Scholarships For Muslims 2023-2024 : List of Scholarship For Muslim Students

Fully Funded Scholarships are specifically allowed for Muslim students. Muslims can now let go of their hesitation and fear of accomplishing their dreams. Different Muslim foundations across the whole world provide these scholarships.

They can achieve their study dreams in their favorite universities and colleges without fearing financial issues. The Islamic center in some of the universities provides scholarships to Muslim students. In this program, different scholarships are available for different students from different countries.

The list of available scholarships are:

Aziz Foundation Scholarship:

Aziz foundation grants scholarships to British Muslims. They provide scholarships to those citizens who want better representation in society. If they have financial problems, this foundation provides them scholarships to accomplish their dream of higher education.

  • This scholarship is available for Masters’s degree programs. It provides students with 100% relief in tuition fees in the UK.
  • Besides Master’s degree scholarships, it also offers partner scheme scholarships in particular majors at its partner universities; The University of Sussex, City University of London, Aston University Birmingham, Regent’s park college, University of Andrews, St. Edmund’s College University of Cambridge.



  • Muslim applicants must meet all the requirements given below
  • They must be active in Muslim communities and know the issues faced by British Muslims.
  • They have a long commitment to community development.
  • They must be deserving concerning their financial status.

MAX Scholarship:

  • Max or Muslim awards for the objective to lift the Muslims in Canada. This is provided by analyzing their achievements and motivating them. 
  • This scholarship is granted to Muslims who show excellent high school or university results and make notable contributions to their schools.
  • The scholarship is provided to postgraduate and high school students who have contributed to their schools.
  • The scholarship is granted in different major subjects like:
    1.  Science
    2. Humanitarians
    3. Engineering
    4. Arts and business
    5. Medicine 

Islamic Development Bank Scholarship:

Islamic Development Bank scholarship analyzes the need for human resources for the development of society and its sustainability. It provides the development needed through scholarship. This scholarship is provided for Masters degrees, PhD, and undergraduate degree levels in particular subjects.


  • They must be Muslims and have maintained great academic records.
  • They must understand the language in which the course will be given.
  • The Muslim scholarship is provided to students linked to Islamic Development Bank’s member countries and non-member countries.

Oxfords Center for Islamic Studies Scholarships:

  • If students fear their financial issues and want to study at Oxford, this can be the best option for them. 
  • This scholarship is for oxford centre students studying Islamic studies. It is an independent centre within the University of Oxford.
  • The scholarship gives the relief of 100% in tuition fees.
  • This provides them with full living expenses for the duration of the course.


  • This scholarship is based on merit.  
  • Students starting their MPhil or Master’s can apply for this scholarship.

King Faisal Foundation Scholarship Program:

  • King Faisal Foundation provides scholarships to Muslim students showing excellent academic performance worldwide. 
  • This scholarship is provided to students having financial issues to continue their studies in Engineering, science, and medicine at the Postgraduate and undergraduate levels.
  • This scholarship’s main objective is to elevate Muslim countries’ social standards. The scholarship is provided to Muslim students studying in Master’s, bachelor’s, and PhD degree programs.


  • The scholarship is given to students who have graduated from college or university with high scores.
  • It provides full relief in tuition fees along with a monthly stipend.

Fadel education foundation Scholarship:

  • Fadel foundation is developed by the Fadel Family that supports American Muslims in completing their higher education. It is a non-government organization that grants scholarships to American Muslims.
  • Students get full tuition fee support up till the completion of their degree. It helped several Muslim students financially in the USA.


  • The students must provide application forms, including two teacher recommendation forms, financial reports, and an official masjid recommendation letter. Muslim applicants are selected based on merit and their financial support needs.
  • Students receive the scholarship award for one year after that they have to apply again for the coming years to get the award until the completion of their degree.

Muslim Education Trust Scholarship:

Muslim education trust is developed for the Muslims of India. It supports Muslim students to elevate the social and economic conditions for the nation’s prosperity. This scholarship helps the students to get admission to different institutions to prepare themselves for Civil Service examinations and courses like medicine, computer applications, Chartered Accountancy, Engineering, and Business Administration.  


  • Muslim Education Trust awards the scholarship yearly according to their fund’s availability.
  • The applicants must be interviewed by the selection committee developed for this purpose.
  • The students who get scholarships are expected to participate in Community Development after completing their degree.

Islamic Scholarship Fund:

This scholarship is organized for Muslim students to study in the USA in particular majors. The main objective of this scholarship is to increase the representation of Muslims in Media, Law, and Politics. This scholarship is for Muslim students or members of Muslim Communities in the USA.


  • Students must be a resident of the USA or have US citizenship.
  • The scholarship is given to Muslim students to complete their Master’s and PhD degree programs. The scholarship is awarded based on merit.

ASSR Science Scholarship:

The Canadian Albert Association sponsors this scholarship. This scholarship is developed for students who desire to study at their dream universities in Canada. This scholarship is awarded for full-time post-graduated Muslim students and a limited number of scholarships for undergraduate students.



  • Student’s assurance of a return to hometown.
  • Academic educational scores
  • It is preferred that at the time of application, the student is residing in his/her home country.
  • Has a proper plan for conducting research. 

Muslim Youth leadership Award:

The Muslim Youth leadership Award was developed in 2003 to encourage future leaders to get an excellent education and participate in community services. 

  • Students join full-time journalism or law programs and must participate actively in political activities.
  • After their selection for the scholarship, they must participate actively in community projects for up to a year.


  • Muslim students must have done their graduation from high school by the current semester.
  • It requires two letters of recommendation.
  • Incomplete applications submitted after the deadline are unacceptable and will not be reviewed.
  • In addition to general essays, full-time law or journalism applicants should complete one section of specialized essays to get some bonus.
  • Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 on the 4th scale GPA.

Amana Mutual Funds scholarship:

Amana Mutual Funds scholarship is for US College students studying Mathematics, Finance, and economics. 

  • This scholarship is provided by the Society of North America, which provides financial support For Muslim Communities. 
  • Amana mutual fund scholarship attempt to align investments with Islamic finance principles. Students also work at organizations developed by the American Muslim Community. 


  • Students must be under-graduated.
  • They have permanent residency and US citizenship.
  • Applicants must have a GPA higher than 3.0
  • Students applying for the scholarship must major in Mathematics, Finance, and economics.


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