How Long is the DAT?

The DAT is, at the very least, 4 hours and 15 minutes long. We put the answer at the very start of this guide in case a short answer is simply what you need. Maybe you’re arguing with someone about this same question, and you’re googling for the answer to settle the argument. So, here’s the answer. But if you’re taking the DAT, the whole matter of the DAT length … Read more

DAT Study Schedule: 2-Month & 1-Month Study Plan

DAT is one of the most anticipated exams yearly. Anyone who wishes to pursue a career path in the field of dentistry must pass.  Usually, students allot 2-3 months of preparation time for the test. Although, some passers have proved that 1 month of serious prep time and time management could work too. In this article, we have all the help and explanation that you will need for your DAT … Read more

DAT vs MCAT : Is the DAT Harder than the MCAT?

For most people, DAT is easier than MCAT. The perceptual reasoning is unique to DAT and it needs specialized focus. If you’re an aspiring doctor, you’ll have to take the Medical College Admission Test or MCAT. You can’t get into an excellent medical school without an impressive score on the MCAT. If you plan on becoming a dentist, you must take the Dental Admission Test or DAT. Again, your score well … Read more

How To Study For DAT Quantitative Reasoning?

Are you feeling nervous about the DAT Quantitative reasoning section? Don’t fret because, with the right preparation, you can ace this section effortlessly and boost your overall DAT score.  To help you succeed we have put together the structure of this test and various tips that will guide you toward your success. Read on and improve your understanding of concepts and how to manage time effectively. What is DAT Quantitative … Read more

CrackDAT Vs DAT Bootcamp: What Should You Choose in 2023?

Many students planning on taking the DAT on the way to dental school prefer to use DAT Bootcamp. But a significant number of students rave about the effectiveness of Crack the DAT, or just CrackDAT for short. That’s especially true considering how CrackDAT is a lot more affordable. But which one is best for you? To help you answer that question, let’s compare these DAT online prep courses according to … Read more

How to Study For The DAT Perceptual Ability Test (PAT)?

Are you planning to pursue a career in dentistry and don’t know how to ace various tests involved in that profession? PAT (Perceptual Ability Test) is one part of the Dental Admission Test (DAT) exam that is considered the most challenging. It involves measuring your capacity to manipulate and understand two-dimensional representations of three-dimensional objects. This is a crucial skill for dentists that must work on complex dental structures. While … Read more