Casper Booster Review 2024 : Can this AI tool Help You Breeze Through The CASPER Test?

Are you planning to apply for a school that weigh the Casper heavily and worried about your performance in CASPer test? Many students even suggest, you do not need to any specific preparation as “It is just ethics and common sense!”. But, there is always a risk of a low score in Casper test affecting your  chances of admission in your dream school. While the CASPer test may not be a traditional study-based exam, it doesn’t mean you can’t effectively prepare for it.

Recently, Casper Booster prep course has been fast gaining popularity due to its AI enabled automated instant feedback and affordable price point. In today’s review, we will cover the Casper Booster in more details and see if it is worth its price.

What is Casper Booster?

CasperBooster helps you prepare for the relatively new situational judgment test with realistic CASPer-like videos and sample questions, Basically, it helps students familiarize with the test format and assessing their level of preparedness. Additionally, the tool provides comprehensive instant feedback using AI, allowing you to recognize your weaknesses and strategize improvements.

CasperBooster aids in this preparation in an efficient manner, leveraging affordable, contemporary material that accurately reflects the current exam style. You can join their Facebook study group here.

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How it Works? Emphasis on Practice

The CASPer examination is divided into 14 diverse scenarios, with the majority, nine to be precise, presented in a video format while the remaining five are delivered through text.

Video Based

To gear you up for the video-centric scenarios, CasperBooster offers high-quality videos that emulate the actual exam by creating realistic situations you would likely have experienced at some point.

In line with the actual CASPer exam, CasperBooster video scenarios are complemented by 3 questions designed to assess your ethical stance, empathy, and professionalism. Booster incorporates authentic CASPer-like videos, closely mirroring what you can anticipate on the exam day. You get 9 AI video practice sets. You can try out the first video set for free and get a detailed feedback by AI.

Video-Based-Practice-CasperBooster- Screenshot demo

We tried the above set of 3 questions and a timer of 5 minutes with 3 questions were asked. Questions were very realistic  and once answers were submitted, you are asked to check the email. In the feedback email, each question is graded and response quartile is assigned.

CasperBooster test results
We have hidden some part of answer

Text Based

In addition to video scenarios, CasperBooster also provides practice tests tailored towards text-based scenarios. These tests present you with a brief statement followed by questions necessitating the application of situational judgment or behavior description.

Engaging with these practice sets not only helps you understand your thought process in various scenarios but also familiarizes you with the type of content tested on CASPer and the best ways to answer different questions and situations.

Furthermore, the CASPer test is timed and primarily evaluates your ability to think quickly. Regular practice with these tests can help you develop the skill of rapid thinking, which the exam demands. The goal is to promptly form a solid thought and articulate it effectively.

Comprehensive Notes Coverage

CasperBooster offers comprehensive notes that cover all topics tested on the CASPer, spanning from Ethics and Conflict Resolution to Autonomy and Legal Awareness.

These succinct notes elucidate how different types of questions are framed, providing sample scenarios and guidance on tackling each one. For example, the Ethics notes address areas such as the definition of ethics, the presentation of ethical questions, sample ethical scenarios, and strategies for approaching these scenarios.

The sections are thoroughly detailed, enabling you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the CASPer test. Moreover, these well-structured notes assist you in developing a strategy for identifying and approaching various kinds of CASPer-style questions, ultimately aiding in effective CASPer exam preparation.

Extensive Question Bank and Detailed Explanations

CasperBooster features a Question Bank that includes 200+ ethics questions with comprehensive explanations provided for each answer, guiding users on how to navigate various ethical scenarios. The platform provides detailed statistics on the chosen answer solutions by other candidates, offering you a clear benchmark against other test-takers.

Moreover, CasperBooster offers concise yet exhaustive explanations of why a particular choice is correct encouraging you to consider multiple viewpoints. Beyond just explaining the right answer, Booster’s answer rationales delve into the reasons for eliminating the three incorrect choices.

