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) section, offering 32 hours of dedicated class time, more than their competitors combined, which includes mapping and analyzing passages, dissecting question stems, and choosing answers through 4 lessons, 4 exams, and 12 workshops.
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Magoosh MCAT

Magoosh MCAT

  • One of the most popular MCAT programs in the budget category.
  • Customizable practice questions and study plan. Helpful video explanations for hundreds of questions. Good for visual learners.
  • 7-day free trial. Score improvement guarantee. Email Support from tutors.
  • $279-$299
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Final Thoughts

Preparing for the MCAT doesn’t have to mean you’ll spend thousands of dollars to do so. With the free MCAT practice tests mentioned above, you can test yourself on your knowledge and familiarize yourself with the exam format without spending a dime. 

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