Scholarship Overview

  • Country: Luxembourg
  • Scholarship Type: Merit-based
  • Institutions: University of Luxembourg
  • Funded by: University of Luxembourg
  • Tuition Type: Partial tuition
  • Degree Program: Masters
  • Scholarship Amount: €10,000 stipend per academic year for up to 2 years
  • Separate Application Required?: Yes
  • Deadline: 29 March, 2025 (Expected).

Scholarship Benefits

The grant provides an annual €10,000 for a duration not exceeding two years.

This scholarship component subsidized housing for students, with the balance disbursed in semesterly installments, capped at two years. Scholarship funds do not encompass tuition costs.


Eligibility for international applicants from both EU and non-EU nations seeking admission to a master’s degree:

  • Applicants must enroll exclusively in Master’s programs that are conducted over two years entirely within Luxembourg; programs requiring a compulsory semester or year abroad do not qualify.
  • Demonstrated exceptional academic results throughout the undergraduate education.
  • Must be committed to full-time study.
  • Must not currently receive financial support for higher education from the Luxembourgish state.
  • Should be a third-country national, implying residency outside of the EU/EEA.

How to apply

To apply for the scholarship online, you will need to follow these steps:

Step 1:

Fill out the specific online form for the scholarship application.

Step 2:

Include a personal statement detailing your reasons for applying and discussing your key strengths.

Step 3:

Attach two academic letters of recommendation.

After you have submitted your scholarship application, it will undergo an evaluation process.

Additional Information

Upon completion of your application, it will be sent to the Director of Studies for the Master’s program you have chosen.

Should the Director of Studies determine that your application fulfills the necessary criteria for excellence, you will be sent an invitation to apply for the excellence scholarship. This invitation will include a link where you can submit your scholarship application.

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