How to Get Your ACT ID

Meta: You need your ACT ID, because the ACT group uses it for your identification and to monitor your ACT scores. Here’s what you need to do to get it, and how to find it if you’ve lost it.

If you’re taking the ACT to get into college, you better take care of your ACT ID and remember your ACT ID number.

Why DO You Need Your ACT ID?

You’ll need it to get your test scores at any time after taking the test. You’ll also use it when you order additional ACT score reports.

You may even need it when you check in with the university you’re applying to, to make sure they’ve received your ACT scores.

You can even use the ACT ID to create an ACT account if you’ve taken the test several years ago and now you don’t have a current ACT account.

So, when you get your ACT, note it on your smartphone. You can even email the ACT ID number to yourself, so you can always check by going online.

How Do You Receive Your ACT ID?

First you have to complete the ACT registration process. Once that’s done, you’ll get your ACT ID number. You can then view this number at any time when it’s linked to your ACT account, once your ACT scores are available.

Where Exactly Is It?

Find your admission ticket, and at the bottom you will find an 8-digit number following a dash. So, it will look something like this: -12345678. That’s your ACT ID number.

You will also find this at the very top of your Student Report.

What If You Can’t Find It?

If you’ve lost your admission ticket, just log in to your ACT account. Find your admission ticket there and print it out. You’ll also see your ACT ID number at the bottom.

If you know you’ve already registered for the ACT and then, for some strange reason, you can’t find your ACT ID number, call the ACT at 319-337-1270. (Just keep in mind that during any sort of pandemic crisis, getting through may be somewhat difficult).

If you do get through, make sure you can provide the following info:

  • Your full name, at least at the time when you registered for the ACT
  • The date of your ACT test
  • Your home address, again at the time when you registered
  • Your birthdate (day, month, year)

The helpful folks at ACT will then provide you with your ACT ID number. Once you get this number, do yourself a favor and record it in your smartphone and online.

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