What is a Good SAT Score? How much you need to score

When you’re hitting the books in high school, part of your preparation will include getting ready for the SAT. The College Board administers the Scholastic Aptitude Test several times a year, and just about every college undergraduate program will look for your SAT score as part of the college admissions process. In fact, it’s so popular that the majority of universities will actually require you to get your SAT score first … Read more

Best Calculators for SAT [2022]

The Ultimate Guide to find the Best SAT Calculator Looking for the best calculator for the SAT? Here are some of the best options you can get for your money to help make sure you get the best SAT score you can achieve. It’s absolutely nuts if you even think that you can get through the SAT without having the best calculator for the SAT by your side. Seriously, doing … Read more

How to Cancel Your SAT Registration

Have you reconsidered your decision to take the SAT? If that’s the case, then you should know what to do to cancel your SAT test properly. If you’re planning to get into college, it’s very common for your preferred college to want to know how well you’ve done in the SAT. It’s for this very reason that you should really think things over very carefully before you decide to cancel … Read more

How to Calculate SAT Score? – SAT Score Calculator

If you’re using an SAT practice test to estimate SAT performance, how exactly do you compute for your SAT score? It’s a bit more complicated than just counting the correct answers. It’s not always easy to figure out what the SAT score numbers mean when you get them. But you have to get some understanding of these numbers, especially when you’re using an SAT practice test to calculate your probable … Read more

How to Send Your SAT Scores to the NCAA

How to Send Your SAT Scores to the NCAA The NCAA will only accept official SAT scores that come directly from the College Board. Here are the ways you can make sure the NCAA Eligibility Center gets your SAT score reports. Becoming a student-athlete is a sweet way of getting a scholarship, and in some instances, you may even get a full ride. For some athletes, a college career in … Read more