Emile Boutmy Scholarship 2023-2024: Fully Funded Scholarship in France for International Students

If you’re an international student looking to study in France, this opportunity might interest you!

About the Emily Boutmy Scholarship

Emily Boutmy Scholarships are fully funded opportunities for international students wanting to study in France. To increase the diversity of the student population in France, the French Embassy & the French Ministry of Higher Education & Research introduced the scholarship. Students from English-speaking countries as well as Francophone countries are welcome to apply. Applications will be accepted until April 10th, 2023.

The Emily Boutmy scholarship provides these benefits. 

The Emily Boutmy scholarship provides these benefits to international students who want to study in France. They are, 

  • Assistance with tuition fees; 
  • Housing and travel support;
  • Funds for living expenses up to €1800 per month 
  •  A one-time start-up grant of €1,000 
  • French language classes and orientation sessions in Paris ; 
  • Individualized mentoring throughout their stay in France. 
  • From this program, a student receives a total of €10,000 per year
  • Sports activities are also encouraged for the candidate

Emily Boutmy scholarship Coverage

– Tuition fee assistance: 100% 

– Living Expenses: 100%

– One time Start Up Grant: 100% 

– Mentoring (individualized): 100% 

– French Language Classes (in Paris): 100% 

– Orientation Sessions (in Paris): 100% 

– Sports Activities Encouraged: 100%.

The Emily Boutmy Scholarship Awarded for Bachelors Degree Program

Scholarships for tuition are being offered as follows.

– Over 3 years, the grant is worth €13000. 

– The grant is worth €8800 per year for 3 years. 

– The grant is worth €6000 over 3 years. 

– 3-year grant valued at €3600 per year. 

Emily Boutmy Scholarship awarded for Master’s Degree Program:

It varies from €10000 up to €12200 per year for 2 years of education.

Emily Boutmy Scholarships are available to international students.

The Emily Boutmy Scholarships are available to international students from all countries who will be enrolled at a French higher education institution (public or private) starting in the academic year. This scholarship is awarded to disadvantaged students who have financial difficulties and are not eligible for any other funding. It provides them with full tuition fees for the entire duration of their studies. 

Some popular programs include the Academic excellence scholarship, the diversity scholarship, and the leadership scholarship.

  1. The Academic Excellence scholarship: 

Awardees must show outstanding academic performance by submitting their grades for admission and the first two years. 

  1. The Diversity scholarship: 

Awardees can pursue a degree in any discipline. Still, they should demonstrate how they will contribute to France’s diverse cultural heritage through an essay detailing how they plan on fulfilling this requirement. 

  1. The Leadership Scholarship: 

Awardees can also pursue any program but must submit an essay about why they would like to become leaders in society and what steps they would take if given this opportunity. 

Who can apply for Emily Boutmy Scholarships?

Every candidate must meet the following eligibility norms:

  1. Students who are non-EU citizens and want to study in France are eligible to apply. 
  2. Applicants must have a strong academic background
  3. Speak fluent English
  4. Be motivated to pursue an international career
  5. Have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. 
  6. Student must be a first-time applicant
  7. The student’s household must not be a European Union taxpayer

Scholarships will be awarded based on merit, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, or gender. 

How to apply?

The enrollment process for the project is available from November 7th, 2022, to April 10th, 2023. If you would like to apply, you must be at least 18, not a French citizen, and be outside France at the time of application. If you plan to go on to graduate school, your GPA must be at least 3.2 at the undergraduate level or 3.5 at the graduate level. There are also certain language requirements for applicants, which can be found in more detail on the website. 

Step-by-step guide: 

  1. Go to the Emily Boutmy scholarship webpage.
  2. To apply, fill out the online form with your contact information, nationality (if other than French), university affiliation, and reasons for applying. 
  3. You will need a passport-sized photo attached and an unofficial copy of your high school diploma or proof of registration (a screenshot) with an English translation if needed. 
  4. It is important to note that you must translate all documents into French to complete the submission process. Applications without translations may be disqualified. 
  5. After submitting, you will receive an email confirming receipt within one week, then another email informing you that your application has been received successfully. 
  6. One month later, you will receive an email stating whether or not you have been selected for an interview. If selected for an interview, there will be three interviews, including Skype interviews over video chat. 
  7. Finalists are notified about their selection after the final round of interviews. 
  8. Finally, we congratulate the winners who will study abroad in France and enjoy this wonderful opportunity. 


What is the deadline?

The deadline is April 10th, 2023. Applications will be open from November 7th, 2022, to April 10th, 2023. 

What do I need to apply? 

You need to create an account & fill in your application form as soon as possible with all the required information. Once you’ve done this, you will receive a confirmation email that your scholarship has been saved in our system. From there, the only thing left to do is wait until the next semester starts so you can find out if you have been selected or not. 

What are my chances of being selected? 

It depends on how many applications we receive & how well-qualified they are. If we get many applications, it is unlikely you will be accepted into the program, but if few people apply, then it is more likely that you will get in.

To conclude

If you are interested in applying, please visit the website & review the eligibility requirements & apply before the deadline. Good luck with your application!


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