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Taking standardized tests is a skill that most students who are looking to pursue a college education after high school will need to master. The SAT, or Scholastic Aptitude Test, is administered by the College Board. The ACT, (American College Testing) is another form of a standardized test that most colleges accept.

Many high school students will take both and use the test with the highest score on their college applications. The tests can be taken as often as the student desires because most colleges super score the results – use the highest score you received on a single section and not in a single test.

Colleges do not look poorly on retaking college admission tests. In fact, they consider it a sign of growth and perseverance and an opportunity to improve your scores and admission to your dream college.

Both tests have undergone many evolutions since they were first administered, and they continue to evolve. As such, many parents will feel they are out of their depth if their child asks them for help with SAT and ACT preparation. This is why SAT and ACT prep courses have become so popular.

At SAT Prep Course Reviews, we understand that although the SAT and ACT prep process may feel intimidating for your student, it can also feel overwhelming when choosing the best preparatory course for your child. Looking for the best SAT prep course can be stressful. If you are looking for a low cost prep course, try the Magoosh study plan for the SAT.

Therefore, we have developed a comparison system designed to help you and your student understand the criteria we believe are most important in an SAT or ACT prep course and pick a course that is right for them after examining our comparisons. Read below to find out how we evaluate the various test prep courses or go directly to our top choice, Kranse SAT test prep. A very popular but more expensive option, The Princeton Review, also ranks high (our #2 recommendation) for SAT test prep courses.

We review SAT and ACT prep courses based on a number of diverse factors:

  • Price of the prep course
  • Amount of study time required in each course
  • The study resources provided by each course
  • The access period to these resources
  • Any guarantees that the programs offer (for example, regarding score increases)
  • Video prep content offered online
  • Any live instruction offered by the course
  • Different kinds of supplemental support offered (phone, social media, etc.)

SAT Prep Course Reviews currently has informative and detailed articles posted for each of the seven courses it compares between, as well as an interactive comparison chart located below. All these features are designed to help students understand what they might be looking for in a standardized test preparatory course and then find the prep course offered that fits best with their needs, lifestyle, and learning style.

Looking for the best SAT prep classes is no longer a difficult task with SAT Prep Course Reviews. Browse the site and find the course that works best for your student!

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