Apart from being one of the favorite tourist destinations, Cyprus also has an exceptional education system. As a result, education expenses in Cyprus are much less than in other European countries. 

The Government of this country spends about 7% of its GDP on its educational system. You can financially help yourself by working part-time jobs in Cyprus for 20 hours a week which is allowed for a student. And yes, you can apply for a scholarship as well. No application fee is required. Cyprus Scholarships are available for international students without IELTS. Cyprus universities have tuition fees from 3000 to 8000 EUR. Fully funded scholarships are primarily for Ph.D. students, but postgraduate students can also get fully funded scholarships.

Students interested in getting a degree from European countries can now apply for Cyprus scholarships without IELTS. They can choose subjects according to their interests and experience a good learning environment without financial burden.

1.University of Cyprus Scholarship

The University of Cyprus offers various scholarship programs for its postgraduate students in the PhD program and Master’s degree programs. In addition, it provides both partially and fully-funded merit-based scholarships.

Scholarship criteria:                  

  • These scholarships are for both already enrolled and new students.
  • It is provided for one year and then resumed again. 
  • These are academic-based scholarships and cover up to 50% of tuition fees.

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2. University of Nicosia Scholarships

The University of Nicosia grants scholarships regardless of nationality; some of the scholarship programs are:

  • Athletic scholarship
  • Work-study programs
  • Financial aid assistance
  • Academic merit-based scholarships


Merit scholarships are given to students depending on their high school grades for the first year. Then, in other semesters, they continue having their scholarship depending upon their average. 

Students can get 40% of their tuition fees through athletic scholarships given to those who participate in sports in Cyprus.

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3.Alexander College scholarships

The institute supports Cyprus students financially to build a diverse student community. In addition, Alexander College offers two kinds of scholarships for international students. 

Athletic Scholarships:

This scholarship may be fully or partially funded – given to those who join sports events and sports teams in Cyprus according to their performance.

Academic Scholarships:

It is based on the grades and granted during the first year of study. You may get a full or partially-funded scholarship, depending upon the grades.

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4.Dean’s award by Cyprus institute (For Phd)

Students pursuing PhD at Cyprus institute can apply for Dean’s award, which is provided to them referring from the fields;

  • Fields of computational sciences
  • Atmospheric sciences
  • Fields of environmental science

 Scholarship details:

  • It provides monthly rewards of about 14,000 EUR for a year.
  • It includes a scholarship for the complete duration of the program. 
  • About 16,000 EUR is provided for tuition and bench fees.

Criteria for international students:

  • Students must submit their IELTS and GRE scores to become eligible for the application.
  • It provides them a one-time fee for the airport transfer to travel from their home countries to Cyprus.

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5.Scholarships by the University of West Scotland (Northern Cyprus):

The University of West Scotland provides a variety of scholarships for Cyprus students and international students pursuing their Master’s degrees at the University Of West Scotland. MCMED (Management Center of the Mediterranean) provides them with these funds.


  • IELTS is not required for admission.
  • According to the academic profile of the students, this university offers 25% to 75% relief in tuition fees. 

You can find full list of scholarships without IELTS for international students here.

6.Scholarship by the Neapolis University

Neapolis University provides an excellent opportunity for new entrance students who want to study Bachelor in Civil Engineering.


  • Students who want to apply for this scholarship should have extraordinary marks obtained in Physics and Mathematics I in their high school.
  • The incredible thing about this university is that it provides an IELTS exemption for admissions.

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 7.Fredrick University Scholarships

Fredrick University provides partially as well as fully funded scholarships to support the student community. 


  • It is granted to graduate and undergraduate students. 
  • The amount of scholarships depends upon their grade average.
  • For the incoming students, these scholarships are provided according to their performance in high school and for already enrolled students according to grade point average.

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8. Cyprus International Institute of Management Scholarship

Both undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply for these scholarships. These scholarships are available in different subjects;

  • HR
  • Public policy
  • Finance
  • Business administrations 

Both fully and partially funded scholarships are provided to the students.


Fully-funded scholarships

  • There’s no need for an IELTS test for the Cyprus International Institute of management.
  • The number of these scholarships is 7 – each worth 82,000 EUR.

Partially-funded scholarships:

  • The number of these scholarships is about 50.
  • It provides students with a 50% relief in their tuition fees.

The students are selected according to their;

  • Personality characteristics
  • Academic excellence
  • Scholarship interview performance

9.European University of Cyprus Scholarships

European University grants students a wide range of scholarships taking into account their financial needs. It provides students with both academic and athletic scholarships.


Athletic scholarships

  • This scholarship is given to the extraordinary members of the sports teams of this university.
  • This scholarship provides a tuition fee relief of 5-25%.

Academic scholarship:

The university provides its international students with academic scholarships according to their average. It covers half the tuition fee and is granted to undergraduate students.

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10.Cyprus University of Technology Scholarships

The university provides a scholarship for postgraduate students in the following different forms;

  • Scholarships for academic excellence are given to new students.
  • Social support scholarships for Master’s level students.
  • Social support scholarships for PhD level students.


                This scholarship is granted to the students each year through different processes.

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11.University of Central Lancashire Cyprus:

The university is an overseas branch of an English University. The students applying for this scholarship are those doing their B.Sc at the University of Central Lancashire Cyprus (UCLAN) in mathematics subjects. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate students various scholarships. 


Undergraduate scholarships:

  • The undergraduate scholarship is based on merit and provides a relief of 40-50% in tuition fees.

Postgraduate scholarships:

  • The postgraduate scholarship is based on an exceptional academic record and provides a 30% reduction in tuition fees.
  • IELTS is not a requirement for admission. The top ten applicants are awarded tuition fee scholarships up to 50%.

Apart from these scholarships, athletic scholarships are also awarded to students from sports teams having outstanding performance.

12.Doctoral scholarships at the University of Cyprus

This scholarship is for new entrance students. Previously enrolled students are not eligible to apply for this scholarship. These awards are for the subjects like social and political sciences.

Amount of scholarship:

The final amount of the scholarship per year is about 12,000 EUR and is given in the form of a monthly payment of 1,333 EUR for only nine months. The scholarship offer is not available in the summer.


  • IELTS test submission is not necessary for Doctoral Scholarship at the University of Cyprus. 
  • Students get a fund of 800 EUR for their international research purposes.