Instant Feedback via AI

One of the unique feature of CasperBooster is its application of AI to give instant feedback for your answers

This AI is designed to evaluate your Casper submissions, providing immediate, comprehensive feedback and a grade.

What does this entail?

  • No delays in receiving feedback
  • Immediate insight into how to enhance your responses while the material is still fresh
  • Real-time understanding of your performance
  • Streamlined preparation for the Casper exam

. The thorough feedback provided by the AI is highly valuable and could significantly impact your CASPer score, potentially elevating you from the 1st Quartile to the 4th quartile.

Option for Manual Grading

If you feel CasperBooster AI may have missed something or could offer more assistance, you have the option to request our team to manually grade your responses for a specific practice set. It takes 2 business days for Premium users and up to 5 business days for Free users.

Detailed 3 Week Study Plan

You get a handy 10 page pdf  with study tips and 3 weeks schedule to cover all topics/subtopics tested in Casper. You get 1 week for content learning and 2-3 weeks practice sets and review. They suggest to start preparing for Casper 3 to 4 weeks before for the test.

Here is a sample study schedule for first 3 days. Overall, we found the study schedule to be very practical which you can follow by dedicating 1-2 hours per day

Helps Improving Typing Speed

The duration of the CASPer exam is only 60 minutes, during which you’re expected to handle 12 distinct scenarios. Each of these scenarios is accompanied by a trio of questions. Given this setup, you’re allotted a mere 5 minutes to deliver responses to the three inquiries that follow each video or text-based scenario. The time constraint necessitates rapid typing to ensure you can communicate your thoughts effectively within detailed answers. Therefore, honing your typing proficiency is an important requirement

So, the CASPer test not only requires you to think quickly on your feet, but you also need to be a fast typist (ideally 45 words per minute) as well.

Casper Booster’s typing generator helps you do just that. Keep in mind that though CASPer exam doesn’t penalize for grammatical or spelling errors, adhering to proper writing conventions is still advised to prevent potential misinterpretation of your answers.
Typing speed tracker Casperbooster

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CasperBooster’s wide array of practice scenarios has proven instrumental in enhancing test-takers’ comprehension of what to expect on the real test. Through exposure to varied scenarios, users gain a fundamental understanding and heightened confidence in how to navigate different situations and craft cogent responses. CasperBooster’s unique feature of providing detailed feedback on responses is of immense value, highlighting users’ strengths and areas in need of improvement. Therefore, this tool comes highly recommended, particularly for students in the process of preparing for dental school applications. With CasperBooster, students can approach the real Casper test with increased confidence and a sense of thorough preparation.


Is manual grading chargeable?

Manual grading is entirely free for all users. The only distinction is that Premium users have more practice sets eligible for manual grading compared to Free users.

What is the frequency of manual grading submission?

Premium users can submit multiple responses daily, as long as they aren’t duplicates. Free users, however, must follow the rules specified in the evaluation guidelines page to avoid voiding their submissions.

What if I haven’t received my manually graded response?

In case of non-receipt of your manually graded response, please contact us promptly via the chat support on the site. Remember, the response could potentially land in your spam folder, or your inbox might be full.

How to Access Free Evaluations?

  1. Begin by creating a free account.
  2. Log in and complete any of the available practice sets on the CasperBooster™ AI page to receive immediate, thorough feedback and a grade.

What is the limit for submitting a practice set for CasperBooster AI per account?

There isn’t a limit, but we suggest limiting submissions to once per day to avoid account suspension due to spamming.

Is registration for the actual Casper test necessary to receive manually graded responses?

Free users must provide their Casper registration confirmation to receive manually graded responses. Premium users, however, don’t need to be registered for the Casper exam to get manually graded responses. If you prefer not to have your submissions manually evaluated, avoid attaching your Casper registration confirmation or complete the CasperBooster AI.




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